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What glasses look best on grey eyes?

Having grey eyes is truly a gift. The cool, mysterious color offers so much versatility when it comes to choosing glasses frames that complement your eye color beautifully. Unlike warmer brown or hazel eyes that demand gold frames, or bright blue eyes that pop against black, grey eyes look gorgeous in a wide variety of frames and colors.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through the best glasses for grey eyes based on face shape and skin tone. We’ll provide specific frame style and color recommendations so you can find your perfect pair!

How to Choose Glasses for Grey Eyes

When selecting glasses frames for grey eyes, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Face shape – Choose frames that contrast and balance your face shape
  • Skin tone – Warm or cool frames that complement your complexion
  • Hair color – Frames that create harmony with your hair color
  • Personal style – Bold, trendy or classic frames to match your taste

For grey eyes, we recommend choosing both warm and cool toned frames as your eyes are a mix of blue and brown. Metallic frames like rose gold and silver also make grey eyes dazzle.

Best Frame Shapes for Grey Eyes

To pick the most flattering glasses, you’ll first want to determine your face shape. Here are the top frames shapes for each face shape with grey eyes:

Face Shape Best Frame Shapes for Grey Eyes
Oval Round, oval, oversized, cat eye
Round Rectangular, square, angular
Square Oval, round, oversized
Heart Rounded edges, oval, cat eye
Diamond Oval, round, rimless

As you can see, those with oval and round faces have the most options when it comes to flattering glasses for grey eyes. But no matter your face shape, the right style paired with your eye color will enhance your best features.

Frame Colors for Grey Eyes

From pretty pastels to metallic shine, grey eyes suit both cool and warm toned frames. Here are the top colors to make your grey eyes pop:

  • Rose gold – The warm pinkish hue brings out golden flecks
  • Silver – Crisp and cool, silver creates striking contrast
  • Tortoiseshell – Rich brown and grey pattern flatters grey eyes
  • Purple – From pale lilac to deep amethyst, purple is made for grey eyes
  • Blue – Icy blue and navy blue enhances grey eyes’ cool tones
  • Green – Deep emerald and sage green draw out grey’s green undertones
  • Grey – Match your eyes with pretty light grey frames or gunmetal
  • Nude – Neutral nudes like tan and beige soften grey eyes
  • Red – From cherry red to burgundy, red makes grey eyes mesmerizing

When trying frames, hold them up to your face and see which colors make your grey eyes sparkle. The right hue can make your eye color shine.

Best Glasses Styles for Grey Eyes

In addition to flattering frame shapes and colors, the style of glasses you choose can complement your grey eyes. Here are some stylish options to consider:

  • Cat eye – The winged shape lifts and elongates the eyes
  • Browline – The bold upper frame defines the eyes
  • Geometric – Funky shapes like hexagons are edgy and modern
  • Minimalist – Thin metal frames lighten and open up the eyes
  • Retro – Vintage inspired styles like round or oval suit grey eyes
  • Rimless – Showcase your eyes with rimless frames
  • Oversized – Make a statement with big, bold frames

Look for styles that accentuate your eyes without overpowering your face. Cat eye, browline, and oversized frames tend to look great with grey eyes.

Best Glasses Brands for Grey Eyes

When shopping for that perfect pair of glasses for your grey eyes, look for brands that offer wide frame selections. We recommend checking out these top brands:

  • Warby Parker – Trendy styles at affordable prices
  • Ray-Ban – Iconic and stylish frames loved by celebrities
  • Oakley – Sporty, lightweight frames in many colors
  • Kate Spade – Playful, feminine frames with personality
  • Coach – Classic American styles with luxurious details
  • GUCCI – Designer frames make a bold fashion statement
  • Maison Margiela – Avant garde frames for the fashion forward

Trying on frames can help you find the perfect brand that offers styles and colors that make your grey eyes dazzle.

Tips for Grey Eyes When Wearing Glasses

To finish off your eyeglasses look, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use grey or brown mascara to enhance your eye color
  • Add eyeshadow in rose gold, purple or navy to make your eyes pop
  • Try a tinted moisturizer to warm up your complexion
  • Use a brow tint or pencil to define your arches
  • Style your hair off your face to showcase your glasses
  • Consider blue light lenses to reduce eye strain from screens

With flattering frames, the right makeup and accessories, your grey eyes will be the star of your glasses look.

The Best Glasses for Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are a unique and stunning eye color. Choosing glasses with complementary shapes, colors and styles can really make them sparkle. To recap, here are the best glasses for grey eyes:

  • Frame shapes that contrast your face – cat eye for round faces or oval for square faces
  • Warm metallic frames like rose gold and tortoiseshell
  • Cool tones from silver, blue and purple frames
  • Stylish cat eye, browline and geometric frames
  • Designer brands like Ray-Ban, Warby Parker and Gucci

With so many options for enhancing your gorgeous greys, finding that perfect pair of glasses will be a fun and fashionable experience. So embrace your eye color with stylish frames and make your grey eyes shine every day!