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What furniture goes with navy blue walls?

What furniture goes with navy blue walls?

Navy blue is a versatile and stylish color for walls that can work with a variety of furniture styles and materials. Here are some tips on choosing furniture to complement navy blue walls:

Wood Tones

Wood furniture with warm, natural tones looks beautiful against navy walls. Light woods like maple, birch, and oak have an airy feel that prevents the room from feeling too dark and heavy. Darker woods like walnut and mahogany enrich the navy hue. Distressed wood finishes also pair well for a beachy or vintage look.

Some good wood furniture options include:

Maple dressers Oak nightstands
Birch bookshelves Walnut dining tables
Mahogany desks Distressed wood consoles

Warm Metallics

Metallic furniture and accents warm up the cool tones of navy walls. Gold, bronze, brass, and copper work especially well. Aged metal finishes also complement the classic navy hue.

Some metallic furniture ideas include:

Brass side tables Copper lamps
Bronze candle holders Gold mirror frames
Antique gold console tables Hammered copper dining chairs

Metallics should be used sparingly to avoid looking gaudy. Keep most furnishings neutral and use metallics as accents.

Crisp Whites

White furniture pops against navy walls and keeps rooms feeling open. White painted wood, lacquered finishes, and upholstered pieces look fresh and timeless.

Some white furniture ideas include:

White dressers Lacquered nightstands
Upholstered headboards Painted bookshelves
Slipcovered chairs Glossy consoles

All white interiors can feel sterile, so mix in wood, metallics, or neutral fabrics. Crisp white trim also accentuates navy walls.


Furniture in neutral hues like gray, beige, ivory, and tan harmonizes with navy walls. Neutrals create a soothing, relaxed vibe. Layer on textures like woven rattan, nubby linen, and cotton for depth.

Some neutral furniture options include:

Rattan headboards Linen dining chairs
Cotton slipper chairs Beige sofas
Ivory dressers Gray velvet ottomans

Neutral furniture allows navy walls to stand out. Accent with navy pillows and throws to tie the whole room together.

Leather and Hide

Leather and animal hide furniture add texture and warmth to rooms with navy walls. Classic brown leather works as well as unexpected hide choices like cowhide or zebra print.

Some leather and hide ideas:

Leather headboards Cowhide benches
Leather dining chairs Zebra print ottomans
Leather sofas Sheepskin throws

Limit leather and hide pieces to 1 or 2 substantial furnishings. Too much texture will overwhelm the space.

Pops of Color

Although navy is versatile, furniture in complementary colors brightens up the space. Yellow, orange, red, and emerald green are vibrant complements. Pastels like mint, blush, and buttercream are softer options.

Some colorful furniture ideas:

Mint green dressers Buttercream dining chairs
Sunny yellow ottomans Blush velvet sofas
Emerald green side chairs Orange leather poufs

Colorful pieces make a bold statement against dark navy walls. Use them sparingly according to your style.

Upholstered Pieces

Upholstered furniture adds softness and texture to balance the strong color of navy walls. Tufted headboards, slipper chairs, and linen sofas have a casual elegance. Modern sleek sofas and petite settees also pop.

Some upholstered furniture ideas:

Button-tufted headboards Channel-tufted benches
Slipper chairs Velvet settees
Linen sofas Sleek leather sectionals

When selecting fabrics, choose soft, smooth textures like velvet, linen, cotton, wool, and microfiber. Avoid heavily patterned or very rough fabrics that could clash with navy walls.


Don’t forget the floor when decorating a navy room! Rugs anchor furniture arrangements and provide comfort underfoot.

Some rug ideas:

Jute rugs Braided wool rugs
Geometric pattern rugs Shag rugs
Solid rugs in light colors Moroccan rugs

For patterned or colorful rugs, pick out one of the accent colors already in the room. Simple natural fiber rugs work well too.


In summary, there are many furniture options that suit navy blue walls. The key is to look for pieces in complementing materials and colors. Warm woods, crisp whites, cozy neutrals, and pops of accent colors create varied, livable rooms with navy walls. Upholstered furnishings and natural fiber rugs add softness. By mixing and matching navy-friendly pieces, you can assemble a space that is sophisticated, vibrant, and uniquely yours. With the right furnishings, you can highlight navy’s versatility and use this dramatic hue confidently.