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What fall color goes with teal?

What fall color goes with teal?

Teal is a rich and versatile color that can pair beautifully with a variety of fall hues. When selecting colors to coordinate with teal for autumn, it helps to understand the undertones and mood teal evokes. Here are some tips for choosing fall colors that complement teal wonderfully.

The Characteristics of Teal

Teal is a bluish-green shade that derives its name from the common teal bird. It sits between green and blue on the color wheel, making it an aquatic, cool tone. However, teal has more complexity than a typical cool color. Its green undertones give it a natural, earthy vibe as well. The blue cast also lends teal a sense of calming tranquility. Overall, teal is associated with sophistication, renewal, harmony, and flow.

With its blend of cool and warm traits, teal is extremely versatile. It works well with other colors across the spectrum. When planning a fall palette, focus on hues that complement or contrast with teal’s green-blue tones. Warm neutrals and autumnal colors tend to look especially beautiful.

Warm Neutrals

Rich warm neutrals pair gorgeously with teal for fall. Shades of tan, brown, beige and cream make excellent companions. They pick up on the natural earthiness of teal’s green undertones. Warm neutrals also provide a pleasing contrast to teal’s blue depths.

Here are some great warm neutral fall colors to match with teal:

Khaki Camel
Oatmeal Almond
Buff Mocha
Sand Beige
Taupe Biscuit

Khaki has golden-green hints that coordinate beautifully with teal. Pair them in bedding or table linens for a natural look. Camel and almond are rich brownish neutrals that add warmth. Create an inviting fall bedroom with teal paint and camel bedding. Oatmeal and buff have soft, muted beigy tones; they make stunning companions to teal in everything from sweaters to sofas.

Mocha’s deep espresso color is bold yet warm, an ideal contrast for teal décor. Sand and beige have creamy golden undertones, bringing lightness to teal’s richness. Taupe and biscuit are gray-brown neutrals that tone down teal’s vibrancy in a subtle, sophisticated way.

Autumnal Colors

The hues of autumn leaves, pumpkins, apples and vines make natural partners for teal. Dusty reds, oranges, purples, greens and golds reflect the harvest colors outside. Play up the seasonal vibe by pairing teal with these autumn shades:

Mustard Paprika
Rust Garnet
Olive Moss Green
Pumpkin Amber
Burgundy Eggplant

Mustard’s golden tone looks dazzling with teal accents. Use them together in floral arrangements and table settings. Paprika mixes crimson and orange for a spicy pop next to teal. Pair rustic pumpkins and gourds in paprika and teal shades for chic fall décor.

Rust picks up on the reddish warmth of autumn leaves. Contrast it with teal in plaid blankets or rugs. Garnet, burgundy and eggplant have wine-purple depths that make regal partners for teal. Showcase them in velvet pillows and draperies.

Olive has earthy green tones, while moss green is brighter with yellow hints. Both harmonize gorgeously with teal’s green side. Coordinate them in botanical prints, herbs and other greenery displays.

Pumpkin and amber reflect the warm golden glow of the season. They shine when matched with teal kitchenware, painted furniture, and accessories.

Neutral Grays

Crisp, neutral grays beautifully balance teal’s richness. Gray and teal have an elegant, modern look together. All shades of gray work nicely, from pale dove gray to deep charcoal.

Dove Gray Silver
Heather Gray Steel Gray
Charcoal Smoke Gray
Graphite Ash Gray
Platinum Pewter

Soft dove gray lightens up teal in breezy linen fabrics and painted walls. Metallic silver also brightens teal with a flash of glamour. Heather gray is a warm neutral that elegantly contrasts teal accents. Pair them in sweaters, window treatments and more. Cool steel gray makes a stunning counterpart to teal in modern color blocking. Sophisticated charcoal and smoke gray provide bold backdrops that let teal shine.

Rich graphite and ash gray have blue undertones, so they blend seamlessly with teal’s aquatic vibe. Use them together in rugs, bedding and upholstery. Platinum and pewter add subtle sheen, complementing teal’s jewel-tone radiance.

Vibrant Accents

While teal goes well with subdued neutrals, don’t be afraid to pair it with brighter hues too. Vivid yellow, pink, red and turquoise make exciting accents against teal backdrops. They bring energy and fun to teal’s tranquility.

Sunflower Yellow Daffodil Yellow
Canary Yellow Buttercup Yellow
Peony Pink Watermelon Pink
Coral Pink Bubblegum Pink
Apple Red Cherry Red
Cranberry Red Fire Engine Red
Turquoise Aquamarine
Ocean Blue Royal Blue

Sunflower, daffodil, canary and buttercup yellow make happy partners for teal. Use them in playful painting accents, accessories and floral displays. Vibrant peony, watermelon, coral and bubblegum pink provide pretty feminine contrast. Highlight teal home décor and fashions with these lively pinks.

Coordinating colors like apple, cherry, cranberry and fire engine red make bold statements against teal backdrops. So do vivid turquoise, aquamarine, ocean blue and royal blue. Add energizing pops of any of these joyful brights.


Teal is an endlessly versatile color that pairs beautifully with a wide spectrum of fall hues. Warm neutrals like khaki, tan, beige and mocha complement teal’s earthiness. Soft grays balance its richness. Autumnal oranges, reds, purples and greens reflect the season’s harvest palette. For exciting contrast, accent teal with bright pinks, reds, yellows or other bold colors. With so many options, you can easily create stylish teal-based fall looks for fashion, decor and more.