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What eyeshadow looks make hazel eyes pop?

Hazel eyes are a gorgeous mix of brown, green, gold and sometimes even gray. This multi-dimensional eye color can complement a wide range of eyeshadow shades and styles. The key is to choose colors that will accentuate the different flecks and tones in your irises. Here are some of our favorite eyeshadow looks that make hazel eyes mesmerizing.

Warm Neutrals

One of the most universally flattering eyeshadow palettes for hazel eyes is warm neutrals. Shades like taupe, beige, brown and tan bring out the golden and brown hues in hazel irises. Apply a medium taupe shade across the crease and outer corner of the lid. Use a shimmery champagne color on the inner corners and center of the lid. Finish with black or dark brown liner along the top lash line and lower waterline.

This creates soft definition and illuminates the eye without being too bold. It’s a great daytime look that complements the earthy tones in hazel eyes. For more intensity, try using a matte dark brown shade in the outer corner and crease.


Purple shadow is ideal for making hazel eyes pop. It creates a nice contrast against the mix of green, brown and gold. Apply a light shimmery lavender across the lid up to the crease. Blend a matte eggplant or plum shade into the outer corner and crease. Finish with lots of black mascara.

The vibrant purple will bring out the green, while the deeper shades add definition. For a daytime variation, use a soft lilac on the lid with a matte mauve in the crease. Purples with warm undertones like mulberry and marsala are especially pretty on hazel eyes.


Warm gold eyeshadow plays up the golden specks in hazel eyes. Shimmering champagne, bronze and copper shadows sweep across the lid beautifully. Matte camel, khaki and tan shades mix nicely with these metallics. Apply a sparkling gold shadow across the lid and highlight the inner corners.

Blend a matte light brown shade into the crease. A dark brown or black liner on top completes the golden eye look. Golds that lean a bit rose, peach or pink also help hazel eyes glow. Overall, aim for warm-toned gilded shades.


For hazel eyes with more green, naturally green shadow is the perfect match. Light green shimmers accentuate the emerald flecks. Pair them with matte army green, olive or forest green in the crease and outer corner. Makeup artist tip: follow with black liner and mascara for extra definition.

Try a smoky green eye for evenings by using deeper forest green and charcoal shadows. Or sweep mint green shadow across the lid paired with matte brown in the crease for an earthy, brighter effect. Any shade of green from pastel mint to jewel tones will make the green in hazel eyes pop.


Don’t overlook soft pink on hazel eyes. It creates an unexpected yet flattering look. Use a shimmering champagne pink across the lid up to the crease. Blend a matte dusty mauve shade into the outer third of the lid and crease. The subtle pop of pink brings out the green, while the mauve accentuates the brown.

Or go bold with a hot fuchsia shadow on the lid and a matte cranberry shade in the crease. This intensifies both the green and gold tones in hazel eyes. Grayish mauves and raspberry pinks also complement the mix of colors.


Brown eyeshadow is an easy go-to for making hazel eyes pop. The shade naturally complements the brown and gold flecks. Sweep a shimmery bronze shadow across the lid. Deepen the crease and outer corner with a matte cocoa shade.

Pair these brown shadows with lots of black eyeliner and mascara. For day, try a shimmering champagne shadow on the lid with a matte tan shade in the crease. Rich browns like chocolate, taupe and espresso are perfect basic shades for hazel eyes.


Don’t be afraid to use gray shadow on hazel eyes.Cool matte grays help enhance hazel irises by complementing the bits of blue, gray and green. Sweep a shimmery silver from lash line to brow bone to brighten. Follow with a charcoal or slate gray matte shade in the crease and outer corner.

Keep the lower lash line bare to open up the eyes. This creates an elegant mix of warm and cool tones. For evening, blend black shadow into the outer corner for drama. Matte ash gray also pairs well with bronzes and greens on the lid.


Blues might seem counterintuitive for hazel eyes, but they can make them stand out. Stick to softer shades like sky blue, frosty silver-blue, and slate blue. Sweep the blue shadow across the lid and highlight the inner corners. Blend a matte brown like taupe or grayish purple into the crease.

Thiscreates nice contrast against the brown, green, and gold tones. Navy blue liner on top and bottom lashes also enhances hazel eyes. Just keep the blue shadow soft and in the lid area to avoid looking harsh.

Best Eyeshadow Finishes

In addition to choosing the right color, pay attention to eyeshadow finishes. Combining matte and shimmer shadows is ideal for hazel eyes. Here are some finishes we recommend:

  • Shimmery champagnes, coppers and bronze metallics across the lid add glow.
  • Soft satin finishes in pinks, golds and greens gently enhance hazel tones.
  • Matte browns, charcoals, purples and grays add definition in the crease and outer corner.
  • Metallic emerald green pops the center of the lid.
  • Frosted bright blue brings out green flecks.

Aim for a blend of textures when doing your hazel eye makeup. Mattes contour and deepen the eye, while shimmers highlight and illuminate.

Eyeliner & Mascara

When finishing your hazel eye look, eyeliner and mascara make all the difference. Here are some options:

  • Black liner on upper and lower lashline defines eyes. Try liquid liner for crisp lines.
  • Dark brown liner is softer for daytime. Smudge the lower line with a brush.
  • Navy and deep purple liner makes hazel eyes pop.
  • Metallic bronze or olive liner is pretty with greens and golds.
  • Lots of black mascara coats every lash. Look for volumizing or lengthening formulas depending on your needs.
  • An extra coat on the lower lashes balances out the look.

The key is to frame the eyes and tie the whole eye look together. Eyeliner colors can match the shadow or provide contrast.


Full, bold brows perfectly complement eye makeup for hazel eyes. Fill in any sparse areas with short, hair-like strokes. Use a tinted brow gel to groom brows into place. Brow powders and pencils that are one to two shades lighter than your brow color work well to naturally fill them in. Avoid anything too warm or reddish. Cooler brown and taupe brow products flatter hazel eyes best. The brows provide nice definition against the shadow.

Eyeshadow by Hazel Eye Color

Hazel eyes come in different mixes of brown, green and gold. Choosing shades that flatter your specific eye color results in the best look:

Hazel Eye Color Flattering Eyeshadow Colors
Mostly light brown and gold Warm metallics like champagne, bronze and copper
Mostly green with brown Purples, emeralds, olive greens
Grayish green and light brown Plums, navy blues, slate grays
Golden brown Gold, peach, warm pink
Darker brown with green Forest greens, deep browns, charcoal

Play up the dominant colors in your eye when choosing shades. Olive greens intensify the green, while coppers heighten golden flecks. Go for a mix of bright tones and deeper shades.


Hazel eyes are so fun to accentuate with eye makeup. From earthy neutrals like brown and khaki, to rich jewel tones like purple, green and gold, there are endless options. The key is layering shimmers and mattes while playing up the different flecks in your irises. Frame hazel eyes with lots of mascara and bold brows. With the right colors and techniques, your gorgeous hazel eyes will mesmerize!