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What emotion blocks the sacral chakra?

What emotion blocks the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra, located in the pelvic area, is associated with creativity, sexuality, emotions, and pleasure. When this chakra is blocked or imbalanced, it can manifest in physical and emotional issues related to these areas. Identifying what emotions are associated with sacral chakra blocks can help bring awareness to release these blocks and restore balance.

Overview of the Sacral Chakra

In the body, the sacral chakra is located about two inches below the navel. Its color is orange, and it’s associated with the element of water. A balanced sacral chakra allows for healthy emotional processing, intimacy, creativity, and a general sense of joy, flow, and connection to others.

Some key functions governed by the sacral chakra include:

– Emotions and emotional intimacy
– Sexuality, passion, and pleasure
– Creativity and creative expression
– Relationships and social connections
– Self-esteem and sense of abundance

When the sacral chakra is blocked or imbalanced, symptoms can manifest on both physical and emotional levels. Physically, sacral chakra issues may show up as reproductive problems, urinary tract infections, lower back pain, hip pain, and menstrual or sexual difficulties.

On an emotional level, sacral chakra blocks can lead to:

– Difficulty processing emotions
– Feeling disconnected from emotions
– Fear of intimacy and lack of libido
– Creative blocks
– Low self-esteem and feelings of scarcity

Emotions That Block the Sacral Chakra

There are a few key emotions that are particularly prone to blocking the flow of energy in the sacral chakra when they are supressed or excessive. These include:


Guilt involves feeling bad about something you have done, usually violating your own code of ethics or hurting someone else. When guilt is excessive or unresolved, it can lead to deep feelings of shame. This sense of shame often gets stored in the sacral chakra, blocking our innate sense of abundance and self-esteem. Releasing guilt through self-forgiveness and making amends where appropriate can help clear sacral chakra blocks related to guilt.


Many types of fear may cause sacral chakra blockages, including fear of intimacy, vulnerability, pleasure or lack of safety. Fear causes contraction, so when we feel afraid, energy flow in the body and emotions becomes restricted. Working through fears by facing them little by little and building a sense of safety can help dissolve fear-based sacral chakra blocks.


Grief from loss and disappointment in life is a natural human experience. When grieving turns to prolonged despair and disconnection from joy, it can stagnate the sacral chakra. Making space to fully process grief and then consciously cultivating moments of happiness despite loss can help clear grief-based blocks over time.


Like fear, anger causes contraction in the body and closes off open energy flow. Repressed anger or excessive anger that turns into rage accumulate in the sacral chakra over time, shutting down access to creativity, sexuality, and flow. Learning to healthily feel, express and release anger without suppression or aggression helps clear this block.


The feeling of jealousy is related to fear of loss and lack mentality. It causes us to rigidly hold on to what we have and mistrust others. Stored long-term in the sacral chakra, jealousy can make relationships dysfunctional and erode away at self-esteem and creativity. Healing jealousy involves working through insecurities and cultivating unconditional positive regard.


The need to control people and situations to feel safe stems from fear and mistrust. The rigidity of excessive control blocks the natural ebb and flow of sacral chakra energy. Sacral healing involves surrendering the need for control, which allows creativity and intimacy to blossom.

Healing Sacral Chakra Blocks

There are a number of strategies that can be helpful in releasing suppressed emotions causing sacral chakra blockages:

Counseling and Emotional Processing

Working with a therapist or counselor provides a space to feel through challenging emotions at the root of sacral issues. This emotional processing work is key for long-term healing.

Inner Child Work

Often sacral chakra blocks originate in childhood or adolescent experiences. Connecting and nurturing your inner child through visualization, journaling or dialogue can help release old emotional wounds.

Movement and Embodiment

Dance, yoga, qi gong and other movement practices help unlock stored emotions in the body and energy field. Allowing the body to freely move helps emotional flow.

Creativity and Play

Fun, playful creative activities like art, music, drama and sensual pleasures help activate, open and strengthen the sacral chakra.

Spiritual Practices

Meditation, breathwork, tantra and other spiritual practices bring awareness to emotional blocks and help us move through them with presence.


Working with sacral chakra healing crystals like carnelian, orange calcite and citrine can help clear emotional blockages when used with intention in daily spiritual practice.


Using positive statements of self-acceptance, abundance and releasing fear can shift negative emotional patterns when practiced regularly.

Healing Touch and Energy Work

Modalities like Reiki, acupuncture and reflexology help release blocked energy and emotions in the sacral chakra to restore flow and vitality.

Signs of Sacral Chakra Healing

As old emotional blockages are cleared from the sacral chakra, you may start to notice the following positive shifts in your well-being:

– Improved emotional intelligence and expression
– The ability to healthily feel all emotions
– Increased creativity and inspiration
– Comfort with intimacy; joyful sexuality
– Deepened self-esteem and sense of abundance
– Harmonious relationships
– Comfort in your body and sexuality
– Engagement and flow in life’s pleasures


The sacral chakra governs key parts of the human experience – sexuality, emotions, pleasure, and creativity. When suppressed emotions like guilt, fear, grief, anger, jealousy and the need for control build up in the sacral chakra, blocks can form preventing the free flow of energy. By bringing awareness to these emotions and intentionally clearing them through practices like inner work, movement, creativity, spiritual connection and healing modalities, the negative charges are released. This allows the sacral chakra to spin freely, restoring emotional intelligence, intimate relationships, pleasure, self-esteem and creativity in life.


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