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What does your black zodiac sign mean?

What does your black zodiac sign mean?

Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and more. While most people are familiar with the 12 signs of the main zodiac calendar, there is another lesser-known zodiac system called the Black Zodiac. The Black Zodiac consists of 13 signs, each representing a different type of serial killer. Read on to learn more about what your Black Zodiac sign means.

What is the Black Zodiac?

The Black Zodiac was created by a forensic psychologist and former FBI agent named Jack Levin. Levin developed the system after studying the astrological birth signs of some of the most infamous serial killers in history. He noticed that certain star signs kept coming up again and again among these ruthless murderers.

Levin mapped out the 13 most common zodiac signs found among serial killers to create the Black Zodiac. Just like the main zodiac calendar, the Black Zodiac assigns a sinister pseudonym to each sign along with a set of creepy personality traits. Your Black Zodiac sign is determined by your date of birth.

The 13 Signs of the Black Zodiac

Here are the 13 signs of the Black Zodiac along with their associated serial killer traits:

Sign Dates Traits
The Demon March 21 – April 19 Cruel, sadistic, violently hostile
The Wolf April 20 – May 20 Predatory, ravenous, cunning stalker
The Vampire May 21 – June 20 Alluring, seductive, obsessive blood-lust
The Dragon June 21 – July 20 Fierce, showy, vain
The Serpent July 21 – August 9 Sneaky, danger-lover, compulsive liar
The Fly August 10 – September 15 Restless, constantly on the hunt
The Raven September 16 – October 30 Intelligent, cryptic, master of deception
The Horse October 31 – November 29 Workaholic, lack of emotion or remorse
The Swan November 30 – December 20 Graceful facade hides dark intentions
The Bear December 21 – January 19 Introverted loner with boiling rage
The Owl January 20 – February 18 Cerebral, methodical killer
The Bat February 19 – March 20 Nocturnal hunter, inhuman strength

The Demon – March 21 to April 19

Those born under the Black Zodiac sign of The Demon have an extremely cruel and sadistic nature. Demons thrive on inflicting pain and torment on others. They are violently hostile and take pleasure in degrading their victims. As serial killers, Demons carefully plan out ways to torture their prey both mentally and physically. They have no empathy for human suffering. Their crimes are committed in an outrageously savage manner due to their innate capacity for evil.

The Wolf – April 20 to May 20

The Wolf sign produces predatory serial killers who stalk their victims like a cunning beast hunting prey. Wolves are clever trackers who patiently calculate every move before going in for the kill. They are ravenous for blood and will hunt relentlessly until they satisfy their depraved desires. As serial killers, Wolves operate with a pack mentality and frequently work with an accomplice. They are strategic planners but can turn savage in a flash, attacking their victims with bestial violence.

The Vampire – May 21 to June 20

Those born under the Vampire sign have an alluring, hypnotic allure that masks their dark obsession with human blood. Vampires use their seductive charm to lure in unsuspecting victims. Once their target is entranced, the Vampire satisfies their relentless blood-lust in a savage feeding frenzy. They prefer to seduce and drain their prey while keeping them alive for as long as possible. As serial killers, Vampires are compelled to collect mementos from their victims to relive the murder again and again.

The Dragon – June 21 to July 20

Dragons have larger-than-life egos that drive them to perform horrific acts to gain notoriety. As serial killers, they are theatrical in their methods, designing elaborate death rituals. Dragons have a flair for the dramatic and secretly crave media attention for their crimes even if they won’t admit it openly. They are vain, narcissistic killers who take pride in their horrific skills. What they enjoy most is the feeling of power over other humans.

The Serpent – July 21 to August 9

Black Zodiac Serpents are cunning, sneaky killers who tell elaborate lies to lure in victims. They are pathological liars driven by their craving for danger and deception. Serpents enjoy playing head games and bonding emotionally with their prey before striking. As serial killers, they design complex schemes to trap victims. Serpents are unpredictable and can quickly turn from seemingly caring to violently psychotic in a disturbing instant.

The Fly – August 10 to September 15

Restless energy defines the Fly sign of the Black Zodiac. Flys flit from one murder to another, never staying on a victim for long. They are constantly on the hunt looking for that next quick fix. As serial killers, Flys seek novelty and variety in their crimes to stave off boredom. They are impulsive and drawn to high risk behavior with little regard for being caught. What drives them is the thrill of that fleeting moment of power over a victim.

The Raven – September 16 to October 30

Those born under the Black Zodiac sign of the Raven are darkly intelligent killers. Ravens are clever planners who plot out every murder through cryptic rituals. They leave puzzling clues and signs at crime scenes to taunt authorities. As serial killers, Ravens are artistic in how they kill, designing like a masterpiece. They value their intellect and are very methodical. Ravens kill less for passion and more out of their twisted creative drives.

The Horse – October 31 to November 29

Horses are strong, tireless workers who go through killing routines in an emotionless, machine-like way. They have intense obsessions with habits, patterns, and schedules. As serial killers, Horses follow strict, uniform ways of committing each crime that never vary. They show no remorse or guilt for their horrific actions. Murder is simply a job that must be completed. The lack of emotion makes Horses capable of astonishing violence and cruelty.

The Swan – November 30 to December 20

The graceful, beautiful facade of Swans hides the dark monster that lies beneath. Swans use their charming, appealing exteriors to seduce and lure unsuspecting victims. Only once they have their prey alone do Swans revel their true intentions. As serial killers, Swans live for the shock of revealing themselves to be violent psychopaths when it’s too late. The revelation of their deception is part of the euphoria Swans feel committing murder.

The Bear – December 21 to January 19

Bears are large, lumbering loners who keep to themselves. They seem slow and docile on the surface, but inside is a boiling ocean of rage. As serial killers, Bears trap all their volcanic hostility inside until it erupts to the surface in a violent frenzy. They have primal violent impulses that lead them to attack complete strangers at random. Bears despise any kind of social interaction and prefer to live and kill in total isolation.

The Owl – January 20 to February 18

Owls are highly intellectual, detail-focused killers. They are patient watchers who gather extensive information on each chosen victim before making a move. Owls are calculating thinkers who rely on logic, not emotion, to dispatch their prey. As serial killers, Owls operate with extreme precision, carefully orchestrating each part of the murder process. They are cold, methodical, and disciplined in their approach to stalking, overpowering, and killing their victims.

The Bat – February 19 to March 20

Bats are nocturnal hunters who strike when you least expect it. They are possessed by inhuman strength, especially in the darkness. Bats operate best at night and prefer to subdue victims while they sleep. As serial killers, Bats rely on stealth and the cover of shadows to stalk and surprise their prey. They are elusive and difficult to catch due to their ability to vanish into the night after each kill. above all, Bats kill because they are compelled by their animalistic, vampiric nature.


The Black Zodiac provides dark insight into the psychology behind why certain people turn into notorious serial killers. By understanding the sinister traits associated with each sign, we can shed light on these agents of evil. However, remember that most people born under these signs will not become cold-blooded murderers. Your zodiac simply influences certain personality tendencies. What you do with them is up to you. So use the positive qualities of your sign wisely.

If you found your Black Zodiac revealing, share it with your friends and discuss. And next time you meet someone new, you may wonder if their sign tells you whether a harmless Wolf or violent Vampire lurks inside. But don’t let the shadows of the dark zodiac overcome the light within us all.