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What does the MacBook Air midnight look like?

Apple’s newest MacBook Air comes in an all-new midnight color, joining the existing silver, space gray, and gold options. The midnight color gives the MacBook Air a sleek, modern look that stands out from other laptops. But what exactly does this new color look and feel like in person?

An Overview of the New Midnight MacBook Air

The 2022 MacBook Air midnight has an anodized aluminum finish, just like the other color options. The midnight hue is a very dark blue that looks black in some lighting conditions. It’s not a true black, but it is very close to black in all but the brightest light. The midnight finish has a smooth, uniform appearance without any sparkling or metallic flakes you see on some other MacBook colors.

In dim lighting, the midnight MacBook Air looks completely black. In brighter light, you’ll notice faint blue tones, but it still appears more black than blue overall. Apple describes the color as “an elegant, deep blue” but most people will simply see it as black unless they look closely under good lighting.

The midnight MacBook Air weighs 2.7 pounds and has the same thin, tapered design as previous models. It measures 0.44 inches thick at its thickest point and 0.16 inches at the thinnest. The uniform midnight color helps it maintain a slim, minimalist look according to early reviews.

How Midnight Compares to Space Gray

The midnight MacBook Air is the darkest color option Apple has released. It’s darker than the previous space gray color, which has a slightly warm, grayish tone. Space gray also looks distinctly silver in very bright light, whereas midnight maintains its dark blue/black appearance.

Here’s a quick comparison of midnight vs space gray:

  • Midnight looks black or very dark blue; space gray has a medium gray tone
  • Midnight maintains its dark hue in all lighting; space gray looks more silver/gray in bright light
  • Midnight has a smooth, uniform finish; space gray can sometimes have a speckled look depending on the light

Overall, midnight is a deeper, darker color than space gray. It’s closer to black while still adding a subtle blue color dimension. The space gray aluminum has more gray undertones visible in certain lighting.

Unboxing the Midnight MacBook Air

When you first unbox the midnight MacBook Air, you’ll immediately notice its sleek, dark color. Some early reviewers have described it as the perfect “stealth laptop” because it looks covert and understated.

The included charging cable and power adapter also come in a matching midnight color. This creates a unified dark aesthetic out of the box. When the MacBook is closed, the midnight color helps it blend seamlessly into a desk or table surface.

There is a subtle shine on the smooth aluminum when you take the MacBook Air out of the box. But the midnight coloring helps minimize fingerprints and smudges that can detract from the high-end appearance over time.

How the Midnight Finish Looks in Different Lighting

One of the most interesting aspects of the new midnight color is how it changes subtly based on the lighting conditions:

  • Bright light: In very bright indoor or outdoor light, the blue tones in midnight become the most visible. But it still maintains a dark appearance compared to space gray.
  • Office lighting: Under typical indoor office lighting, conference room lighting, or classroom lighting, the midnight color appears black overall, with just the slightest hint of deep blue if you look closely.
  • Dim light: In dim indoor lighting, midnight looks completely black and indistinguishable from a true black laptop.

So in most lighting conditions, the MacBook Air midnight will appear black or very close to black, with the blue hues only visible on close inspection or in bright environments. The dark color gives it an understated look compared to the lighter silver or gold MacBooks.

Midnight vs Starlight MacBook Colors

For a greater color contrast, we can also compare the new midnight option to the lighter starlight MacBook Air and MacBook Pro color that Apple introduced earlier in 2022.

Here’s an overview of the key differences between midnight and starlight:

Color Midnight Starlight
Hue Deep blue, almost black Light silver/champagne
Finish Smooth, uniform Smooth, uniform
Overall look Understated, stealthy Bright, eye-catching

As you can see, midnight and starlight represent opposite ends of the spectrum. Midnight aims for a discreet, professional look while starlight is lighter and more playful.

Using the Midnight MacBook Air

When you’re using the midnight MacBook Air, the dark color brings certain advantages:

  • The black screen blends in more seamlessly when viewing dark backgrounds or watching video content
  • The uniform midnight color helps hide fingerprints and smudges better
  • It looks clean and professional for office or school environments
  • The darker color helps the Apple logo stand out more
  • It’s eye-catching in a subtle way compared to brighter finishes

However, some users may find the darker color makes the MacBook Air blend in too much. It may not stand out as a high-end, premium device the way the lighter silver or gold colors do.

But overall, the midnight finish adds a modern, sophisticated look to the MacBook Air. It has an understated elegance that helps it feel like a high-performance productivity tool rather than a flashy gadget.

Caring for the Midnight Finish

The aluminum finish on the midnight MacBook Air is durable but still requires basic care. Here are some tips for keeping your midnight MacBook looking its best:

  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away fingerprints and smudges
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbing that could damage the finish
  • Be careful not to dent or scratch the aluminum chassis
  • Keep the MacBook away from moisture to prevent corrosion
  • Consider using a protective case or sleeve when traveling

With proper care and handling, the midnight aluminum finish should maintain its beautiful appearance for years before showing signs of wear. The dark color hides common cosmetic damage better than lighter finishes.

Customer Reactions to Midnight

Early customer response to the MacBook Air midnight color has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the most common reactions:

  • It looks sleek, modern, and luxurious in person
  • The dark color is eye-catching but not flashy
  • It’s a fingerprint magnet but hides them better than other colors
  • The midnight finish fits the MacBook Air’s ultra-thin design
  • It has a premium feel comparable to the space gray color

Most reviewers seem to agree the midnight finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the MacBook Air. It manages to improve upon the space gray color with an extra level of darkness and subtle metallic blue tones on close inspection.

Is Midnight Right for You?

The midnight MacBook Air is an excellent choice if you want:

  • A sleek, professional looking laptop
  • An understated color that blends in easily
  • A dark but not fully black finish
  • A color that hides fingerprints decently

However, you may want to consider other color options like silver, space gray, or starlight if you:

  • Prefer brighter, more eye-catching colors
  • Want a lighter finish that shows dirt and smudges less
  • Need a laptop that stands out in shared work or school spaces

For many buyers, the midnight finish strikes the perfect balance between professional, versatile, and unique. But it comes down to your personal style and needs.


The new midnight MacBook Air is a gorgeous, sophisticated addition to Apple’s lineup. Its deep blue-black finish gives it an elegant, almost stealthy appearance perfect for modern professionals and students. While midnight looks black in dim lighting, bright conditions reveal faint blue tones in the aluminum.

Compared to previous space gray MacBooks, midnight appears darker and closer to a true black finish. The smooth, uniform midnight color helps hide fingerprints and complements the Air’s thin, minimalist design.

Overall, midnight is a unique finish adding subtle flair to the classic MacBook Air. For buyers who want a high-end yet understated laptop, midnight is a choice that delivers style, versatility, and quality from every angle.