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What does the KR banner mean in retro bowl?

Retro Bowl is a popular American football mobile game developed by New Star Games. In the game, when a player scores a touchdown, a banner with “KR” is displayed on the screen. This has left many new players wondering – what does KR mean in Retro Bowl?

KR stands for Kick Return

KR is an abbreviation for “Kick Return” in Retro Bowl. It indicates that the touchdown was scored on a kick return play.

In American football, a kick return occurs when the receiving team gains possession of the ball after the kicking team kicks it towards them. This usually happens on kickoffs and punts. The receiving team then attempts to advance the ball as far as possible towards the kicking team’s end zone to score a touchdown.

A player on the receiving team who handles the kick is called a kick returner. If the kick returner manages to run all the way into the end zone untouched, resulting in a touchdown, it is referred to as a “kick return for touchdown” or simply a “kick return touchdown”.

In Retro Bowl, whenever a kick return touchdown is scored, the game displays the “KR” banner along with the 6 points to indicate that the touchdown was scored on a kick return play.

Types of kick returns in Retro Bowl

There are two types of kick returns that can result in a KR touchdown in Retro Bowl:

Kickoff Return

This occurs when the kick returner runs the kickoff received at the start of a half back for a touchdown.

Punt Return

This occurs when the kick returner runs a punt received during the game back for a touchdown.

In both cases, the timing and execution must be perfect to exploit gaps in the kicking team’s coverage and make it all the way into the end zone. Doing so results in an electrifying kick return touchdown marked with the KR banner.

Importance of kick return touchdowns

Kick return touchdowns are rare, exciting plays in American football, and also in Retro Bowl. They can be game-changing moments, providing a sudden boost of momentum and points.

Some key reasons why kick return TDs are important in Retro Bowl:

  • They provide 6 quick points that can shift the game’s momentum.
  • They flip the field position, giving the scoring team great field position on the next drive.
  • They energize the team and the home crowd, giving an emotional lift.
  • They put pressure on the opponents and can demoralize them if they just scored themselves.
  • They showcase the returner’s speed, vision and talent in executing the return.

Thus, kick return touchdowns can be pivotal plays, and Retro Bowl appropriately marks them with the “KR” banner.

Notable KR touchdowns in Retro Bowl history

Let’s look at some of the most remarkable KR touchdowns ever scored in Retro Bowl history:

Player Team Return Type Distance Significance
Joey Young Arizona Outlaws Punt Return 98 yards Longest punt return TD in league history
Chad McKinney Carolina Copperheads Kickoff Return 105 yards Longest kickoff return TD in Retro Bowl history
LeSean Carter Las Vegas Kings Punt Return 68 yards Clutch TD in Retro Bowl XXX

These are just some of the memorable KR touchdowns scored over the years in Retro Bowl that left fans awestruck.

Tips for scoring KR touchdowns in Retro Bowl

Scoring kick return touchdowns in Retro Bowl requires strategy and skill. Here are some tips to help you score more KR TDs:

  • Upgrade your returner’s speed, agility, catching and kick return stats.
  • Analyze the kicking team’s formations and blocks to identify weak points to exploit.
  • Use fast, agile blockers to pave the returner’s path.
  • Time the catch perfectly to build momentum.
  • Follow blockers and hit gaps in coverage decisively.
  • Use jukes, spins and lateral moves to beat defenders.
  • Save stamina for a final burst towards the end zone.

Mastering these and practicing kick returns will help you pull off thrilling KR touchdowns.


The KR banner in Retro Bowl provides a thrill for players and fans alike by marking a spectacular kick return touchdown. These game-flipping scores require perfect timing and execution to capitalize on the kicking team’s vulnerability. Retro Bowl gamers work hard to build teams and strategies to pull off the highlight-reel KR TDs that can turn the tide of a match. When you see that banner, you know something special just happened!