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What does the color maroon say about someone?

What does the color maroon say about someone?

The color maroon evokes many different meanings and impressions depending on the context. Maroon is a rich, deep red color that has symbolic associations with passion, warmth, intensity and ambition. When someone favors the color maroon or wears it often, the color can provide insight into their personality and psychology.


Maroon is a bold, intense shade of red that conveys passion, strength and dynamism. People who love the color maroon often have deep, sensual natures and great personal magnetism. Maroon corresponds to desire, physical attraction and deep romantic love in color psychology.

This passionate red shade relates to our most physical, visceral needs and impulses. It taps into primal life forces and our subconscious desires. It’s the color of the uninhibited, hedonistic side of life.

While maroon doesn’t have the anger or aggression of a bright, fire engine red, it still packs a punch. This dark red radiates contained power and vigor. It reflects someone who runs hot, whose inner fires burn bright.


Maroon sits on the warm side of the color spectrum, evoking feelings of warmth, comfort and enrichment. Its red-orange undertones give it a cozy vibe.

Maroon is the color of flushed cheeks, roaring fireplaces, velvet curtains and candles that flicker against the night. It provides a sense of nurture and wellbeing.

People who love maroon often crave physical closeness. They have warm, engaging personalities and want to surround themselves with human connection. The rich hue provides them with psychological warmth.


Maroon is one of the deepest, most saturated shades of red you can find. Its intense hue correlates to intensity in personality.

People drawn to maroon are often outgoing,enthusiastic and forceful in pursuing their goals. They throw themselves into life with gusto and vigor.

This is an energizing, motivating color that can overcome inertia and provide momentum. It empowers people to act on their desires and make things happen.

The color also suggests someone who runs at full throttle. They burn through life with fierce energy and vitality. There’s no settling for a lukewarm existence when maroon is your power color.


Maroon’s link to leadership, achievement and ambition makes it a power color of status. Kings, emperors, generals and cardinals have worn maroon as a status symbol throughout history.

Maroon has an elite sensibility that reflects drive, determination and aspiration. It’s the color of people who want to climb to the top and leverage success.

This color attracts people who have big visions and goals. They think on a larger scale and want to make their mark on the world.


With its fiery vigor and symbolic power, maroon instills courage and resilience. People who love this audacious shade often have brave, fighting spirits.

In the aura spectrum, maroon indicates someone who faces their fears and powers through adversity. They tackle problems head-on. This is a color of grit, guts and perseverance.

Maroon restores confidence when you feel anxious or uncertain. It provides the courage to pursue dreams and keep pressing forward, even when progress seems slow.


Maroon is associated with action, drive and initiation. People who wear maroon often have bold, decisive personalities.

This color provides clarity when you’re at a crossroads wavering between options. It cuts through doubt and propels you forward. Maroon sweeps away vagueness so you can act from your truth.

The dynamic red undertones promote a “just do it” approach. Maroon types often know what they want and go after it. They think quickly on their feet and move toward their aims.

Masculine Energy

In many cultures, maroon is considered a masculine color connected to manliness and virility. Its vigorous red undertones are linked to male power and fertility.

Maroon relates to the forceful yang side of the yin-yang dichotomy. It reflects someone who leads, provides and takes charge rather than yielding or nurturing.

Both men and women who favor maroon often exhibit masculine energy. They enjoy being in their power and influence. Maroon helps them tap into their inner authority and strength.

Downsides of Maroon

Despite its many positive traits, maroon has some downsides to be aware of. Here are a few potential negatives connected to maroon:

Downside Description
Aggression While not as fierce as red, maroon can provoke anger and heated emotions if overdone.
Intimidation This bold power color may come across as domineering.
Arrogance At its worst, maroon can indicate ego, entitlement and a puffed-up sense of self-importance.
Rigidity Maroon’s decisive qualities can become too rigid. Wearers may resist change and seem closed-minded.

However, most people who love maroon clothes or décor simply crave more passion and vigor. This color awakens their most intense desires and Self expressions.

Gender Differences

Traditionally, maroon is a masculine color associated with men. However, contemporary women have also adopted maroon as a power color that allows them to embrace their authority.

Here are some notable gender patterns with maroon:

Men Women
Drawn to maroon ties, suits and sports gear Favor maroon dresses, blouses, makeup and accessories
Maroon reflects male virility and leadership Maroon allows women to tap into their inner power and strength
Provides a traditional symbol of masculinity Offers a modern color of gender-neutral empowerment

While still skewing masculine, maroon expresses bold confidence for both genders in the 21st century.

Cultural Color Symbolism

Maroon has a mix of positive and negative color meanings in different cultures and faiths. Here are some of the prominent maroon color associations around the world:

Culture Maroon Symbolism
Western cultures Power, leadership, ambition, courage
Hinduism Associated with renunciation and melancholy
Buddhism Represents the spiritual warrior’s power and zeal
Taoism Linked to vitality and joy
Islam Believed to bring good fortune and success

Maroon often reflects cultural perspectives on life, spirituality and which traits are valued most.

Maroon Personality

What personality traits and characteristics do people who love maroon frequently exhibit? Here’s an overview of the typical maroon personality:

  • Passionate
  • Outspoken
  • Bold
  • Courageous
  • Ambitious
  • Decisive
  • Self-assured
  • Competitive
  • Independent

Keep in mind that personality analysis based on color preferences remains speculative. Not everyone who wears maroon will exhibit all these traits. However, maroon does seem tied to outgoing, zealous personalities who run hot.

Maroon Careers

Which careers and jobs attract people who love maroon? Here are some of the top maroon careers:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive
  • Politician
  • Coach
  • Performer
  • Marketing Director
  • Trial Lawyer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Motivational Speaker

Maroon fans often thrive in energetic careers that let them take the lead, stand out and create change. They don’t like blending into the crowd.


Maroon is an intense, passionate color that reveals ambition, courage and drive. People attracted to maroon crave vigorous self-expression and romance. They want to live life to the fullest with wide-open hearts.

While maroon can sometimes cross into aggression or arrogance, most people are drawn to this color to kindle their inner spark and confidence. Maroon’s bold energy gets them moving toward their deepest desires.