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What does royal blue go with clothes?


Royal blue is a rich, deep shade of blue that has a regal, sophisticated feel. When it comes to fashion and clothing, royal blue is extremely versatile and can be paired with many different colors and styles. Some key things royal blue goes well with include neutral colors like black, white, gray, beige, and brown, as well as shades of blue, silver, gold, yellow, pink, red, green, and purple. Royal blue flatters most skin tones and works for many occasions from casual everyday wear to formal events.

What Colors Go With Royal Blue?

Here is an overview of the top color pairings that work well with royal blue clothing and accessories:


– Black – Royal blue and black is a classic color combination that looks elegant and refined. The two dark shades complement each other beautifully. Black pants, dresses, jackets, or shoes pair nicely with a royal blue top.

– White – Crisp, bright white contrasts well with rich royal blue. White tops, blouses, or button-downs can lighten up the look of dark royal blue bottoms. All white with royal blue accessories also has a summery, nautical vibe.

– Gray – Cool, muted grays work seamlessly with royal blue. Opt for light grays like silver, dove gray, or heather gray on tops, sweaters, or jackets to let the royal blue shades pop. Charcoal gray can also make a sophisticated pairing.

– Beige – Earthy beige and tan tones bring out the warm undertones in royal blue. Beige or tan pants, skirts, and accessories ground the regal blue shades.

– Brown – Deep coffee, chocolate, or chestnut browns offer a natural, organic complement to rich royal blue hues. Pair royal blue dresses or tops with brown pants or boots.

Blue Shades

– Navy – Navy and royal blue are closely related hues. Wearing them together has a bold, stylish effect. Mixing light and dark blue shades (like pale blue with royal blue) also looks fresh and modern.

– Light Blue – Soft powder blue, sky blue, or robin’s egg blue creates pleasing color-blocked looks and accent pieces for royal blue outfits. It adds a cheerful pop of color.

– Turquoise – The vividness of turquoise plays beautifully with the depth of royal blue. Turquoise jewelry, shoes, or tops make royal blue bottoms instantly stand out.

Metallic Colors

– Silver – Gleaming silver is a natural fit with royal blue. Silver shoes, jewelry, clutches, and other accessories feel glamorous and sophisticated next to all shades of blue. Metallic grays also pair nicely.

– Gold – Royal blue’s warm undertones complement lustrous gold accessories perfectly. Pair royal blue dresses or evening wear with golden shoes, jewelry, belts, and handbags for an elevated, formal look.

– Rose Gold – The trendy warmth of rose gold makes an unexpected match for royal blue. Use rose gold jewelry or delicate accessories to soften and feminize dark royal blue pieces.

Red and Pink

– Red – Vibrant true red packs a punch against rich royal blue. It makes for an eye-catching color-blocked combination. Both classic blue and red outfits and unexpected pairings work well.

– Pink – Pretty shades of pink like fuchsia, blush, and carnation pink create lively royal blue pairings. Pink accents, accessories, or clothing help tone down the boldness of royal blue for a softer look.

Yellow and Purple

– Yellow – Sunny yellow brings energy and brightness when matched with royal blue. All shades of yellow from pastel to neon to mustard pop against royal blue dresses, tops, or bottoms.

– Purple – Royal blue and purple is a regal color scheme that feels elevated and opulent. Light lilac, lavender, orchid, and plum purple flatter royal blue beautifully in both clothing and decor.


– Emerald Green – The jewel tones of emerald green and royal blue complement each other magnificently. Pairing deep emerald and royal blue results in an expensive, dramatic look.

– Forest Green – Earthy, natural forest greens work well with royal blue too. They create organic yet sophisticated color combinations. Pair a forest green skirt with a royal blue blouse.

– Lime Green – Vibrant lime green adds a burst of energy to royal blue outfits. Use sparingly with lime accessories, tops, or linings. Too much bright lime can overpower the royal blue shade.

How to Style Royal Blue Clothing

Here are some stylish ways to wear different types of royal blue clothing and outfits:

Royal Blue Dresses and Skirts

– Pair a royal blue dress or skirt with nude, black, white, metallic, or colorful heels. Metallic shoes add glamour while bright heels create a statement contrast.

– Add a cropped black leather, denim, or jean jacket on top of a royal blue dress for texture and contrast.

– Accessorize a royal blue dress with a skinny metallic belt at the waist. Try silver, gold, or rose gold.

– Layer white or black lace over a solid royal blue dress for visual interest and dimension.

– Finish the look with dainty jewelry like layered necklaces or pendant earrings. Avoid overpowering royal blue with loud jewelry.

Royal Blue Blouses and Tops

– Tuck a royal blue top into a tan, gray, black, or white pencil skirt for the office or daytime events.

– Pair with dark wash skinny jeans and booties for a casual weekend look.

– Layer royal blue blouses under black blazers or cardigans for work and professional settings.

– For evening, don a sequined royal blue top with leather leggings or slacks.

– Add statement jewelry like chandelier earrings to make royal blue tops really stand out.

Royal Blue Pants

– Balance out bold royal blue pants by pairing them with soft, feminine tops. Opt for lace, ruffles, bows, or off-the-shoulder silhouettes.

– Try tucking a silky camisole in a neutral color into royal blue trousers.

– A relaxed white button-down shirt and royal blue trousers is a timeless, stylish combination.

– Royal blue jeans can be dressed up with heeled booties and a tucked-in silky tank or sweater.

– Cuff or roll royal blue pants to vary the silhouette. Show off fun patterned or colored socks underneath.

Royal Blue Suits

– For women, pair a royal blue pantsuit or skirt suit with a pretty white blouse. Add nude or metallic heels.

– Men can wear a royal blue suit with a white shirt, black shoes, and a patterned blue tie for professional occasions.

– In formal settings, accent royal blue suits with a contrasting colored vest, pocket square, or tie.

– Monochromatic royal blue suiting has an undeniably bold, fashion-forward effect.

Royal Blue Coats and Jackets

– Layer a tailored royal blue blazer over an all-black ensemble of trousers, tops, and heels.

– Top off a casual jeans and t-shirt look with a shrunken royal blue moto jacket.

– For warmth, don a hooded royal blue parka with gray joggers and white sneakers.

– Make a royal blue coat or trench coat more feminine by belting it to define the waist.

When to Wear Royal Blue

Royal blue’s richness makes it well-suited for many occasions, both casual and formal:

– **Casual Daytime** – During the day, pair royal blue jeans, tops, or jackets with casual footwear like sneakers for weekend errands and activities.

– **Office Wear** – Tailored royal blue dresses, trousers, blazers, and blouses work beautifully for professional office settings.

– **Cocktail Parties** – A chic royal blue cocktail dress or sequined top feels right at home at lively evening cocktail parties and events.

– **Formal Occasions** – Royal blue suits, long dresses, and dress coats convey elegance at formal weddings, galas, banquets, and upscale events.

– **Black Tie** – Dark royal blue dresses, tuxedos, and accessories like bow ties work for ultra-formal black tie affairs.

– **Daytime Weddings** – For daytime casual and semi-formal weddings, wear a short royal blue dress or coordinate with a blue suit.

– **Evening Weddings** – Don a floor-length royal blue evening gown or formal dress suit for an elegant wedding guest look.

– **Date Nights** – Amp up date night style with a royal blue mini skirt, pretty ruffled royal blue top, or statement royal blue heels.

Tips for Wearing Royal Blue

– Stick to solid royal blue pieces for the most refined look. Patterns and prints can get too busy when paired with this bold, saturated shade.

– Add lighter blues like sky blue and baby blue in small touches to keep the look fresh and fun rather than too dark and overwhelming.

– Look for royal blue clothing with silver, pewter, or metallic details to really make the blue tones pop.

– If you have warm toned skin, pair royal blue with gold accessories. If you have cool toned skin, stick to silver.

– Royal blue offers a great way to add color to an otherwise neutral outfit. Use it in dresses, jackets, shoes and handbags.

– For small spaces, use royal blue in moderation. Add it with pillows, throws, artwork or accessories instead of painting entire walls blue.


With its regal elegance, standout hue, and extreme versatility, it’s easy to see why royal blue works as a fashionable neutral that can be mixed and matched with so many colors, styles, and occasions. When building outfits, keep royal blue looking current by pairing it with lighter blues, soft metallics, crisp whites and contrasting jewel tones. With the right complementary pieces, rich royal blue clothing makes a striking style statement.