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What does red Colour aura mean?

What does red Colour aura mean?

A person’s aura is the energy field that surrounds them and reflects their emotional, physical, and spiritual states. The colour red in the aura has a range of meanings and can signify different things depending on the shade and intensity of the colour.

Passion, Energy and Vitality

A vibrant, intense red aura colour often represents someone who is full of passion, energy and vitality. They are outgoing individuals who embrace life fully and have an appetite for adventure and new experiences. A strong red aura can also denote someone who is confident, enthusiastic and has natural leadership abilities.

People with a fiery red aura tend to be action-oriented – they act on their desires and don’t hold back when going after what they want in life. They are also independent and strong-willed with a determination to succeed. At the same time, their high energy and passion makes them stimulating companions who know how to have fun.

Anger, Aggression and Intensity

While a red aura often reflects positive qualities, deeper or murky red shades can indicate underlying anger, aggression or intense emotions. This aura colour suggests someone who is quick to lose their temper, has repressed rage, or often feels stirred up or overstimulated.

An individual with a predominantly red aura may be going through a period of upheaval or change. The aura is a reflection of their internal state – feelings of frustration, resentment, or being out of control in some area of life.

In some cases, a dense, opaque red aura can point to someone who has a fierce and combative personality. They may often try to dominate or overpower others to assert their authority and get their own way.

High Sex Drive and Sensuality

A red aura colour, especially lower down around the sacral chakra, can reflect someone with a strong libido and abundant sexual energy. Their aura emits a palpable intensity and sensuality that attracts potential partners to them.

This aura colour suggests someone who is confident in expressing their sexuality and enjoys intimacy. However, an excessive or imbalanced red aura in the lower chakras can indicate issues with lust, sexual addiction or a lack of control over base urges and desires.

Survival Instincts

When red shows up strongly in the root chakra at the base of the aura, it indicates a strong instinct for survival. This aura type may belong to someone who is grounded and practical – they tap into their basic needs for security and stability.

A red root chakra aura can also signify material ambition – an intense drive to achieve material success and financial independence. But if the red shade becomes excessive it can show an obsession with money, possessions and status symbols.

Health and Vitality

A bright, vivid aura red colour flowing through the lower chakras often reflects good physical health and vitality. However, cloudy or muddied red shades can signal issues with low energy, exhaustion or an imbalance in the reproductive system.

As red is linked to our blood and circulation, opaque or brownish reds may indicate health problems related to poor circulation, anaemia, weak blood or lack of vitality. Clear vermillion reds in the lower chakras are a healthier sign of physical vigour.

Potential Challenges of a Red Aura

While the colour red can bring many positive qualities, some potential challenges include:

  • Poor anger management and destructive rage
  • Impulsiveness and lack of self-control
  • Aggression, confrontational behaviour
  • Intense competitiveness and need to dominate
  • Overwhelming fear, anxiety, stress
  • Problems setting healthy boundaries

Cultivating the Positive Red Ray

If red is overpowering your aura or stemming from imbalance, some tips to cultivate the positive aspects of this colour include:

  • Practice calming activities like breathwork, yoga, meditation
  • Exercise regularly to channel energy in a healthy manner
  • Communicate your needs clearly and set firm boundaries
  • Pursue creative or social outlets to express passions
  • Get counselling or therapy to address anger issues
  • Use grounding techniques to deal with stressful situations

Complementary Aura Colours

Certain aura colours combine well with the red ray to create balance, including:

  • Blue – calms intensity, enhances communication and understanding
  • Pink – softens aggression and defuses rage
  • Green – stabilizes, relaxes and grounds the red aura energy
  • Yellow – lifts depression and infuses optimism

Crystals and Red Aura Healing

Some recommended crystals and minerals for healing and balancing a red aura include:

  • Hematite – calms, grounds excesses
  • Black tourmaline – protects, absorbs negativity
  • Ruby – energizes, cleanses
  • Garnet -inspires love, passion
  • Red jasper – motivates, energizes

How to Read Your Aura

If you want to learn to read auras and interpret their meanings, some tips include:

  • Practice seeing auras by gazing at people against plain backgrounds
  • Look slightly above the head and shoulders to detect colours
  • Use your peripheral vision which can detect subtle energy
  • Photograph auras using a special app or aura camera
  • Notice changes in aura size, colour and clarity
  • Keep a diary to record aura readings over time


In summary, a red aura colour can signify a range of qualities from healthy passion and energy, to intense emotions and survival instincts. While often a vibrant and stimulating aura colour, excess or darkened red shades may point to underlying issues that need to be addressed. With self-awareness and energy healing techniques, the red aura ray can be harnessed for positivity and balance.