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What does red and purple mean together?

What does red and purple mean together?

Red and purple are two colors that evoke different meanings and symbolism. When combined, red and purple take on additional connotations based on color theory and cultural associations. In this article, we will explore the significance of red, purple, and red-violet.

Meanings of Red

Red is commonly associated with passion, love, anger, danger, warmth, excitement, action, energy, and power. It’s considered an intense and bold color that conjures strong emotions. Red can symbolize both positive and negative concepts:

  • Passion, lust, desire
  • Love, romance
  • Anger, rage, aggression
  • Danger, caution, stop
  • Excitement, boldness
  • Energy, strength
  • Courage, confidence

In color psychology, red provokes the strongest reactions compared to other hues. It has been found to increase heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. Red is used across cultures to express powerful emotions and convey important meanings.

Meanings of Purple

Purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, ambition, creativity, and mystery. It was historically connected to rulers and ceremonial practices. Purple can symbolize:

  • Royalty, sovereignty, aristocracy
  • Wealth, extravagance
  • Creativity, imagination
  • Ambition, dignity
  • Magic, mystery, spirituality
  • Independence, nonconformity

In color theory, purple sits between red and blue. It takes on some of the passion and energy of red and the calm and contemplation of blue. Purple is considered a rare, unique color that represents creative thinking, ingenuity, and originality.

Meanings of Red and Purple Together

When red and purple are combined, they create the shade red-violet. Red-violet takes on symbolism from both the primary colors:

  • Passion and desire from red
  • Creativity and imagination from purple
  • Energy and action from red
  • Mystery and spirituality from purple

Specifically, red-violet can represent:

  • Love and romance
  • Creativity and artistic expression
  • Ambition and vision
  • Magic, imagination, and unconventionality
  • Tranquility, introspection, and spirituality

Red-violet is a combination of excitement and calm, action and imagination. It bridges the physical and spiritual worlds. Throughout history, red-violet has had many rich meanings:

In Religion

In Catholicism, cardinals wear red-violet robes to signify their appointment by the Pope. The color represents their willingness to die for their faith.

In New Age beliefs, red-violet is associated with the crown chakra, which is related to spirituality and connection to higher purposes.

In Feng Shui

Red-violet promotes inspiration, vision, and understanding. It combines red’s yang energy with purple’s yin energy.

In Color Psychology

Red-violet balances logic and emotion. It provides a feeling of vitality, insight, and contemplation.

In Art and Design

Red-violet expresses passion, romance, and creativity. It is frequently used in art depicting love, dance, or imagination.

The following table summarizes some of the symbolic meanings of red, purple, and red-violet:

Color Meanings
Red Love, passion, anger, danger, energy, action
Purple Royalty, luxury, creativity, spirituality, mystery
Red-Violet Romance, artistic expression, ambition, imagination, tranquility

Use of Red and Purple Together

Red and purple can be combined in various shades of red-violet to convey nuanced meanings:

  • A red-violet with more red maintains the passionate, energetic character.
  • A red-violet with more purple keeps the mystical, creative qualities.
  • Balanced red-violet expresses the full dynamic character of the combination.

Here are some examples of red and purple used together:

  • Paintings depicting fiery sunsets over water using red-violet hues
  • Logos or branding for companies related to love, creativity, or imagination
  • Photographs of dance and artistic performances
  • Clothing, interior design, and visual media highlighting romance
  • Flowers like orchids and lilies that naturally display red-violet tones

Red and purple combinations have become trendy in fashion, interior decor, graphic design, and photography. Red-violet is a versatile shade that visually communicates passion, inspiration, and vision.

Cultural and Historical Use of Red and Purple

The combination of red and purple has long held cultural significance:

  • In Aztec culture, red-violet signified nobility, ritual, and connection to the gods.
  • During the Baroque period, red-violet symbolized uniqueness and nonconformity in portraiture.
  • In Eastern cultures, red-violet represents spiritual awakening and inner development.
  • Victorian England used rich red-violets in housewares and clothing to denote quality.
  • Contemporary Asian bridalwear frequently incorporates red-violet accents as auspicious symbols.

The striking color red-violet has maintained an aura of prestige, passion, and imagination throughout history in decor, art, fashion, and culture.


Red and purple together as red-violet beautifully blend the symbolism of each color. Red contributes meanings of desire, excitement, and vibrancy. Purple lends its connotations of creativity, spirituality, and intrigue. Red-violet offers a dynamic bridge between the mind and emotions, logic and artistic expression.

The combination of red and purple can represent love, imagination, ambition, unconventionality, and tranquility. Red-violet manages to fuse the bold and calm, the physical and spiritual. This makes red and purple a memorable and meaningful color pairing.