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What does it mean when your aura is blue?

What does it mean when your aura is blue?

When we talk about a person’s “aura”, we are referring to the energy field that is believed to surround each person’s body. This energy field is invisible to most, but some believe they can see different colored auras around people. The color of someone’s aura is said to provide insight into their personality, emotional state, spirituality, health, and more. One of the more common aura colors is blue, so what does it mean when someone’s aura is blue? Here’s an overview of the significance and meaning behind a blue-colored aura.

The Color Blue and Its Meaning

Before diving into blue auras specifically, it’s helpful to understand the general symbolic meaning of the color blue. Blue is often associated with calmness, relaxation, openness, wisdom, loyalty, and truth. Darker shades of blue are linked to depth, expertise, stability, mystery, and power. Lighter blues represent peacefulness, clarity, imagination, and sensitivity. Overall, blue is typically seen as a soothing, tranquil, and peaceful color. When thinking about a blue aura, many of these associations apply.

General Meaning of a Blue Aura

When someone’s aura is dominantly blue, it’s often said that they have a peaceful, calm demeanor and positive energy. Blue auras are connected to clarity, communication, inspiration, and emotional stability. People with blue auras are thought to be intuitive, sensitive, thoughtful, easy-going, and have a strong connection to their spiritual side. The blue aura personality tends to be very balanced, though they may sometimes come across as shy. Overall, a blue aura is linked to a compassionate, quiet, creative spirit.

Blue Aura Personality Traits

Some positive personality traits associated with blue auras include:

– Calm and peaceful
– Sensitive and intuitive
– Analytical and detail-oriented
– Compassionate and caring
– Diplomatic and tactful
– Loyal and trustworthy
– Creative and imaginative
– Spiritual and thoughtful

People with blue auras tend to have an inner sense of peace, even during turbulent times. They pick up on others’ energies easily and prefer to be in harmonious environments. Blue aura personalities are great listeners and communicators, often providing a soothing, diplomatic presence.

Different Shades of Blue Auras

As with any aura color, different shades of blue auras carry some additional nuances:

Light Blue – Tranquility, peacefulness, communication

Royal Blue – Spiritual devotion, noble qualities, idealism

Dark Blue – Depth of feeling, expertise, disciplined thinking

Sky Blue – Ethereal, daydreamy, creative inspiration

Indigo Blue – Psychic abilities, intuition, perception

Aquamarine Blue – Airy, dreamy, free spirit

So a light sky blue aura indicates an imaginative dreamer, while a darker indigo blue aura belongs to someone quite intuitive and perceptive. The shade of blue reflects different strengths.

Causes & Meanings of Blue in the Aura

There are a few potential root causes for someone developing a strong blue aura:

Inherent personality – Their inner nature is calm, sensitive and oriented toward their spiritual side. The blue simply reflects their natural energy.

Healing work – Activities focused on self-healing, therapy, spirituality or helping others can activate more blue in the aura.

Major chakra activation – Strong stimulation and opening of the throat and third eye chakras amplifies blue hues in the aura.

Life circumstances – Difficult situations that require inner strength, spiritual faith and communication with others may manifest more blue in the aura.

Ultimately, a blue aura signals that someone is intuitively and sensitively aligned with their inner truth. It’s a very positive aura color to possess.

Positive and Negative Traits of Blue Auras

While blue auras have many positive traits, there can also be some potential downsides:

– Calming presence
– Compassionate listener
– Sensitive communicator
– Imaginative thinker
– Spiritual orientation
– Artistic abilities

– Aloof or socially awkward
– Overlytimid
– Repressed anger issues
– Escapist tendencies
– Melancholy
– Stubbornness

Most blue aura people are able to balance their peaceful nature with authentic self-expression. But in some cases, they can come across as socially distant or struggle with assertiveness. Overall though, blue is one of the most inherently positive aura colors.

Health & Wellness for Blue Auras

When it comes to health and self-care habits, those with blue auras often benefit from:

– Maintaining an active lifestyle to prevent lethargy.

– Having strong outlets for self-expression, communication and creativity.

– Developing more confidence and learning to set healthy boundaries when needed.

– Incorporating grounding activities to stay centered and manage highly sensitive natures.

– Cultivating spirituality through practices like meditation, prayer, journaling or time in nature.

As long as blue aura people nurture positive outlets and stay grounded, their health outlook remains very strong. Any imbalances can be revealed through disturbances in the aura’s color, so occasional aura readings are recommended.

Enhancing the Blue Aura

Some ways for someone to enhance and stabilize a beautiful blue aura include:

– Wearing blues and purples – Surrounding themselves with these aura-boosting colors.

– Throat chakra activation – Blue relates to the throat chakra, so sound healing and chanting can help.

– Aromatherapy – Essential oils like chamomile, lavender, frankincense and sandalwood promote serenity.

– Moon energy – Harnessing lunar energy enhances intuition.

– Angelite, blue calcite, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, sodalite, aquamarine, turquoise – These perfect blue aura boosting stones.

– Journaling, painting, poetry – Creative expression supports a blue aura’s gifts.

By intentionally engaging in activities aligned with their aura’s nature, blue aura personalities can cultivate their most positive qualities.


In summary, a predominately blue-colored aura reflects a spirit that is intuitive, sensitive, thoughtful, peaceful and creative. Different shades of blue point to different strengths – lighter blues indicate imagination and freedom, while darker blues relate to psychic perception and depth of thought. While blue aura people tend to be very spiritually gifted, they should be mindful not to become too reclusive or ungrounded. Overall, the tranquil blue aura is one of the most inherently positive and spiritually-oriented energy fields to possess. With proper self-care, it provides a great foundation for personal growth and serving others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Auras

What is the rarest aura color?

The rarest aura color is crystal or diamond colored. This indicates someone on an advanced spiritual level.

What does an aura look like?

An aura is an oval-shaped, colored energy field thought to surround a person’s body. Most people can’t see auras, but some perceive them in a range of hues emanating 1-3 feet from the body.

What does a white aura mean?

A white aura signals purity, truth, protection, and connection to the divine or angelic realms. It’s linked to healers and lightworkers.

Can auras change color?

Yes, a person’s aura color can shift over time as their emotional state, thought patterns, spirituality and health transform. Periodic aura readings reveal these changes.

What chakra is blue associated with?

Blue relates to the throat chakra and expression, as well as the third eye chakra and intuition. Darker blues align more with the third eye.

How do you cleanse the aura?

Methods like meditation, yoga, sound baths, breathing exercises, energetic clearings, crystals, and spending time in nature help cleanse and balance the aura.

What does it mean if someone’s aura is mostly blue?

A blue-dominant aura signals a compassionate, intuitive, and spiritually-inclined person with a calm and inner sense of peace. Communication comes naturally to them.

Can certain foods change your aura?

Yes, high vibration foods like fruit, vegetables, spices, nuts and seeds can boost aura health. Low vibration foods like processed, fried, or sugary items may weaken the aura over time.

Do healers have a certain aura color?

Healers often possess a white aura, but many have blue mixed in as well. The blue indicates their compassion, intuition, sensitivity and desire to help others.

Does aura color indicate psychic ability?

Intuitive potential does often show up in the aura. Purple and indigo point to psychic tendencies, while clear or white indicate advanced intuition and clairvoyance.


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