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What does it mean when you see blue light in meditation?

What does it mean when you see blue light in meditation?

Seeing Colors During Meditation

Many meditators report seeing different colors or lights while meditating. This is a common phenomenon that can have different meanings depending on the individual and their meditation practice. Blue light in particular is often reported during deep meditation. Here are some of the main interpretations of seeing blue light during meditation:

Opening the Third Eye

In some Eastern traditions, the area between the eyebrows (the third eye or ajna chakra) is associated with the color blue and with expanded awareness or wisdom. Seeing blue light during meditation may indicate that you are opening the third eye and tapping into deeper levels of consciousness. The blue light represents clarity, calmness, and an awakening of psychic energy.

Divine or Spiritual Presence

Some believe that seeing blue light is a sign of contact with a divine or spiritual presence. The cool, soothing blue light represents the energy of a benevolent spirit guide, angel, or enlightened being attempting to connect with you. Paying attention to the blue light during meditation can help strengthen this connection.

Peacefulness and Relaxation

From a more psychological perspective, the calming color blue can symbolize a state of inner peace, tranquility, and relaxation. If blue light appears during your meditation, it may indicate that you are successfully calming your mind, lowering stress hormones, and inducing the relaxation response. This blue light is your mind showing you a representation of your peaceful inner state.

Clairvoyance or Extrasensory Perception

Some psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance (seeing things beyond the normal senses) have been associated with seeing blue light or a blue aura around people and objects. Noticing blue light during meditation could signify that you are tapping into clairvoyant or extrasensory abilities. The blue may represent psychic energy and visions coming through.

Healing Properties

In healing and energy work like Reiki, blue light represents curative and balancing energy being channeled through. Seeing blue during your meditation may indicate that healing is taking place on mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual levels. The blue light is a soothing and regenerative force entering your consciousness.

Third Eye Chakra Activation

The sixth chakra, known as the third eye or ajna chakra, is represented by the color blue. This chakra is located between the eyebrows. When you see blue light during meditation, it may indicate that you are activating, opening, and energizing the third eye chakra. This can expand your intuition and awareness.

Deeper Understanding

On a symbolic level, blue’s association with depth, stability, wisdom, and truthfulness can represent a deeper understanding being reached through your meditation practice. Seeing blue may reflect that you are making progress in resolving an issue, gaining insight, or connecting more profoundly with your higher self.

Interpreting Blue Light Experiences

If you do experience blue light or blue visions while meditating, here are some tips for understanding and working with them:

  • Examine your thoughts and feelings during and right after seeing the blue light. Do you notice any shifts in perspective, new insights arising, or altered states of consciousness?
  • Keep notes after your meditation on when and how the blue light appeared. Look for any patterns over time.
  • Research different cultural and spiritual perspectives on seeing blue light during meditation to find an explanation that resonates with you.
  • Avoid jumping to hasty conclusions. Be open to different interpretations.
  • Talk with others who see blue light during meditation about their experiences for comparison.
  • Consider following up your meditation by drawing, journaling about, or expressing creatively what you experienced.
  • If the blue light is concerning or distressing, focus your attention elsewhere during your meditation.
  • Focus on staying centered and grounded. Don’t let the experience become distracting.

With an open, curious, and balanced approach, you can gain insight into what your experiences of seeing blue light during meditation mean for you and your spiritual practice. Be receptive but discerning.

Common Questions About Blue Light in Meditation

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about seeing blue light while meditating:

Why do I see blue light when meditating?

There are many possible reasons both energetic and psychological. Blue light may indicate opening the third eye, contacting a spiritual guide, entering a peaceful state, having a clairvoyant vision, activating the third eye chakra, or gaining deeper wisdom. The meaning can vary for each meditator.

Is seeing blue light during meditation good or bad?

Blue light is generally seen as a positive sign of spiritual opening and progress in meditation. However, it is best not to label it as absolutely “good” or “bad.” Stay open to different interpretations and avoid attachments. With proper centering, blue light can be worked with as a constructive part of your practice.

What do I do when I see blue light while meditating?

When you see blue light during meditation, you can choose to observe it calmly, pay attention for any accompanying thoughts or feelings, and stay present. You can focus in on the blue light and see if this intensifies it. But maintain proper detachment and don’t allow it to become a distraction or obsession.

Should I be seeking out blue light experiences in meditation?

It is best not to force or seek out any particular experiences in meditation, including blue light. Over-attachment can create distortions or blocks in your practice. Simply let your meditation progress naturally, and work with any blue light that arises without expectations or preconceptions.

Why do I only see blue light on some meditations and not others?

Many factors impact what arises during any meditation session, including your physical health, state of mind, setting, and intention going into it. Don’t worry if blue light only appears occasionally. Meditate consistently, stay generally detached from phenomena like lights, and don’t judge your practice based on whether blue light shows up or not.

Is blue light related to the blue pearl I’ve heard about?

In Daoist and other mystical traditions, seeing a mystical blue pearl or blue pearl-like light is related to enlightenment and pure consciousness. For some meditators, blue light experiences may relate to the phenomenon of the blue pearl as an enlightened aspect of mind and spirit manifesting.

Tips for Working with Blue Light

Here are some suggestions for skillfully working with and interpreting blue light during your meditation practice:

  • View blue light experiences as a normal, even enriching part of meditation, but avoid strong attachment or aversion.
  • If the blue light feels distracting or concerning, gently redirect your focus to your breath or mantra.
  • Practice observing the blue light from a calm, centered state without judgment or expectation.
  • journal or draw the blue light you perceive to deepen your understanding over time.
  • Discuss blue light experiences with a meditation teacher or experienced peer for guidance.
  • Stay balanced in interpreting the meaning of blue light for you.
  • Avoid obsessively pursuing or recreating the blue light; maintain beginner’s mind.
  • Work on stabilizing, grounding, and integrating any insights after seeing blue light.
  • Consider the emotional quality and effects of the blue light. Does it induce tranquility, energy, clarity?

With the right approach, seeing blue light while meditating can become a fruitful part of your journey, both as an enriching experience in the moment and as a source of symbolic understanding. Explore it with an open heart and mind.


Experiencing blue light or blue visions during meditation is a common occurrence that can hold diverse meanings for different practitioners. While often indicating positive spiritual openings, blue light ultimately symbolizes what you interpret it to mean through an intuitive and analytical process. Seeing blue may signify contacting your highest wisdom and inner peace. Carefully observe how blue light influences your consciousness, and work skillfully with it as a manifestation of your deepest awareness. With an enlightened view, blue light can illuminate each meditation session.