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What does it mean when you have a purple aura?

What does it mean when you have a purple aura?

Auras are energy fields that surround our bodies. They reflect our current thoughts, feelings and overall state of being. Different aura colors have different meanings. A purple aura in particular has some interesting interpretations. Let’s explore what it signifies when someone has a predominant purple aura.

Understanding Auras

Before diving into the meaning of a purple aura specifically, it helps to have a foundational understanding of auras overall. Here are some key points about auras:

  • Auras surround the entire body and reflect our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state.
  • Everyone has an aura, though most people can’t actually see them.
  • Auras consist of multiple layers, with the most intense one extending 1-3 feet from the body.
  • Auras change colors constantly based on our shifting thoughts and feelings.
  • Psychics and energy workers claim to be able to see auras through clairvoyance.
  • Kirlian photography can also supposedly capture auras on film.

So in summary, auras provide insight into who we are and what we’re experiencing at any given moment. The colors present in someone’s aura offer clues into their personality, energy levels, strengths, weaknesses and more. Now let’s look specifically at what a vibrant purple aura represents.

Purple Aura Personality Traits

People with a strong purple aura tend to have these common personality traits and characteristics:

  • Idealistic – They focus on high principles and greater purpose.
  • Imaginative – They have vivid inner worlds and rich creativity.
  • Intuitive – They have strong instinct, perception and insights.
  • Wise – They gain wisdom through self-reflection and experience.
  • Insightful – They understand deeper truths and hidden knowledge.
  • Visionary – They aspire to make positive change in the world.
  • Innovative – They come up with original ideas and fresh approaches.

In general, those with purple auras are big thinkers, socially conscious, and frequently quite gifted creatively, intellectually or spiritually. Their vibrant inner life reflects in the color they radiate.

What Causes a Purple Aura

There are several potential causes for someone to have a prominent purple aura:

1. A Strong Connection to Spirituality

People who meditate, pray or engage in other spiritual practices frequently have strong purple energy. Seeking enlightenment and higher consciousness causes purple to dominate the aura.

2. An Active Imagination and Creativity

Our auras reflect a great deal about how we think and process information. Those with vivid inner fantasy lives and unrestrained creativity often exude purple hues from their energetic field.

3. A Heightened Intuition

People who are highly intuitive and instinctive tend to have lots of purple in their auras. Their strong sixth sense shows up in the purple shades surrounding them.

4. Usage of Psychedelics or Hallucinogens

Taking consciousness-altering substances can activate more purple waves in the aura. The psychedelic experience creates intense awareness and alters perception.

5. Brain Chemistry and Neurology

Our brain’s structure and neural wiring also influence the aura’s coloration. People just born predisposed to great imagination will naturally radiate more purple.

So in summary, purple auras reflect how we think, our cognitive wiring, spiritual openness and overall inner life. All these factors shape the energetic purple hues.

Purple Aura Health Meanings

The color saturation, placement and irregularities of the purple in an aura provides insight into possible health issues:

Vibrant Purple – A vivid, shimmering purple indicates good health, energy and vitality. The body is aligned and balanced.

Pale Purple – Faint or washed-out purple can signal issues like exhaustion, poor circulation, frail nerves or adrenal fatigue. The body needs recharging and support.

Muddied Purple – Purple mixed with gray or brown can indicate spiritual disconnection, blocked intuition and energy depletion. Overall lifestyle balance may be needed.

Spotty Purple – Gaps or uneven distribution of purple point to energy blockages, unresolved trauma and possible chakra issues. Healing and realignment may help.

So having some purple in the aura is healthy, but deficiencies or darkening of those hues reflects physical issues needing attention. Vibrant, consistent purple across the entire aura is the ideal.

Purple Aura Emotional Meanings

The purple aura can also reveal a great deal about someone’s emotional state and mood. Here are some clues:

Vivid Purple – This reflects positive emotional energy – openness, love, spirituality and compassion. Their heart chakra is full and open.

Pale Purple – A washed-out, dim purple can indicate sadness, disappointment and melancholy. Their heart may feel closed.

Muddied Purple – Having a purple aura mixed with gray or brown reflects grief, loneliness, insecurity, guilt or shame. They may be emotionally blocked.

Spotty Purple – Uneven patches of purple signal emotional trauma, anxiety or hurt feelings. Parts of their heart need healing.

So again, a vibrant purple aura generally shows someone is emotionally balanced and stable. But deficiencies or inconsistencies in the purple point to issues needing resolution.

Purple Aura Meanings in Relationships

The purple aura can also indicate how someone may relate in romantic partnerships. Here are some key points:

  • People with strong purple auras often need partners who respect their spiritual side and imagination. Their ideal relationships stimulate them intellectually and creatively.
  • They thrive on emotional depth and intimacy. Shallow relationships are unfulfilling for purple auras.
  • They tend to be drawn to sincerity and authenticity in relationships. Pretense is a turnoff.
  • They usually prefer partners with a similar passion for growth, learning and personal expansion. Stagnation will make the purple aura person unhappy.
  • They need trust in partnerships. Suspicion, jealousy and controlling behavior feels oppressive to the purple aura individual.
  • They seek lovers who appreciate their unconventional qualities rather than trying to change them.

Overall, those with purple auras do best with partners who nurture their spiritual side, engage their intellect and honor their emotional needs for depth and sincerity.

How to Balance the Purple Aura

It’s healthy to have some purple in your aura, but you need the right mix of color to maintain full spectrum balance. Here are tips:

Grounding – Spend time in nature, meditate with grounding crystals like hematite and eat root vegetables to stay grounded if purple dominates.

Healing Therapies – Try chakra balancing, acupuncture and reiki to open any blocked energy centers and rebalance your field.

Breathwork – Simple mindful breathing exercises calm the mind and rebalance the aura’s colors.

Yoga – Practices like yoga bring mind-body awareness and energetic alignment.

Herbs – Some herbs like mugwort, bay and basil help cleanse and reset an overloaded aura.

Sleep – Getting enough rest and reset time stabilizes the aura and energy system.

So be sure to engage in regular spiritual, mental, physical and emotional self-care practices to keep your aura balanced and your purple hues vibrant.


In summary, having a prominent purple aura represents some powerful qualities. It signifies a vibrant inner life, active intuition, a seeking spirit, creative gifts and an inspired mind. Purple auras love deeply and aspire to serve greater causes. Yet they also need grounding and balance. With proper self-care, those gifted with purple auras can achieve their full potential and spread light in the world. Keep your purple hues strong!

Purple Aura Meaning Potential Causes Personality Traits
Spiritual, intuitive, wise, imaginative Meditation, psychedelics, inner life Idealistic, insightful, visionary, innovative
Need partners who nurture spirituality, engage intellect, appreciate uniqueness