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What does category 4b mean on royal caribbean?

Royal Caribbean’s stateroom categories can be confusing for first-time cruisers. The cruise line divides rooms into main categories like interior, ocean view, balcony, and suite. Then each main category is further divided into subcategories. For example, category 4 on Royal Caribbean refers to interior staterooms. But what does the “b” mean in category 4b? Keep reading to learn the definition of category 4b and how it compares to other interior room types on Royal Caribbean.

Overview of Royal Caribbean’s Stateroom Categories

Royal Caribbean divides staterooms into four main types:

  • Interior: No window or balcony
  • Oceanview: Has a window
  • Balcony: Has a private balcony
  • Suite: Larger rooms, often with a separate seating area

Within each main category are subcategories that provide more details on the room size, location, amenities, and other features. The subcategories use numbers and letters. Lower numbers indicate smaller, more affordable rooms. Higher numbers are larger, more premium staterooms. The letters provide additional information about the cabin.

Here is an overview of the main room category prefixes on Royal Caribbean:

Category Prefix Room Type
4, 6, 8 Interior stateroom
1, 2 Oceanview stateroom
7, 9 Balcony stateroom
JS, GS, etc. Suites

The letters after the category number provide more nuanced information:

Letter Meaning
F Family friendly room with extra berths
N Newer or upgraded stateroom
B Inward-facing window or promenade view
V Obstructed ocean view
G, M, etc. Suite categories

Definition of Category 4b on Royal Caribbean

Now that you understand the basics of Royal Caribbean room categories, what exactly does 4b mean?

Category 4 indicates an interior stateroom with no window or balcony. The “b” stands for promenade view. So category 4b on Royal Caribbean refers to an interior cabin that looks out onto the ship’s indoor promenade.

On Royal Caribbean ships like Oasis, Freedom, and Voyager class, there is a central promenade lined with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Category 4b rooms have views looking out onto this indoor space. The view is not outside, but it’s a more interesting outlook than a blank wall.

Comparison of Interior Room Categories

How does a category 4b interior promenade cabin differ from other interior staterooms on Royal Caribbean?

  • Category 4: Basic interior room, no view or window
  • Category 4b: Interior room overlooking promenade
  • Category 6: Larger interior room, some have pullman beds
  • Category 8: Spacious interior room, often midship

So category 4b has a slightly more interesting view compared to a basic category 4 room. However, category 4b is still smaller than categories 6 or 8 interiors. The main advantage of booking 4b is getting an interior room with a view of the promenade instead of a blank wall.

How Much is a Category 4b Room?

Pricing for category 4b staterooms depends on the specific ship and itinerary. In general, expect category 4b to cost around $50-100+ more per person than the lowest category 4 interior rooms. Some sample starting prices:

  • 4-night Bahamas cruise in category 4b inside stateroom: $230 per person
  • 7-night Alaska cruise in category 4b interior room: $500 per person
  • 10-night Europe cruise in category 4b interior cabin: $1,100 per person

Category 4b is one of the most affordable room types on Royal Caribbean besides basic category 4 interiors. So it provides a good value option if you want a small interior room but prefer to have the view overlooking the indoor promenade.

Where are Category 4b Cabins Located?

You can find category 4b staterooms on the following Royal Caribbean ship classes:

  • Oasis class
  • Freedom class
  • Voyager class
  • Radiance class

On Oasis, Freedom, and Voyager class ships, category 4b cabins overlook the Royal Promenade. On Radiance class ships, the category 4b rooms face the indoor Colony Club area.

The promenade view rooms are usually located on decks 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 in the center of the ship. Having an interior room in the middle helps avoid motion. Specific locations vary from ship to ship.

Pros and Cons of Category 4b

Here are some pros and cons to consider when booking a category 4b interior stateroom:


  • Cheaper than oceanview or balcony rooms
  • View of indoor promenade instead of just a blank wall
  • Interior cabins midship have less motion
  • Greatvalue for an interior room with a view


  • No natural light like oceanview rooms have
  • Smaller than premium interior cabins like categories 6 or 8
  • Unable to open windows or access fresh air
  • View can be noisy if looking out over active promenade area

Who Should Book a Category 4b Room?

Category 4b staterooms are best suited for:

  • Budget-focused cruisers – It’s one of the most affordable room types after basic category 4 interiors
  • Interior room lovers – Prefer inside cabins but want a view of indoor spaces
  • Light sleepers – Avoid noise and motion midship
  • Smaller groups/couples – Category 4b rooms only fit 2-4 people

First-time cruisers may also find category 4b a good introduction to interior rooms. The view makes the windowless cabin feel a little less claustrophobic.

Interior Room Alternatives to Category 4b

If you don’t think a category 4b stateroom is right for your upcoming Royal Caribbean cruise, consider these interior room alternatives:

Category 4


  • Least expensive interior rooms
  • Most affordable way to cruise


  • No window at all, can feel confined
  • Less appealing view of just a wall

Category 6


  • More spacious than category 4b
  • Some rooms have pullman bunk beds


  • Higher price than 4b
  • Less private as some have extra berths



  • Has a real window with ocean views
  • Natural light makes room feel more open


  • More expensive than interior rooms
  • Can have obstructed views in lower categories

At the end of the day, choosing the best stateroom comes down to your budget and preferences. If you want an affordable inside cabin but prefer some view, category 4b balcony rooms are a great option.

Summary of Category 4b on Royal Caribbean

To recap what category 4b means on Royal Caribbean:

  • Category 4 = interior stateroom
  • The “b” stands for promenade view
  • Category 4b rooms overlook the indoor promenade area rather than having no view
  • 4b rooms cost slightly more than category 4 but are still very affordable
  • You’ll find 4b staterooms on Oasis, Freedom, Voyager and Radiance class ships
  • Pros include an interior view and value pricing; Cons are no natural light or fresh air
  • Best for budget cruisers who prefer having some view from an indoor cabin

Understanding the cruise line’s category system takes research. But category 4b rooms provide an affordable inside stateroom option with the bonus of looking out onto lively indoor spaces. Hope this guide helps explain what to expect in a Royal Caribbean category 4b room!