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What does c8a2c8 mean?

What does c8a2c8 mean?

The hex code c8a2c8 represents a light shade of purple. Hex codes are used to specify colors for web design, graphic design, and other digital applications that support color display. The hex code is a 6-character combination of letters from A-F and numbers from 0-9. This code represents the amounts of red, green and blue that make up the color. The first two characters represent red, the middle two green, and the last two blue.

So c8a2c8 breaks down like this:

c8 = 200 red
a2 = 162 green
c8 = 200 blue

This creates a pale purple hue that leans slightly more towards red and blue than green. The higher values for red and blue mixed with lower green give it the purple tone. Overall it is a soft, light purple color.

Technical Details

Hex codes like c8a2c8 allow colors to be specified in a standard web-friendly format. Here are some key details about hex color codes:

  • Hex codes always start with a hashtag (#) followed by six characters, either numbers 0-9 or letters A-F
  • The six characters are broken into three pairs, representing amounts of red, green and blue
  • 00 represents the lowest value, FF the highest for each color
  • By mixing different amounts of red, green and blue over 100% coverage, millions of colors can be specified
  • Leading 0’s can be left off a pair, so #c8a2c8 = #ca2c8

This standardized hex format allows colors to be rendered accurately and consistently across any digital platform like websites, apps, software, and more. Understanding hex codes unlocks greater color precision and control for digital design work.

Shades of Purple

The c8a2c8 hex code represents one specific shade of purple. But many other shades of purple can be generated using hex codes. Here are some other popular purple hex color codes:

Hex Code Shade
#800080 Medium purple
#9370DB Medium purple
#DA70D6 Orchid
#9932CC Dark orchid
#BA55D3 Medium orchid
#c8a2c8 Light purple
#E6E6FA Lavender
#DDA0DD Plum
#EE82EE Violet
#D8BFD8 Thistle

As you can see, small variations in the hex code can create distinctly different purple shades. c8a2c8 sits on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Use Cases

The c8a2c8 light purple hex code can be used in any design application requiring an appealing soft purple tone:

  • Website designs – For backgrounds, buttons, headlines, borders, etc.
  • App interface designs – As a secondary or accent color for ui elements
  • Graphic designs – In illustrations, logos, icons, shapes, and more
  • Print projects – For flyers, posters, brochures, and other printed material
  • Social media – To complement a brand color scheme or add visual interest
  • Presentations – As a clean, professional secondary color for slides and charts
  • Marketing materials – To help stand out while maintaining a light, friendly tone

The subtle purple hue fits nicely with most color palettes and can work in both personal and professional projects. It has enough character to be interesting without overpowering.


When selecting colors for digital projects, it’s important to ensure they meet minimum contrast ratios for visual accessibility. Colors that are too similar in lightness can be difficult to decipher for those with impaired vision.

Testing c8a2c8 against pure white and black backgrounds gives the following results:

Color 1 Color 2 Contrast Ratio Pass/Fail
c8a2c8 White 6.59 Pass
c8a2c8 Black 12.59 Pass

WCAG accessibility standards recommend at least a 4.5 contrast ratio against white and 3:1 against black. Since c8a2c8 passes both tests, it meets minimum requirements for visibility and readability. The purple will function well as foreground text on both light and dark backgrounds.

Matching Colors

To use c8a2c8 purple most effectively, it helps to pair it with complementing colors. Adjacent colors on the color wheel are especially harmonious. Here are some recommendations:

Complementary Color Description
#A2C8C8 A blue-green teal hue
#C8A2A2 A rosy tan color
#C8C8A2 A soft yellow-beige
#A2C8A2 A pale green mint tone

Testing different color schemes with c8a2c8 can help land on a palette that is both pleasing and aligns with the desired mood and brand identity of your project. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


The hex code c8a2c8 translates to a charming, easy-on-the-eyes shade of light purple. It contains slightly more red and blue than green for a cooler, mellowed out purple tone. This color works nicely for accent colors in designs and interfaces that need a soft splash of color. Just be sure to test contrast ratios and find complementary hues for maximum accessibility and visual harmony. With the right supporting colors and context, c8a2c8 can be the perfect finishing touch for all kinds of digital or print projects.