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What does a darker rose mean?

What does a darker rose mean?

Roses have been revered for their beauty and fragrance for centuries. They are also one of the most enduring symbols for love. The color of a rose can have different meanings. A deep, dark red rose often conveys heartfelt regret and sorrow. The depth of color symbolizes the depth of emotion being expressed.

Meaning Behind Rose Colors

Roses come in a rainbow of colors. The most common rose colors and their general meanings are:

  • Red – Love, passion, desire
  • Pink – Gentility, admiration, joy
  • White – Purity, humility, innocence
  • Yellow – Friendship, joy, optimism
  • Orange – Enthusiasm, romance, fascination
  • Lavender – Enchantment, majesty, splendor
  • Dark red – Unconscious beauty, bashfulness

While rose colors convey different sentiments, the shade of color also impacts the meaning. A deep, dark shade adds intensity to the meaning.

Meaning of a Deep Burgundy Rose

A burgundy or dark red rose usually means unconscious beauty. The receiver may be unaware of how lovely and special they are. Giving a burgundy rose shows the giver sees and appreciates this inner beauty.

However, a very dark, deep burgundy rose has an additional layer of meaning. The depth of color symbolizes deep emotion, usually regrets and sorrows. Consider these interpretations of a dark burgundy rose:

  • Regret over hurting someone and feeling remorse
  • Sorrow over a loss like a breakup or death
  • Asking for forgiveness and starting over
  • An apology for wrongdoing

Giving a single dark red rose can signify remembrance of and atonement for something in the past. It shows the giver is thinking deeply about the implications of actions or events.

Dark Red Roses for Various Situations

Here are some specific situations where a very dark burgundy rose would be appropriate:

  • Apologizing for cheating – Admitting wrongdoing and expressing deep regret over infidelity
  • Making amends after a fight – Conveying sincere sorrow for hurtful words exchanged in an argument
  • Reconnecting after a breakup – Regret over the end of a relationship and asking for a second chance
  • Missing a deceased loved one – Conveying ongoing grief and remembrance

A single dark red rose shows the giver is trying to make a heartfelt emotional connection. It represents taking accountability and showing contrition. The depth of color reflects the intensity and sincerity of emotion behind the gesture.

How to Choose and Present a Dark Red Rose

When selecting a dark burgundy rose, look for true depth of color rather than just a darker red or maroon shade. Aim for a rose so deep red it’s nearly black. Here are some tips on choosing and presenting a dark red rose:

  • Select a single stem rose over a bouquet for maximum impact
  • Pick a rose that is already open rather than a tight bud
  • Trim the stem and remove any thorns for safe handling
  • Consider accenting it with a few sprigs of baby’s breath
  • Present it in person whenever possible for sincere delivery

A single dark red rose speaks volumes without saying a word. Allow it to convey the depth of regret, apology, or recollection. The sincerity will be evident through the color alone.

Alternative Flowers to Dark Red Roses

While roses are traditional for conveying romantic sentiments, other flowers can also express deep regret or sorrow. Consider these alternatives to dark red roses:

Flower Meaning
Dark iris Wisdom, cherished friendship
Lily Purity, remembrance
Carnation Pride, admiration
Chrysanthemum Truth, neglected love
Gladiolus Sincerity, strength of character

Pairing a dark flower with a heartfelt note explaining the sentiment can help share feelings of remorse or loss. However, the classic dark red rose remains the quintessential gesture of a sincere apology or commemoration.


A dark red rose is an impactful way to convey deep emotions of regret, remorse, and sorrow. The depth of color reflects the intensity and sincerity of feeling. It makes a meaningful gesture for an earnest apology, reconnecting after a loss, grief over a death, or commemoration. A single dark burgundy rose says more than a thousand words when expressing heartfelt sentiment. Its powerful message is a hallmark of true contrition and remembrance.