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What does a blue dress shirt go with?

What does a blue dress shirt go with?

As a classic and versatile piece, a blue dress shirt can be paired with many different clothing items and worn for a variety of occasions. In this article, we’ll explore the top combinations and ways to wear a blue dress shirt to help you get the most use out of this wardrobe staple.

With Charcoal or Gray Suit

One of the most classic pairings is a blue dress shirt with a charcoal or gray suit. The contrast between the crisp blue shirt and neutral gray suit is timeless and sophisticated. A light blue dress shirt works particularly well for business and professional settings. Pair it with a tailored gray suit, leather dress shoes, and a complementary tie in a subtle pattern or texture. This combination exudes confidence and polished style.

For a more casual take, try a blue shirt with a gray blazer and dark wash jeans. Ditch the tie and leave the top button or two undone for a laidback weekend look. This works well for date nights or going out with friends.

With Black or Navy Suit

Along with gray, blue shirts also pair perfectly with black or navy suits. The monochromatic blue on blue look is bold and eye-catching. For black tie and formal events, you can’t go wrong with a crisp light blue dress shirt, black suit, and black bow tie. It’s timelessly elegant.

For navy, opt for a shirt in a slightly lighter or darker shade than the suit for some subtle contrast. Or go for a patterned blue shirt with small checks, plaid or pinstripes to add interest. Just be sure the patterns aren’t competing – keep one pattern small and choose complementary colors.

With Khaki or Tan Pants

Switch out the suit pants for khakis or tan trousers to create a more casual, business casual style. A blue dress shirt pairs nicely with neutral tan, stone, beige or khaki on the bottom. Add loafers or brown leather lace-up shoes to complete the look.

For a relaxed weekend vibe, try rolling up the sleeves on the blue shirt and wearing with flat front khaki chinos, canvas sneakers and a leather watch. This works for running errands, going to a daytime event or just hanging out with friends.

With Black or Dark Wash Jeans

Jeans are another foolproof pairing for blue dress shirts. Go for dark indigo denim or black jeans on the bottom. Keep the shirt tucked in with a casual leather belt for a polished yet laidback look.

Pair it with Chelsea boots or lace-up leather shoes. Finish with a stylish watch or bracelet. This stylish combination works for casual Fridays at the office, after-work happy hours, date nights or weekend activities.

With a Blazer or Sports Coat

For a sharp, tailored look, pair a blue dress shirt with a fitted blazer or sports coat. Neutral colors like gray, tan or camel work well. So do lighter shades like stone, light blue or even white for summer.

Leave the collar open or add a slim tie. Blue and gray is a particularly sophisticated color scheme. Just dress it up with nice trousers and leather dress shoes. This stylish combo is great for events, date nights or anytime you want to look smart and put-together.

With a Sweater or Cardigan

On chillier days, layer up your blue dress shirt with a sweater or cardigan on top. Neutrals like gray, tan or cream work well. But you can also go for complementary colors like navy, maroon or forest green.

Pair it with casual pants or dark jeans on the bottom. Finish with boots or leather sneakers for the perfect smart casual look. This provides warmth while still looking stylish and polished for work or weekends.

With a Tie

Ties offer endless ways to customize your look. Solid, subtle patterns and varied textures all work well with a blue dress shirt. Go for similar cool tones like light blue, slate gray, lavender or silver. Or add interest with navy, maroon, forest green or mustard yellow.

Try different knots like the simple four-in-hand, modern half-Windsor or sleek Eldredge knot. Add a tie clip for an extra dash of polish. Just be sure your tie doesn’t fight with your shirt – aim for complementary colors and simple patterns that fit the occasion.

With Chinos

For a casual smart look, pair a blue dress shirt with chinos on the bottom. Khaki, olive, navy and gray are failsafe options that work for the office or weekends. Finish with loafers, Derbies or canvas sneakers.

Leave the collar open and sleeves rolled up for a relaxed vibe. Or tuck it in and add leather suspenders for a dressed up take. This combination balances comfort and polish perfectly.

With a Bomber or Leather Jacket

Give your blue dress shirt an edgy twist by layering a bomber or leather jacket on top. Black and brown leather jackets complement the blue shirt nicely. Or go for a casual gray or olive bomber.

Pair it with dark jeans or trousers on the bottom. Finish with boots for a stylish contrast. This takes your shirt from formal to fashionable effortlessly.

With a Light Blue Suit

Go full-on monochrome with a light blue suit and matching dress shirt. For contrast, opt for a slightly lighter shade on top and darker on the bottom. Add a patterned blue tie with small checks or stripes.

To balance the light hues, wear black leather dress shoes and belt. This eye-catching head-to-toe blue look is bold and confident for making a stylish statement.

With Accessories

Accessories like watches, belts and jewelry help pull your blue shirt look together. Stainless steel, leather and fabric NATO watch straps all work nicely. Match your belt to your shoes in black or brown leather.

On the jewelry front, silver, gunmetal and black pieces complement the blue shirt well. Opt for subtle accent pieces like a bracelet, watch, ring or pendant necklace to finish your look.

For Different Occasions

Here’s how to wear a blue dress shirt for different events:

  • Job interview – Light blue shirt, gray suit, black Oxfords, thin dark tie
  • Office setting – Royal blue shirt, navy trousers, brown leather belt/shoes, sleeve garters
  • Cocktail party – French blue shirt, black trousers, silver cufflinks/tie clip, loafers
  • Nice dinner – Baby blue shirt, khaki chinos, blue striped tie, brown Derbies
  • Casual drinks – Light blue shirt, dark jeans, canvas sneakers, bomber jacket
  • Black tie event – Sky blue shirt, black tux, black bow tie, black Oxfords

With Patterns and Textures

Solid blue shirts are versatile, but patterns and textures can add visual interest.

Subtle striped, checkered and gingham blue shirts provide a crisp, tailored look. Add some texture with a chambray or denim blue shirt. Try a heathered blue shirt for a modern vibe.

Just keep the patterns and textures minimal – you don’t want anything competing with the blue. Scale and color tone are key. Layering a textured sweater on top can also incorporate patterns nicely.

With Different Blue Tones

The range of blue tones offers endless styling possibilities. Lighter shades like sky, ice and baby blue give a crisp, cool feel. Bolder dark blues like indigo, cobalt and navy make a dramatic statement.

In terms of formality, lighter blues work well for professional settings, while darker shades pair better with casual looks and evenings out. Dusty and faded blues like chambray also skew more laidback.

Having a few shades in your wardrobe expands your outfit combinations. Just aim for color tones that complement your complexion and style preferences.


With its versatility to dress up or down seamlessly, a high-quality blue dress shirt is a worthy investment and smart addition to any man’s wardrobe. From professional grays and navies to casual khakis and blacks, it pairs well with just about anything. And accessories like sweaters, ties and jackets provide endless styling potential. With endless options for mixing and matching, a blue dress shirt should be a staple piece you reach for again and again.