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What does 12 Purple roses mean?

What does 12 Purple roses mean?

Purple roses are an enchanting and mystical flower that have captured people’s imaginations for centuries. They are not found in nature, but have been specially hybridized to create their unique color. The meaning behind 12 purple roses is complex and multifaceted.

Meaning of the Color Purple

The color purple itself conveys richness, royalty, and passion. It is associated with wisdom, creativity, independence, dignity, and mystery. Purple is a color that can evoke feelings of spirituality, imagination, and magic. It represents the bridge between red passion and blue calmness, so it is a color of balance.

In many cultures and religions, purple is considered the color of mourning and grief. But it can also symbolize accomplishment and admiration. The contrasting associations make purple roses an intriguing choice.

Meaning of the Number 12

The number 12 carries great significance across cultures historically. There are 12 months in the year, and 12 zodiac signs in astrology. The number 12 is featured prominently in numerous religions, including Christianity (12 disciples of Jesus) and Judaism (12 tribes of Israel).

Some key meanings associated with the number 12:

  • Completion
  • Perfection
  • Harmony
  • Authority
  • Faith

So the number 12 conveys a sense of fulfillment, wholeness, and stability. It can represent the completion of a cycle and starting anew.

12 Purple Roses Together

When you combine the symbolism of the color purple and the number 12, sending 12 purple roses can express a deep sense of awe, respect, admiration, and appreciation. The meanings conveyed by such an arrangement include:

  • Acknowledging the recipient is extraordinary and magical
  • Recognizing the recipient’s wisdom, creativity, and imagination
  • Celebrating the recipient’s individuality and free spirit
  • Conveying respect for the recipient’s dignity and mystique
  • Appreciating the recipient’s sense of balance and harmony

Twelve purple roses beautifully honor someone’s unique qualities and their journey of personal growth. The flowers represent believing wholly in the recipient’s abilities and placing them in high esteem.

Number of Purple Roses Meaning
1 Purple Rose Love at first sight, enchantment
3 Purple Roses Desire for deeper understanding between two people
6 Purple Roses Infatuation, being head over heels for someone
12 Purple Roses Utmost respect, admiration, awe
24 Purple Roses Unconditional, eternal love

When to Give 12 Purple Roses

Here are some appropriate occasions to gift someone a dozen purple roses:

  • Birthday – Honoring their uniqueness and wishing them fulfillment in the upcoming year
  • Anniversary – Celebrating the magic and harmony of your relationship
  • Graduation – Recognizing their creativity and knowledge gained
  • Promotion at work – Admiring their wisdom and independence as a leader
  • Retirement – Appreciating their years of imagination and individuality
  • New home – Wishing blessings and balance in this new chapter of stability

Purple roses can also make a thoughtful gift for someone going through a challenging time, as the flowers convey respect for their inner strength.

During times of grief, the purple color acknowledges the loss while still uplifting the recipient’s spirit. The 12 roses represent the fullness of time and relationships, even when life changes unexpectedly.

How to Make 12 Purple Roses Extra Meaningful

Here are some tips to make a gift of one dozen purple roses even more meaningful:

  • Include a heartfelt note explaining why you chose these flowers and what the recipient means to you
  • Have them delivered at a significant time (like first thing in the morning)
  • Pair them with other purple and silver items, like gift wrap, a vase, or chocolates
  • Choose a high quality florist known for fresh, long-lasting roses
  • Time the delivery so they arrive just before an important event
  • Opt for roses that are newly opened so they can fully bloom
  • Display the roses prominently at home or your recipient’s home

Taking these extra steps personalizes the gift and helps convey just how meaningful the sentiment behind it is. The recipient will truly feel special.

Alternate Numbers of Purple Roses

While 12 purple roses carry unique significance, other numbers of purple roses can also make thoughtful gifts:

  • 3 roses – Conveys a sense of possibility at the start of a new relationship. The color purple represents mysticism and openness.
  • 6 roses – Means you are infatuated with someone and falling in love. The color purple echoes romance and passion.
  • 10 roses – Expresses your unconditional commitment to the recipient. The number 10 symbolizes wholeness and perfection.
  • 15 roses – Represents welcoming someone into your “inner circle.” Purple echoes their uniqueness and individuality.
  • 21 roses – Conveys deep gratitude and appreciation for who the recipient is. Purple symbolizes their wisdom and imagination.

Any number of purple roses is sure to delight and inspire your special someone. Select the number most meaningful to your relationship.


Purple roses represent the mystery and magic of love. Twelve of these rare blooms convey utmost respect and appreciation for someone’s individuality, wisdom, and vision. A gift of a dozen purple roses shows how deeply you admire who the recipient is as a person at their core. The flowers recognize their journey of growth and accomplishment. Twelve purple roses communicate awe for the recipient’s passions and dreams — and faith that they will continue to flourish beautifully.