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What do you name a tri color dog?

Naming a tri color dog can be a fun and creative process! With three colors to work with, you have tons of options for cute and clever names. In this article, we’ll explore some tips for choosing the perfect name for your tri color canine companion.

Get Inspired by Your Dog’s Coat Colors

The most obvious place to start when naming a tri color dog is their coat! Look at the specific color pattern and shades of your dog’s fur for inspiration. Here are some ideas based on common tri color coats:

  • Black, white and brown: Mocha, Cookie, Latte, Java, Panda
  • Black, white and orange: Halloween, Jack-O-Lantern, Candy Corn
  • White, brown and orange: Autumn, Maple, Copper, Pumpkin Spice
  • White, black and gray: Oreo, Tuxedo, Domino, Shadow

You can get very creative with names that play off the specific colors in your individual dog’s coat.

Reflect Your Dog’s Personality

In addition to appearance, a name can also reflect your dog’s personality. Here are some tips for choosing a personality-inspired name:

  • Make a list of your dog’s most prominent traits – Active? Shy? Goofy? Gentle?
  • Brainstorm names that fit those traits – Zippy, Shadow, Giggles, Sweetpea
  • Observe your dog’s behavior and reactions to determine their unique quirks
  • Talk to family and friends to get insight on your dog’s personality
  • Consider silly or funny names if your dog is goofy and playful

Choosing a name that captures your tri color dog’s personality helps make it meaningful and distinct.

Consider Interests, Hobbies and Favorites

Naming your dog based on things you enjoy can be a cool way to make the name special. Some ideas include:

  • Favorite sports team – Yankees, Dallas, Bruin
  • Favorite food or snack – Nacho, Chip, Taco
  • Favorite movie or TV show character – Leia, Apollo, Buffy
  • Hobbies like hiking or yoga – Summit, Namaste
  • Favorite place like a city or vacation spot – Austin, Dakota, Daytona

Choose something meaningful to you so the name has personal significance.

Use Alliteration

Alliteration is when a name contains repeating sounds. For tri color dogs, try repeating sounds based on their coat colors:

  • Black, white and brown: Betty Brownie, Benjamin Bandit, Bella Bunny
  • Black, white and orange: Orla Orange, Onyx October, Ollie Jack-o-lantern
  • White, brown and orange: Winnie Pumpkin, Watson Waffle, Willow Walnut

Alliteration makes the name more fun and memorable.

Look to Famous Tri-Colored Dogs

Many famous TV, movie and comic dogs have tri color coats. Naming your dog after them can be a fun homage. Here are a few examples:

Famous Dog Name From
Snoopy Peanuts comic strip
Brian Family Guy
Nana Peter Pan
Tramp Lady and the Tramp
Beethoven Beethoven movie franchise
Odie Garfield comic strip

Naming your dog after another famous tri color dog is a fun nod to pop culture.

Use Colorful Words and Phrases

Since tri color dogs have vivid, eye-catching coats, you can also choose colorful language to inspire the name. Here are some examples:

  • Paint names – Cyan, Rouge, Aquamarine
  • Crayola crayon colors – Razzmatazz, Macaroni and Cheese, Shamrock
  • Vivid verbs – Dash, Sparkle, Dazzle
  • Fun phrasing – Fancy Pants, Rock Star, Super Nova

Choose vivid, punchy language to highlight your dog’s bright colors.

Consider Trios or Threesomes

Since three colors make up a tricolor coat, you can pick names that reflect the number three:

  • Names with 3 letters – Joy, Zoe, Ace
  • Third children like Trudy or Toby
  • Triplets like Huey, Dewey, Louie
  • 3 Musketeers or Stooges
  • 3-word names or phrases – Professor Feathers, Cutie Patootie

Names containing threes pay homage to the three colors in your dog’s coat.

Research Dog Name Meanings

Looking up the meanings behind dog names can provide inspiration. Here are some examples of names and meanings that could suit a tri color dog:

Name Meaning
Layla Dark beauty
Chance Lucky opportunity
Rain Refreshes and renews
Leland From the meadow land
Aurora Dawn

Choose a name with symbolism that suits your dog’s colorful spirit.

Draw From Other Languages

Exploring names from other languages and cultures can provide unique inspiration. Here are some interesting tri color dog names from other languages:

Name Language Meaning
Chiwdaen Korean Rainbow
Kalea Hawaiian Colorful
Nirmal Sanskrit Pure; clean
Iolana Hawaiian Soaring bird

Use names from around the world to give your pup a multicultural moniker.

Add Colorful Suffixes or Prefixes

You can add prefixes or suffixes relating to color to create fun, descriptive names:

Prefix or Suffix Name Idea
Roux Rouxie, Rouxlette, Rouxland
Tri Tricolor, Tricutie, Trifecta
Rainbow Rainbowdash, Rainbowlicious, Rainbowbrite
Prism Prismagic, Prismarine, Prismatica

Add prefixes like “tri” or suffixes like “roux” to create colorful, descriptive names.

Make Up Your Own Colorful Word

You can also get creative and make up your own colorful word to use like:

  • Coltriever (color + retriever)
  • Tricolie (tricolor + collie)
  • Spottie (spots + cutie)
  • Patchtastic (patches + fantastic)

Invent your own descriptive “portmanteau” name by blending color words and dog breeds or traits.

Choose Human Names

Using human names, both classic and modern, is a timeless way to name dogs. Some good options for tri color pups include:

  • Classic names – Buddy, Lucky, Sadie, Millie, Jackie
  • Human baby names – Luna, Liam, Stella, Wyatt, Avery
  • Surname names – Parker, Marley, Wilson, Bellamy

Pick a short, friendly sounding people name to give your dog widespread appeal.

Go for Theme Names

Naming your tri color dog based on a fun theme can help the name tell a story. Some ideas include:

Theme Name Ideas
Artists Picasso, Monet, Da Vinci
Ice Cream Flavors Rocky Road, Cookie Dough, Mint Chip
Cookies Chip, Oreo, Gingersnap
Candy Reese, Twix, Milky Way

Choose a fun theme that relates to your dog’s colorful personality or your own hobbies and interests.


Naming a tri color dog offers so many fun options and combinations to choose from. Whether you pick a color-based name, human name, food name or invented word, choose something that brings out your dog’s colorful, delightful personality. The most important tip is to find a name that you love saying and that makes you smile whenever you call your furry friend. With unique color patterns and such joyful spirits, tri color dogs deserve names as vivid as their coats. Use these tips and get creative to give your tri color canine the perfect moniker that celebrates their one-of-a-kind look and spirit!