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What do purple flowers mean in love?

What do purple flowers mean in love?

Purple flowers have been associated with love and romance for centuries. Their rich color is a symbol of passion and desire. Giving purple flowers to a loved one conveys deep romantic feelings. The specific meaning behind purple flowers depends on the type of flower and can vary across cultures. Understanding the symbolism and history behind purple flowers can help you pick the perfect bouquet to express your feelings.

Meanings Associated with the Color Purple

The color purple is strongly linked to love and romance. Here are some of the common meanings associated with the color purple that contribute to its romantic symbolism in flowers:

  • Royalty – In many cultures, purple is the color of royalty, nobility, and prestige. Giving purple flowers can be a sign of adoration.
  • Magic and Mystery – The rarity and brilliance of the color purple is associated with magical and mystical qualities.
  • Creativity – Purple evokes creativity and spirituality, ideal for artistic and open-minded people.
  • Independence – Purple symbolizes independence and confidence, an affirmation for proud, strong-willed romantics.

So purple flowers represent a love that is regal, unique, creative, spiritual, and independent. The giver recognizes the receiver as someone special and extraordinary.

Meanings of Common Purple Flowers

Here are some of the most popular purple flowers and their specific meanings in regard to love:


With its soothing fragrance and delicate appearance, lavender symbolizes grace, femininity, and elegance. Giving lavender conveys deep love and appreciation for your partner’s beauty and kindness. Lavender also signifies longing – giving lavender shows your desire to be with your loved one.


In many cultures, lilac symbolizes the first emotions of love – fresh, innocent, and utterly joyful. Lilac conveys the sweetness of new love and can signal committed love. In the language of flowers, lilac expresses the idea “the first emotions of love.”

Purple Iris

In Greek mythology, Iris is the messenger of love and symbol of eloquence. Purple irises specifically convey wisdom and compliments. As an anniversary flower, irises signify renewed passion. Overall, the purple iris says “I desire you” and “my compliments reach to you.”

Purple Tulips

Purple tulips signify royalty – a gesture that your love for your partner is deep and extraordinary. The meaning varies slightly by hue:

  • Lilac tulips convey tranquil beauty and loving thoughts.
  • Violet tulips represent grace, elegance, and deep love with faithfulness.
  • Amethyst tulips mean deep emotional love and support.

Purple Hyacinth

In the language of flowers, purple hyacinth expresses sorrow and the desire for forgiveness after a quarrel in a relationship. Its meaning comes from a Greek myth of the young man Hyacinthus who was accidentally killed by his lover Apollo. Apollo named the hyacinth flower after him to express sadness for the loss of his love.

Purple Roses

Purple roses convey enchantment and magnetism. They signal that the giver is completely enraptured by and attracted to the recipient of the flowers. Overall, purple roses profess mystical and regal love. Specific meanings include:

  • Dark purple roses signify passionate romance.
  • Lilac roses indicate love at first sight.
  • Mauve roses convey whimsical, fickle love.

Cultural Meanings of Purple Flowers

Purple flowers take on additional meanings across different cultures. Here are some of the unique cultural meanings associated with purple flowers:


– In England, purple flowers represent dignity and pride, making them popular for symbolic events like coronations.

– In Italy, purple symbolizes piety and faith. Purple hydrangeas are especially valued.

– In France, deep purple irises are the national symbol. The fleur-de-lis decorative motif also features a purple iris.


– In China, purple flowers represent spiritual wisdom, magic, and mystery. Plum blossoms, orchids, and lotus flowers are especially prized for this symbolism.

– In India, purple flowers like iris and orchids decorate venues of marriage ceremonies, symbolizing attachment and love.

– In Japan, purple flowers represent wealth, nobility, and extravagance. Murasaki or gillyflowers often appear in upper-class art and decor.

Middle East

– In Persia, purple flowers symbolize life, rebirth, and the triumph of the soul over death.

– In Turkey, purple is associated with power and strength. Purple hyacinths and violets are used to convey heartfelt emotions.


– Native North American tribes consider purple flowers sacred and a symbol of protection. Purple cone flowers, orchids, and lupines held special meaning.

– In South America, the purple passionflower is a emblem for the crucifixion of Christ and spiritual ecstasy. It remains an important symbol for Christianity.

Meaningful Purple Flower Pairings

Pairing certain purple flowers together allows you to create an even deeper symbolic message for your partner. Here are some suggested purple pairings and their significance in a romantic context:

Flower Pairing Meaning
Purple roses + purple tulips Eternal, mystical love
Purple lilacs + purple hyacinths Lasting love after understanding heartbreak
Purple irises + purple orchids Wisdom and affection
Purple dahlias + purple chrysanthemums Commitment and passion
Purple gladiolus + purple carnations Grace and whimsy

Exploring these combinations allows you to customize your message and gift giving.

Giving Purple Flowers as a Gift

Here are some tips for gifting purple flowers to your loved one:

  • Choose a meaningful purple flower – Pick a bloom that expresses your specific emotions like devotion (lavender) or attraction (purple roses).
  • Consider flower pairings – Blend purple flowers that complement one another in a bouquet or arrangement.
  • Include greens and fillers – Surround the purple flowers with lush greens and neutral fillers to highlight the purple hues.
  • Incorporate other purple items – Add purple ribbons, vases, and wrap to enforce the purple color symbolism.
  • Time it meaningfully – Give purple flowers on occasions that are special and romantic like anniversaries and formal dates.


Purple flowers contain deep symbolism related to love and romance. Their rich hue evokes passion and magic across many cultures. Choosing the right purple blooms and combinations allows you to craft a personal romantic message. Whether you want to express new love, eternal loyalty, regret, or simple admiration, purple flowers can convey it beautifully. With its regal splendor and mystical aura, the color purple is sure to charm and delight your special someone.