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What do pink roses mean?

What do pink roses mean?

Pink roses have long been a symbol of love, gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Their pink hues range from the palest blush to deep fuchsia, adding layers of meaning to this beautiful bloom. While red roses typically symbolize romantic love, pink roses offer a more nuanced way to say “I love you” or “thank you” based on their shade and context. Let’s explore the history, symbolism and meaning behind various shades of pink roses.

History of Pink Roses

Roses have a long and colorful history that dates back thousands of years. They originated in Asia and eventually spread to Europe in the 18th century. While red roses were initially the most common, pink roses emerged as a natural color mutation of red roses.

The first documented pink roses appeared in paintings and poetry in the 17th century. They were seen as intermediate between the red rose and the white rose, taking on symbolism from both colors. Red roses symbolized passionate love and white roses symbolized purity and innocence. Pink roses came to embody gentler, more graceful shades of love and appreciation.

In the Victorian era, the meaning of roses became more elaborate based on their color and number. Giving pink roses took on several implications based on context and the shade of pink. Pink roses grew in popularity in the 20th century and today they are the 3rd most popular rose color after red and white.

Meaning of Light Pink Roses

Pale and light pink roses convey gentle emotions of joy, grace, admiration and sympathy. Light pink roses are especially appropriate for sending:

– Congratulations or good luck wishes
– Appreciation or gratitude
– Sympathy for a loss or difficulty
– To uplift someone’s mood or brighten their day
– As an expression of grace and elegance

In some contexts, very light pink can also imply a platonic affection or developing love. Sending a single light pink rose or including them in a mixed bouquet is a thoughtful way to share positive sentiments without the overtones of romantic love associated with red roses.

Shade Meaning
Baby Pink Innocence, sweetness, joy
Blush Grace, gentleness, admiration
Shell Pink Gratitude, sympathy

Meaning of Medium Pink Roses

Medium pink roses have a little more color saturation than lighter pinks. They are perfect for expressing romantic affection or burgeoning love that doesn’t rise to the level of the passion associated with red. Medium pinks also convey sweetness and poetic romance. Good occasions for medium pink roses include:

– An admirer expressing romantic interest or confessing a crush
– A couple in the early stages of dating
– Sweet sixteen or quinceanera birthdays
– Anniversaries in the first 5 years of a relationship
– Valentine’s Day or sweetest day

The warm, sugary hues of medium pinks have an aura of femininity, sweetness, and poetic romance about them. They make a treasured gift early in a relationship when emotions are blossoming but still new and tender.

Shade Meaning
Pink Romance, sweetness, admiration
Pink Blush Budding love, affection
Fairy Tale Pink Sweetness, poetic love

Meaning of Dark Pink Roses

Deep and dark pink roses convey intense emotion. They mean “thank you” from the bottom of the heart. Dark pinks also represent appreciation, recognition, and are the go-to roses for sending the deepest gratitude. Excellent occasions for deep pinks include:

– Showing appreciation for major achievements
– Honoring someone at a special occasion
– As a heartfelt “thank you” for a big sacrifice
– Celebrating parenthood or motherhood
– Graduation or retirement congratulations

While red roses show romantic passion, deep pinks provide a softer yet still intense way to say “I love you deeply” in mature relationships. The exuberance of youth found in red roses matures into deep appreciation in relationships that endure.

Shade Meaning
Raspberry Pink Gratitude, appreciation
Fuschia Gratitude, celebration
Magenta Pink Profound appreciation

Meaning of Pink Rose Numbers

In addition to color, the number of pink roses given also alters their meaning:

– A single pink rose shows admiration and is perfect for early dating or from secret admirers.

– 3 pink roses symbolize happiness in a relationship approaching the 6 month-1 year mark.

– 6 pink roses show unconditional love to a romantic partner or close family member.

– 12 pink roses convey a profound sense of appreciation or gratitude for someone’s love and presence in your life.

– 24 pink roses show extreme devotion – they celebrate milestones like 5, 10 or 15 year anniversaries.

– 36 pink roses send a heartfelt message of “thank you” from the very depths of the heart.

– 101 pink roses overflow with beauty and are the epitome of romance. They recreate the storybook adage of “loving you with 101% of my heart.”

Pink Rose Gifting Contexts and Occasions

Pink roses pair beautifully with a wide range of gifting occasions. Their versatility stems from the many shades of pink that can convey different nuances of meaning. Good occasions for pink roses gifts include:

Occasion Number of Roses Meaning
Sympathy or Get Well Gift 12-24 Support, caring thoughts
Birthday for Daughter or Girlfriend 12-24 Warm wishes, admiration
Valentine’s Day 12-24 Romance, sweetness, poetic love
Mother’s Day 12-24 Appreciation, nurturing love
Graduation 12-24 Pride, congratulations
Retirement 12-36 Gratitude, best wishes
Anniversary 12-36+ Celebration, enduring love

Pink roses are a classic symbol of grace, sweetness, admiration and appreciation. With so many lovely pink shades to pick from, it’s easy to find the perfect way to brighten someone’s day and share positive feelings. Whether you opt for a single delicate pink rose or a dozen velvety fuchsias, pink roses are guaranteed to bring joy.


Pink roses have a timeless beauty and meaning. Their association with gentle emotions gives them versatility across many gifting occasions for romance, sympathy, birthday wishes and more. Lighter pinks convey grace and joy, medium pinks show sweetness and poetic romance, while darker pinks demonstrate deep appreciation and gratitude. Beyond color, the number of roses also alters their symbolism. With myriad pink shades and numbers to select from, pink roses provide a nuanced way to share positive sentiments of love and appreciation.