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What do green eyes mean about a person?

What do green eyes mean about a person?

Green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors in the world, found in only around 2% of the global population. They have often been associated with mystery, allure and intrigue. But what do green eyes really reveal about a person? Here we explore the meaning, genetics and myths around those with emerald eyes.

The Genetics Behind Green Eyes

Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin pigment in the iris of the eye. Brown eyes contain a large amount of melanin, while blue eyes contain much less. Green eyes fall somewhere in between and contain moderate amounts of melanin.

The main gene responsible for eye color is the OCA2 gene located on chromosome 15. The OCA2 gene encodes the P protein which controls melanin production. Different variations in the OCA2 gene result in different eye colors:

Gene Variation Eye Color
Two copies of the dominant brown allele Brown
One copy of the dominant brown allele and one copy of the recessive blue allele Green
Two copies of the recessive blue allele Blue

As you can see from the table, green eyes occur when there is one copy of the dominant brown eye allele and one copy of the recessive blue eye allele. This genetic combination results in a moderate amount of melanin pigment and green colored eyes.

In addition to OCA2, other genes such as HERC2 and SLC24A4 can influence eye color by regulating melanin production and deposition. But OCA2 has been identified as the main gene responsible.

The Rarity and Allure of Green Eyes

One of the most defining features of green eyes is their rarity. As mentioned above, only around 2% of people worldwide have green eyes. This compares to 79% with brown eyes and 8-10% with blue eyes.

Part of the allure of green eyes is this very rarity. Throughout history, green eyes have been admired and associated with notions of exoticism and mystery. Cleopatra, who was famous for her alluring beauty, is believed to have had green eyes. This rareness adds to the appeal and fascination with green eyes for many.

The distribution of green eyes varies across different geographic regions and ethnicities. They are relatively more common among those of Celtic and Germanic ancestry. In countries such as Iceland and Scotland, the percentage with green eyes approaches 10-20%. Green eyes are much rarer in African, Asian and Hispanic populations.

What Do Green Eyes Say About Personality and Character?

Is there any truth to the idea that our eye color says something about our personality and character? Let’s explore some of the meanings and myths around green eyes:

Creativity – Green-eyed people are often seen as highly imaginative. Their eyes reflect an inner world rich with creative visions and abilities. Many artists, poets and writers have likely been blessed with green eyes.

Depth – There’s a sense of wisdom, intellect and depth associated with those who have green eyes. Their vision pierces below the surface to a profound understanding of the world and people around them.

Mystery – Green eyes suggest there are layers and mysteries to a person waiting to be uncovered. Green-eyed people may be complex and not easy to decipher at first glance.

Allure – Green is alluring, exotic and attractive to many. Green-eyed people possess an effortless magnetism and appeal. Their eyes draw others into their orbit.

Rarity – The rarity of the eye color suggests something unique and special about the individual. Green-eyed people are set apart and march to the beat of their own drummer.

Magic – Green eyes have an otherworldly and magical quality about them. It’s as if those with emerald eyes have secret mystical powers and abilities.

Of course, many would argue that a person’s eye color does not shape personality or character at all. While genes may influence temperament to some degree, ultimately our life experiences and choices define who we are. We should judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their eyes.

But there’s no denying the endlessly captivating draw and appeal of green eyes for many. Few other qualities so immediately dazzle and entrance upon first meeting a person.

How Green Eyes Change With Age

Green eyes are known for changing in appearance through a person’s life. They are often affected by lighting conditions and can range from a yellowish to blueish-green hue. But most dramatically, green eyes tend to darken from infancy into adulthood.

Babies with green eyes often have a very light, vibrant green/grayish color. Young children also tend to have very bright lime or olive green eyes. However, after puberty and through middle age, the eyes shift to a deeper forest or emerald green in many people.

The reasons for this change are not fully understood. One theory is that accumulated oxidative stress in the eye leads to increased melanin pigmentation over time. The higher melanin levels shift green eyes to a darker, deeper tone as we age. However, some retain more vibrant or hazel-green eyes throughout life.


Green eyes have captivated and enthralled humanity across time. The exotic allure, depth and mystical associations with green eyes endure. While they reveal little truth about a person’s character, green eyes indicate a genetic uniqueness found in only 2% of people. The distinctive appeal of emerald eyes ensures they will continue to fascinate for centuries to come. So remember to appreciate and get lost in the rare beauty of green eyes when you have the chance!