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What December colors are blue?

The month of December is associated with the colors red, green, white, silver, gold, and blue. While red and green are the most traditional December colors due to Christmas, blue is also considered a December color for various reasons.

Why is Blue a December Color?

There are a few key reasons why blue is considered a December color:

  • Hanukkah – The Jewish festival of Hanukkah falls in December and features blue decorations. The blue represents the Israeli flag and Jewish faith.
  • Winter – December marks the start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Blue evokes the cold icy tones of winter.
  • Night Sky – The long December nights often reveal deep blue skies at dusk and dawn.
  • Water – December’s winter weather includes rain, sleet, and snow. Bodies of water also reflect blue tones in December.
  • Blue Christmas – The Elvis Presley song “Blue Christmas” envisions a sad and lonely December holiday.

So while red and green dominate, blue plays an important secondary role in December’s seasonal color palette. The blue hues reflect winter, faith, music, and nature at the close of the year.

Shades of Blue Associated with December

Many shades of blue carry winter and December themes. Here are some of the popular December blues:

  • Hanukkah Blue – Darker blue tones like navy or royal blue recall Hanukkah decorations.
  • Icy Blue – Paler icy blues evoke the winter cold and snow.
  • Twilight Blue – Deep dusk blues symbolize the long December nights.
  • Powder Blue – Soft pale blue highlights December’s snowy landscapes.
  • Steel Blue – Gray tinted blues reflect December’s overcast skies.
  • Blue Spruce Blue – Bluish evergreen hues represent Christmas trees.
  • Frosty Blue – Bright, crisp blues are reminiscent of winter frost.

Many December items like menorahs, ornaments, fabrics, flowers, and plants feature these cool blue tones. December blues can range from the brightest sky blues to the deepest midnight navy.

Blue Decorations for December Holidays

Blue decor makes festive additions to seasonal December displays. Here are some ways to incorporate blue:

  • Hanukkah decorations – Blue and white decorations represent Hanukkah in December. Display blue menorahs, dreidels, candles, tablecloths, and other items.
  • Christmas lights – Hang blue Christmas lights indoors or outdoors for a cool display.
  • Ribbons & bows – Tie on blue ribbons and bows to holiday wreaths, trees, and gifts.
  • Ornaments – Adorn Christmas trees with blue glass, plastic, felt, or porcelain ornaments.
  • Candles – Groupings of blue Hanukkah candles or blue Christmas tapers create gorgeous holiday lighting.

Don’t overlook blue as you deck out your home for December’s seasonal festivities. Add a touch of blue to usher in the start of winter.

Blue Plants for December Gardens

Hardy winter plants provide pops of blue in December gardens:

  • Blue spruce – An evergreen conifer with striking steel blue needles.
  • Juniper – Blue-green scales cover this cold-tolerant bush.
  • Blue holly – A shrub with cool blue-toned green foliage and red berries.
  • Iris – Bearded irises can bloom late into the fall and December in some zones.
  • Pansy – Cold-tolerant pansies produce flowers in blue, purple, and white.
  • Ornamental cabbage – The leaves become a frosty teal blue in cold weather.
  • Snowdrops – Delicate blue winter blooming bulbs.

Work blue plants into your December landscaping for welcome pops of color amid winter’s grey tones.

Blue Birthstones and December Birthdays

Both the mystical birthstone turquoise and modern birthstone tanzanite represent December birthdays. These blue and blue-green gemstones make meaningful December birthday gifts.

– Color ranges from sky blue to greenish robin’s egg blue.
– Has been prized since ancient times.
– Symbolizes wisdom, tranquility, protection, and good fortune.

– Vivid violet-blue hue.
– One of the rarest gemstones.
– Discovered in 1967 in Tanzania.
– Symbolizes rarity, spiritual insight, and contemplation.

Gift December birthday boys and girls earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry featuring these December blue birthstones. Both turquoise and tanzanite make especially fitting birthstones for winter babies.

Sapphire – Alternate December Birthstone

Besides turquoise and tanzanite, sapphire is another potential December birthstone.

  • Sapphire is classic September birthstone.
  • Comes in range of blue hues, from pale sky blue to deep navy.
  • Varieties include the premium cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire.
  • Symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, sincerity, and integrity.

Sapphire’s vivid blues provide a bold, brilliant alternative for December birthday jewelry gifts.

Famous People with December Birthdays

December is the birth month of many renowned people including:

Person Birthday Occupation
Walt Disney December 5, 1901 Film producer
Dave Brubeck December 6, 1920 Jazz pianist
Teri Garr December 11, 1947 Actress
Brad Pitt December 18, 1963 Actor
Annie Lennox December 25, 1954 Singer

December is clearly the birth month of many influential cultural figures who have made lasting impacts through film, music, and acting.

December Birth Flowers – Holly & Poinsettia

December has two contrasting birth flowers – the red poinsettia and blue-tinged holly.


  • Native Mexican plant with red, white, or pink bracts.
  • Traditionally an Aztec winter solstice symbol.
  • The most popular Christmas flower due to bold red color.
  • Represents good cheer, celebration, and wintertime joy.


  • A shrub with glossy, spiky green leaves and red berries.
  • Traditionally used in Christmas wreaths and displays.
  • Leaves and berries symbolize Christ’s crown of thorns.
  • Represents hope, defense against adversity, domestic happiness.

These festive flowers brighten December with their complementary red and cool blue-green hues. Give the gift of December’s birth blooms to celebrate the month.

Blue Symbols of Hanukkah

The color blue takes center stage as an important Hanukkah symbol:

  • Represents the Israeli flag and Jewish heritage.
  • Featured on the hanukkiah nine-branched menorah.
  • Found on dreidels used to play the Hanukkah gambling game.
  • Displays prominently on table linens, candles, and other Hanukkah decor.

In addition to recalling Israel’s blue-hued flag, blue at Hanukkah also connects to the sky, heavens, constancy, and divinity. For followers of Judaism, blue encaptures Hanukkah’s themes of identity, freedom, and faith.

Blue Christmas Ornaments

Blue Christmas ornaments infuse trees with cool December color:

  • Glass ball ornaments – Fill trees with shiny blue glass spheres.
  • Icicle ornaments – Cluster hanging plastic, metallic icicles.
  • Snowflake ornaments – Delicate cut-out snowflakes sparkle in blue.
  • Figurine ornaments – Adorable blue birds, snowmen, penguins, and angels.
  • Handcrafted ornaments – Painted wood, felt, clay, or porcelain ornaments.

Instead of the expected red and green scheme, deck your boughs with blue for an unusual wintery ornament collection.

Blue December Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

December’s birthstones make wonderful birthday and holiday gifts:

Turquoise Jewelry

  • Turquoise bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings
  • Vintage silver pieces with turquoise cabochons
  • Southwestern Native American turquoise jewelry
  • Casual daily jewelry featuring turquoise beads, pendants, or accents

Tanzanite Jewelry

  • Tanzanite stud earrings or pendants for women
  • Men’s tanzanite rings and cufflinks
  • Bracelets, necklaces, and rings pairing tanzanite with diamonds
  • Large tanzanite cocktail rings

Surprise a December birthday person with jewelry gifts featuring their blue birthstone.

December Wedding Color Palettes

December weddings blend seasonal colors with icy blue tones:

Red, White, and Blue

  • Red roses, poinsettias, and candles
  • White wedding gowns, linens, and florals
  • Blue bridesmaid dresses, table accents, and icicle lights

Winter Blues Palette

  • Light blue, silver, and pale pink
  • Deeper navy blue, ivory, and plum
  • Icy blue, steel grey, and forest green

Classic Blue and Silver

  • Silver decor with darker blue accents
  • Blue dresses paired with sparkling silver jewelry
  • Silver cake stands displaying blue cupcakes or flowers

Cool blue tones complement December weddings’ seasonal flair. Work light blues or bold navy hues into your wedding color scheme.

Blue Hanukkah Traditions

Hanukkah brings many cherished blue traditions:

  • Lighting blue candles in the menorah each of the eight nights.
  • Exchanging blue foil-wrapped Hanukkah gelt chocolate coins.
  • Playing dreidel games using a four-sided spinning top with blue Hebrew letters.
  • Decorating with blue and white tablecloths, banners, wreaths, and other displays.
  • Eating blue-dyed Hanukkah jelly donuts.

Hanukkah’s blue customs help celebrate key aspects of the Festival of Lights – faith, freedom, Identity, and community. The blue hues connect the modern holiday to ancient history and heritage.

Blue Christmas Music

Song Title Artist Year Released
Blue Christmas Elvis Presley 1964
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Judy Garland 1944
River Joni Mitchell 1971
Winter Wonderland Eurythmics 1987
Baby, It’s Cold Outside Ray Charles & Betty Carter 1961

Popular Christmas carols and holiday songs featuring blue winter themes and melancholy emotions. These bluesy December tunes evoke nostalgia and the romance of the season.


While red and green take center stage, shades of blue also hold an important place in December holiday celebrations. Cool blues represent Hanukkah’s faith, winter landscapes, long nights, and melancholy nostalgia. December blues range from icy pale tones to deep twilight navy hues.

Incorporate blue decorations, plants, birthstones, flowers, ornaments, and other accents to enrich December’s seasonal spirit. Use blue in Hanukkah decorations, Christmas color schemes, and winter wedding palettes. December’s blue traditions help set the mood for meaningful holiday gatherings and winter festivities.