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What dark gray goes with stonington gray?

When decorating a room, choosing complementary colors is an important design decision. Stonington Gray has become a popular neutral paint color, but what dark gray will work well with it? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine stunning dark grays that pair beautifully with Stonington Gray to create stylish and sophisticated room designs.

Stonington Gray is a light warm gray that can adapt to both cool and warm color schemes. As a versatile neutral, it allows you to easily change up accessories and fabrics to give a room a whole new look. When selecting a dark gray, pay attention to its undertones. Cool-toned dark grays will create a chic contrast, while warm-toned shades are more cozy and inviting.

Here are some tips for combining Stonington Gray with a dark gray:

  • Select a dark gray with similar cool or warm undertones as Stonington Gray for a harmonious look.
  • Use multiple shades of gray for added depth and dimension.
  • Accent with black and white for high contrast.
  • Incorporate pops of color through accessories like pillows, art, and rugs.

Whether you favor a moody, cozy or contemporary aesthetic, pairing Stonington Gray with the right dark gray will create a stylish backdrop for any space.

Cool-Toned Dark Grays

If you want an edgy, sleek look, cool-toned dark grays are the way to go. Their blue undertones complement the slight green undertones in Stonington Gray. Here are some chic options:


A very dark charcoal gray with intense blue undertones. It has an almost black appearance that makes it perfect for ultra-modern designs. Use metallic accents and vivid pops of color for contrast.

Gray Screen

Slightly lighter and less intense than Peppercorn. It has a greenish cast that enlivens Stonington Gray. Ideal for contemporary living rooms and bedrooms.

Gray Matters

A mid-tone gray with subtle blue-green undertones. It works well in spaces like home offices that need an uplifting look. Complete the look with lucite and chrome accents.

Mindful Gray

With noticeable green undertones, this tranquil gray creates a relaxing oasis. Use textured linens, woven woods, and neutral patterns for a spa-like retreat.

Cool-Toned Dark Grays Color Pairings

Dark Gray Coordinating Colors
Peppercorn Cobalt blue, lime green, white
Gray Screen Forest green, mustard yellow, black
Gray Matters Navy blue, crimson red, maple wood tones
Mindful Gray Sage green, coral, natural linens and rattan

Warm-Toned Dark Grays

For a cozier ambiance, choose a dark gray with red or brown undertones that match the faint beige hues in Stonington Gray. Warm dark grays add comfort and versatility to bedrooms, living rooms, and studies. Here are some top options:

Gray Area

A rich charcoal hue with strong brown undertones. Use textured woods and leather accents for an inviting library aesthetic. Creamy off-whites provide contrast.

Rockport Gray

Slightly warmer than Gray Area with distinct red-brown undertones. Adds a refined touch to formal dining rooms. Pair with antique woods and brass accents.

Practical Gray

A lighter warm dark gray that works well in casual family spaces. Match with woven textures, reclaimed woods, and touches of terracotta.

Virtual Taupe

Noticeable brown undertones give this dark gray a neutral taupe cast. Use in cozy bedrooms with linen textures and touches of blush pink.

Warm-Toned Dark Grays Color Pairings

Dark Gray Coordinating Colors
Gray Area Cream, camel, chocolate brown
Rockport Gray Gold, caramel, chestnut brown
Practical Gray Orange, olive green, oak wood
Virtual Taupe Blush pink, ivory, light brown

Creating a Complete Color Scheme

When decorating a whole room with Stonington Gray and a dark gray, incorporate other hues to fashion a complete and appealing color scheme.

For cool-toned grays: Add shades of blue and green in fabrics, furniture, and artwork. Metallics like silver, pewter, and chrome also complement the palette. White or black accents in lighting, furniture, and decorative pieces provide contrast.

For warm-toned grays: Incorporate earthy hues like cream, brown, tan, and terracotta. Textured natural materials such as wood, leather, linen, and wool work well. Metallics like bronze, brass, and gold match the warm tones.

Always select saturation levels that mirror the muted tones of the grays. Soft sage green, for example, suits Mindful Gray better than kelly green. Deep chocolate brown harmonizes with Gray Area, while pale cream pops.

Tips for Decorating with Stonington Gray and Dark Gray

Follow these guidelines to stylishly incorporate Stonington Gray with a dark gray into your home:

Focal Points

Use the dark gray on a focal wall or on trim and molding throughout the space for an elegant look. Stonington Gray works well on the other walls.


Upholster furniture in a fabric that incorporates both gray tones. Paint smaller accent pieces in one of the grays.


Layer in blankets, pillows, and area rugs that pull from the cool or warm accent shades.


Display decor items like vases, trays, and table lamps in one of the companion colors.


Hang abstract prints and photography that coordinate with the color scheme’s undertones.

Finishing Touches

Install hardware like doorknobs, switch plates, and drawer pulls in polished chrome or nickel for cool schemes and bronze or brass for warm schemes.

Dark Gray Dining Rooms with Stonington Gray

The balanced neutrals of Stonington Gray and a dark gray create a soothing backdrop for dining rooms. Here are some stunning combinations:

Cool Tones

Pair with a dark charcoal like Peppercorn. Use chrome chairs and glass table accents. Add pops of ocean blue or mint green with napkins, cutlery, and glassware. Crisp white plates and table linens brighten the palette.

Warm Tones

Match with an inviting dark brownish-gray like Rockport Gray. Use a wooden dining table and leather chairs. Bring in touches of gold with table decor and brass lighting. Natural cotton or cream table linens warm up the scheme.

Mixed Tones

Use Mindful Gray’s cool green-gray tones on the walls with Practical Gray’s warm earthy-brown tones on the built-ins. Incorporate multicolored ceramic tableware. Pair polished nicked chairs with a reclaimed wood table.

Dining Room Color Scheme Examples

Wall Color Built-in Color Accent Colors
Stonington Gray Peppercorn Robin’s egg blue, metallic silver
Stonington Gray Rockport Gray Blush, antique brass
Stonington Gray Practical Gray Terracotta, olive green

Dark Gray Bedrooms with Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray delivers the ideal background for a restful retreat. Pairing it with a dark gray makes for a cocooning space. Here are some ideas:

Moody Vibes

Use Peppercorn on an accent wall and Stonington Gray on the other walls. Add texture with a dark gray velvet headboard and charcoal bed linens. Lighten up with crisp white pillows and lamp shades.

Warm and Inviting

Paint built-in bookshelves and trim with Practical Gray and walls with Stonington Gray. Opt for woven woods, cozy textiles, and touches of burnt orange and olive green. Use a gray and white quilt.

Crisp and Calming

Paint the walls Stonington Gray and use Mindful Gray on the ceiling. Choose bamboo flooring and furnishings. Accent with navy blue and sage green tones in the area rug, bedding, and artwork.

Bedroom Color Scheme Examples

Wall Color Accent Color Color Scheme
Stonington Gray Peppercorn Cream, light blue
Stonington Gray Practical Gray Oak brown, terracotta
Stonington Gray Mindful Gray Navy blue, spa green


Stonington Gray’s adaptable neutrality allows for gorgeous combinations with cool or warm-toned dark grays. Pair it with sophisticated charcoals like Peppercorn or inviting taupes like Virtual Taupe depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve. Use accent colors with similar undertones and natural textures and materials to fashion a stylish and harmonious room design. With this guide on choosing the ideal dark gray, you can easily create a beautiful, cohesive look.