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What Colours go good with brown and blue?

What Colours go good with brown and blue?

Choosing colour combinations can be tricky. When putting together an outfit or decorating a room, it’s important to understand how different colours work together. Two popular colours that look great paired are brown and blue. But what are the best shades to choose? Here’s a quick look at what colours go well with brown and blue.

Tones that Complement Brown

Brown is an earthy, neutral colour that works as a great base in any colour scheme. From dark chocolate browns to softer beige tones, there are many shades to work with. Here are some of the top colours that look great when paired with different browns:

  • Light blues – Mixing soft sky blues or powder blues with neutral browns creates a relaxed, casual look. The calm blue tones contrast nicely against the warmer brown hues.
  • Greens – Earthy greens like olive, sage, and moss green complement and bring out brown’s natural tones. The palette evokes a cozy, organic look.
  • Tans – Different shades of brown naturally coordinate well together. Pairing light tans with medium or dark browns creates a harmonious, blended palette.
  • Golds – From metallic golds to mustard yellows, golden tones make brown colours pop. The pairing is bold yet still feels grounded.
  • Pink – Blush pinks, salmon, and other rosy hues add femininity and softness to brown’s sturdiness. Pink and brown have vintage, retro appeal.
  • Purple – Deep plums or lavender offer a sophisticated contrast to rich browns. The blend of warm and cool is eye-catching.

Brown has the versatility to work with a wide range of colours depending on the exact shade and tone. Keeping colours within the same colour family results in a cohesive, harmonious look. Mixing colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel creates more contrast and visual interest.

Shades that Work with Blue

Like brown, blue is extremely versatile when it comes to colour pairing. Blue is a cool, calming colour that ranges from soft powder blue to dramatic navy.Complementing blues is easy with shades like:

  • Yellow – Blue’s complementary colour on the colour wheel, yellow creates a strong contrast. Think bright sunny yellow against dark navy.
  • Green – Aqua blues and minty greens have a restful, watery effect. Darker pine greens also pop against lighter blues.
  • Purple – Blending two cool colours, purple and blue offer a visually striking blend. The pairing works for pale to bright jewel tones.
  • Pink – Mixing pink and blue has a cheery, feminine look. The palette ranges from baby blue and blush pink to fuchsia and navy.
  • Orange – Vibrant citrus orange tones bring warmth and energy to cool blues. Try burnt orange with denim blue for a bold, summery vibe.
  • Brown – Earthy, neutral browns provide an anchoring effect for lighter blues. Dusty blue and cocoa brown is a sophisticated combo.

With blue’s diverse range, the shade you choose directs the look and feel of your colour scheme. Soft pastel blues suit equally soft, muted hues. On the other hand, deeper blues can handle brighter, bolder accent colours.

Brown Shades Complementary Colours
Light tans and beiges Soft powder blue, seafoam green, pastel peach, lavender
Medium brown Robin’s egg blue, olive green, coral, soft yellow
Dark chocolate brown Royal blue, forest green, burnt orange, vibrant purple
Golden brown Navy blue, lime green, salmon, teal

This table summarizes some of the best colour pairs for light, medium, dark, and golden brown shades.

Creating a Brown and Blue Colour Scheme

Now that we’ve looked at complementary colours for brown and blue separately, how do you put them together into one cohesive palette? Here are some tips for pairing different hues of brown and blue:

  • Match tone and depth – Pair a light sky blue with a soft tan or chocolate brown with a deeper navy. Keeping the depth similar creates unity.
  • Use one as an accent – Use a rich blue as a dramatic accent against a neutral brown base or vice versa.
  • Add a bright pop – Include a bright colour like yellow or white to add visual interest against two darker shades.
  • Mix patterns and textures – Weave in varied patterns and textiles like stripes, florals and nubby knits to add complexity.
  • Highlight with metallics – Bronze, copper and gold tones make both brown and blue shimmer.

Some examples of brown and blue combinations include:

  • Khaki, denim blue, and mustard yellow – an easy, casual combo
  • Chocolate brown, baby blue, and pink – a soft, feminine palette
  • Camel, navy, emerald green, and bronze – richly sophisticated tones
  • Mocha, sky blue, and terracotta – warm, earthy hues

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and accent colours within the brown and blue palette until you find a combination that suits your taste and style.

Using Brown and Blue in Fashion

In fashion, brown and blue make a versatile colour combination that works year-round. Some ways to incorporate these colours together in your wardrobe include:

  • Neutral base – Build outfits starting with brown pants, skirts or shoes and add in blue tops, jackets or accessories.
  • Reverse it – Style blue denim jeans or pants with earthy brown tops and sweaters.
  • Mix patterns – Pair brown solids and textures with blue stripes, checks or floral prints.
  • Layer blues – Try lighter powder blue shirts under deeper navy blazers and coats.
  • Accessories – Tie looks together with leather shoes and bags in brown and scarves or hats in blue.

Some specific ways to wear brown and blue together:

  • Jeans, tan riding boots, and chambray button-down
  • Navy sweater dress with brown leather belt
  • Camel coat, green scarf, blue knit beanie
  • Khaki jumpsuit with orange heels and navy clutch

Brown and blue is a year-round pairing that can carry you from season to season. To transition from summer to fall, swap out light blues for deeper navy tones and add in warmer spice orange or red accents. Layering lighter blues under brown coats and jackets also works for winter weather.

Using Brown and Blue for Home Decor

For home interiors, brown and blue create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere. Some ideas for incorporating this colour scheme include:

  • Cool blues on walls with brown accents and trim for a cohesive base
  • Rich chocolate brown sofa with light blue and teal throw pillows
  • Blue and white striped rug layered on top of stained hardwood floors
  • Brown leather dining chairs around a weathered oak table with a navy runner
  • Beige and denim blue striped curtains for a casual, cottage feel

You can also divide up brown and blue into separate spaces:

  • Use blue hues in a relaxing bedroom and keep the main living areas grounded in brown
  • Make the dining space blue for a refreshing feel and use brown in a study or library
  • Highlight the entryway and hallways in brown and reserve blue for accent walls in main rooms

Don’t forget to incorporate metals like bronze, pewter and silver to add sheen and pull the palette together. Distressed wood accents also complement the brown and blue colour scheme beautifully.


Brown and blue is a flexible colour combination that allows for lots of creativity. Both neutrals, brown and blue act as ideal enhancing colours for each other. Brown offers a sense of stability while blue injects calm energy. Adjust the balance of shades and tones to create a look that fits your personal style. Accent with bright pops of colour or metallic touches to make the palette shine. With endless options for shade variations, brown and blue offer long-lasting decor and fashion appeal.