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What Colours go best with grey bedroom?

What Colours go best with grey bedroom?

Choosing the right colors to pair with grey in a bedroom can be challenging. Grey is a versatile neutral that can work with a wide range of hues, but some combinations will look more stylish and pulled together than others. Using colors that complement grey in a thoughtful way allows you to create a restful retreat that also feels cozy and inviting.

Warm Neutrals

Pairing grey with natural, earthy neutrals is an easy way to create a relaxed and welcoming bedroom palette. Warm neutrals like tans, browns, creams and pale yellows work beautifully with grey because they share similar undertones. This makes the colors naturally complement each other for a harmonious look. Some great options to consider include:

  • Light tan – A creamy tan paired with grey evokes a calming, spa-like feel. Tan walls with grey bedding would create a soothing retreat.
  • Camel – Slightly richer than tan, camel brown has golden undertones that bring warmth to grey. Try camel sheets on a grey upholstered headboard.
  • Greige – This on-trend blend of grey and beige is the perfect cozy neutral alongside plain grey. Use it on walls or upholstered furniture.
  • Mushroom – As a soft muted brown, mushroom mixes beautifully with grey for an earthy feel. A mushroom duvet cover balances out cool grey walls.
  • Oatmeal – Similar to greige, oatmeal has subtle tan-beige coloring that complements grey’s muted tones in a natural way.
  • Buttercream – This pale creamy yellow adds just a touch of brightness to grey without clashing. Try buttercream patterned curtains against a grey feature wall.

Crisp White

Nothing complements grey better than clean, bright white. The two neutrals pair up seamlessly because the depth of grey contrasts beautifully with crisp white. White acts as an energizing counterpoint to the moody tranquility of grey. Some ideas include:

  • White walls – Grey walls can feel brooding, so white walls keep things airy. Add touches of grey through bedding and furniture.
  • White headboard – Make a statement with a white upholstered headboard against a charcoal grey wall.
  • White bedding – White sheets and duvets light up grey beds in an inviting way. Add texture with grey throws at the foot of the bed.
  • White and grey patterns – Checkerboard or alternating blocks of white and grey makes for fun geometric contrast.

Soothing Pastels

Soft muted pastel hues like sage green, powder blue and lavender blend seamlessly with grey to create a relaxing vibe. These cooler tones complement grey’s muted depths without being too harsh or contrasting. Some pastel pairings to try include:

  • Powder blue – One of the most popular colors with grey, powder blue reads as crisp and clean against grey walls or bedding.
  • Ice blue – Slightly deeper than powder blue, icy shades of blue add a cool splash of color to grey’s neutral palette.
  • Pale sage green – The muted green-grey hue of sage green complements charcoal shades without clashing.
  • Lavender – Soft and romantic, pale lavender infuses grey with just a hint of color in a subtle way.
  • Barely pink – As a pale version of blush pink, barely pink adds softness to grey for a dreamy effect.

Vibrant Hues

While colored accents tend to look best against grey backgrounds, you can make grey pop by pairing it with some vibrant hues. Bold saturated colors contrast beautifully with grey’s muted quality. Just use them sparingly to keep the look cohesive. Bright hues that work with grey include:

  • Navy blue – Pair this richer blue hue with grey for an eye-catching combo that still feels classic and grounded.
  • Emerald green – Deep jewel tones like emerald green give grey an elegant, luxe look in small doses.
  • Eggplant purple – Similarly, a touch of eggplant purple can lend grey a sophisticated style when used sparingly.
  • Burnt orange – For a splash of warmth, burnt orange accessories like pillows make grey feel welcoming.
  • Sunshine yellow – Cheery pops of yellow brighten up grey in an energizing way.

Bolder Neutrals

Some neutral shades with more color saturation also pair well with grey to create contrast and visual interest. Deeper, moodier neutrals that work with grey include:

  • Black – This darkest neutral makes grey lighter by contrast when used together. Try black and grey buffalo check prints.
  • Charcoal – Mixing dark charcoal greys with lighter grey tones adds depth and dimension.
  • Navy – Navy’s warmer, deeper blue-based undertone complements grey’s cool vibe.
  • Chocolate – Slightly darker than camel brown, chocolate brown makes grey feel intimate.
  • Brick – For an edgy look, try pairing grey with brick reds in small touches.

Metallic Accents

For a glam touch, shiny metallic accents in either cool or warm tones can complement grey bedrooms beautifully. Metallics add a luxe, polished look when combined with grey’s matte, muted effect. Some metallic ideas include:

  • Rose gold – The trendy warm pinkish hue of rose gold makes grey feel stylish and modern.
  • Brushed nickel/silver – Cool-toned silver looks sleek and refined with grey for an elegant feel.
  • Bronze – With vintage golden-brown hues, bronze adds a touch of warmth and texture.
  • Pewter – Slightly warmer than silver, pewter reads as a true neutral that integrates effortlessly.
  • Aged brass – With vintage appeal, brass adds a glimpse of golden shine.


At the end of the day, the colors you choose will come down to personal preference and the overall look you want for your space. The key is aiming for a cohesive palette that feels collected and purposeful. Focus on 2-4 complementary colors paired with grey for the most polished look. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and combinations. The beauty of grey is that it works with almost any hue as long as you apply it thoughtfully. With these tips, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and inviting grey bedroom retreat.