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What Colours do crested geckos come in?

What Colours do crested geckos come in?

Crested geckos display a wide variety of colors and patterns. Some of the most common color morphs seen in captive bred crested geckos include:

Solid Colored Morphs

Solid colored crested geckos lack patterns and are a single, uniform color. Some of the most popular solid color morphs include:

  • Red – Ranging from bright red-orange to deeper brick red tones.
  • Yellow – Varying from bright lemon yellow to richer golden hues.
  • White – Albino crested geckos are pure white with pink eyes.
  • Black – Melanistic crested geckos are a solid jet black color.

Bicolor Morphs

Bicolor or bi-phase crested geckos display two distinct colors separated into phases. Some examples include:

  • White/Red (White body with Red markings)
  • Lavender/Yellow (Lavender body with Yellow markings)
  • Orange/Black (Orange body with Black markings)

Tricolor Morphs

Tricolor crested geckos feature three distinct colors in their pattern. Some tricolor combinations include:

  • Red/White/Black
  • Orange/Lavender/Yellow
  • Yellow/White/Black

Patterned Morphs

Beyond solid colors, crested geckos can display a wide variety of intricate patterns including:

  • Tiger – Bold black striping over a lighter base color.
  • Brindle – Mottled pattern mixing two or more colors.
  • Pinstriping – Thin lined pattern on a solid base color.
  • Harlequin – Patchy irregular bands of color.
  • Flame – Red base with black tipped pattern.
  • Dalmatian – White base with black spots.

Rare and Unique Morphs

Some rare color variations include:

  • Hypomelanism – Reduced black/brown pigment resulting in pastel hues.
  • Paradox – Dramatic color change from base to patterned areas.
  • Eclipse – Dark eyes and pattern on a white body.
  • Merauke – Blueish gray base with orange pattern.

Color Combinations

With so many potential colors and patterns, crested geckos can display endless combinations. Here are some of the most popular color mixes:

Base Color Pattern Color 1 Pattern Color 2
Yellow Orange Black
Lavender Red Cream
White Grey Black
Red White Black

Genetics of Color Morphs

The diverse colors and patterns of crested geckos are produced through various genetic factors including:

  • Base colors – Determined by yellow and red pigments.
  • Pattern colors – Controlled by distribution of black, brown, and white.
  • Polygenic traits – Multiple genes interact to form some morphs.
  • Recessive traits – Certain colors are recessive and require two copies to visually appear.

Selective breeding amplifies desired trait combinations resulting in an endless array of morphs.

Most Popular Morphs

While crested geckos exhibit incredible diversity, some of the most sought-after and common color morphs include:

Morph Description
Red Flame Solid red base with black tipped pattern
Extreme Harlequin High contrast black and orange banding
Brindle Mottled mix of black, brown, yellow, and white
Pinstripe Thin white or yellow lines over darker base color

Factors Affecting Color

Several factors can influence the coloration of crested geckos including:

  • Genetics – Base colors and morphs are inherited.
  • Temperature – Cooler temperatures result in darker colors.
  • Lighting – Bright lighting enhances richer color tones.
  • Breeding – Selective breeding targets desired traits.
  • Diet – Carotenoids and vitamins impact pigmentation.
  • Age – Hatchlings are often duller colored until mature.
  • Health – Good health is essential for proper color development.
  • Mood – Some color change can occur with stress or temperature regulation.

Sexual Dimorphism in Color

There are some subtle differences in coloration between male and female crested geckos:

  • Males tend to have more yellow, orange, and red hues.
  • Females usually display more grays, lavenders, browns.
  • Males have more defined pattern borders and markings.
  • Females exhibit more blended, muted patterns.
  • Juveniles are harder to sex based on color.

However, there is significant overlap between the sexes. Sexing juveniles based on color alone is difficult.

Color Morph Prices

The price of a crested gecko is largely determined by its color and pattern morph. Rarer and more unique morphs command higher prices. Some average price ranges include:

Morph Type Price Range
Common colors like red or yellow $50 – $150
Unique jungle mixes $150 – $300
Rare colors and patterns $300+

However, factors like age, lineage, breeder reputation and health also impact pricing.


Crested geckos exhibit an incredible diversity of colors and patterns controlled by various genetic factors. Through selective captive breeding programs, crested gecko enthusiasts continue to produce exciting new color morphs and variations. Their stunning colors and intriguing patterns make them one of the most popular pet geckos today.