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What Colours compliment dark royal blue?

What Colours compliment dark royal blue?

Dark royal blue is a rich, deep shade of blue that pairs beautifully with many colors. It has an elegant, sophisticated look that works well in both formal and casual settings. When selecting colors to complement dark royal blue, it’s important to choose hues that will enhance its vibrancy rather than clash with it. Some key factors to consider are color temperature, contrast, and accent colors. In this article, we’ll explore the best color matches for dark royal blue across a variety of contexts.

Warm Tones

Pairing dark royal blue with warm tones can create a striking and lively color combination. Here are some excellent options:


Gold has a natural vibrancy that makes an eye-catching complement to the depth of royal blue. The metallic shimmer of gold also adds dimension. This pairing works well for everything from jewelry to home decor.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Gold Color Code
#0A2342 #D4AF37


Yellow creates a cheerful, sunny pairing with dark royal blue. Different shades can be mixed and matched for versatility. Soft buttery yellows work for a delicate look, while bright lemon yellow makes a bold statement. Use this combo for youthful styles.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Yellow Color Code
#0A2342 #FFFF00


Vibrant orange shades lend energy and warmth when combined with rich royal blue. Try burnt orange, peach, or salmon colors for homes and creative projects. Just be sure the orange hue has a deep enough tone to stand up to the blue.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Orange Color Code
#0A2342 #FFA500

Cool Tones

Pairing dark royal blue with cooler tones creates an elegant, more soothing look. Here are some top options:


Metallic silver has a sophisticated edge that works beautifully with royal blue for formal occasions. Silver accessories stand out against the blue background. Keep silvers at a glossy or satiny finish rather than matte for best results.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Silver Color Code
#0A2342 #C0C0C0


Soft lavender purple adds a delicate touch of femininity when paired with dark royal blue. Try lavender accents against a blue backdrop for events like weddings and baby showers. Pastel lavender works better than deep jewel tones.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Lavender Color Code
#0A2342 #B57EDC

Light Blue

For an analogous color scheme, combine dark royal blue with lighter blue tones like powder blue, sky blue, or baby blue. Monochromatic blue palettes have a soothing, calming effect perfect for bedrooms or offices. Add white for contrast.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Baby Blue Color Code
#0A2342 #89CFF0

Neutral Tones

Neutral colors offer a versatile pairing option for dark royal blue. Here are some top neutral shades to try:


A classic color combination, white and dark royal blue complement each other beautifully. White adds lightness to balance the richness of the blue. Use this pairing for nautical themes or to really make the blue pop.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code White Color Code
#0A2342 #FFFFFF


Sleek black enhances the sophistication of royal blue for an elegant monochromatic look. Use black trim or accessories against a blue backdrop. This color pairing works well for formalwear and events.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Black Color Code
#0A2342 #000000


Soft gray makes a subtle, refined complement to rich royal blue. Mix light grays with the blue for a relaxed look. Charcoal gray would also pair well for menswear or casual settings.

Dark Royal Blue Color Code Gray Color Code
#0A2342 #808080

Vibrant Accents

In addition to base color pairings, vibrant accent colors can really make royal blue pop. Try these bold shades as secondary accents:

– Fuchsia
– Emerald Green
– Turquoise
– Ruby Red
– Sunflower Yellow

A touch of any of the above will liven up a dark royal blue background. Use them in small doses as trim, piping, jewelry, or other accessories.


Dark royal blue is an extremely versatile color that pairs beautifully with a wide range of hues. Warm metallic tones like gold, fun brights like yellow and orange, cool tones like silver and lavender, classic neutrals like white and black, and vivid accent colors can all complement royal blue wonderfully.

When selecting shades, consider the overall mood and look you want to achieve. Warm colors create excitement, cool tones are more soothing, neutrals are refined, and bold accents add drama. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect color matches to make the richness of dark royal blue shine.