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What Colours can be worn with yellow?

What Colours can be worn with yellow?

Yellow is a bright, sunny color that can instantly lift your mood. It’s associated with happiness, optimism and creativity. Yellow is a versatile color that can work well in any season – you just need to choose the right shade. Pairing the right colors with yellow can make your outfit look stylish, put-together and colorful. Here’s a guide on what colors go with yellow and how to wear them.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to common questions about wearing yellow:

  • Neutrals like white, black, gray and brown pair well with all shades of yellow.
  • Pastels like pink, blue, lavender and mint complement bright yellows.
  • Earth tones like olive green, rust orange and terracotta match soft yellow tones.
  • Bright primaries like red, blue and emerald green create high-contrast looks.
  • Metallics like gold, silver and copper make yellows shine.
  • Patterns and prints in complementary colors work well with solid yellow pieces.

Yellow Color Palette

Yellow has a wide range of shades from soft pastels to bright neons. The exact colors you pair with yellow will depend on the specific yellow tone you’re wearing. Here’s an overview of popular yellow shades:

Soft Yellow

These warm, mellow yellow tones include lemon, primrose and daffodil yellow. They have a subtle, spring-like feel.

Bright Yellow

Vibrant yellow shades like canary, banana and sunflower yellow pop against other colors. They have an energizing, cheerful vibe.

Golden Yellow

Deep goldenrod, amber and mustard yellows have a rich, luxurious look. They are more muted than bright yellows.

Neon Yellow

Electric, fluorescent yellows like neon and highlighter yellow make a bold, futuristic statement.

Colors That Go With Yellow

Now let’s look at specific color pairings that work well with different shades of yellow:


Classic neutral colors like white, black, gray and brown complement any shade of yellow. They act as anchoring colors that allow the vibrancy of yellow to take center stage. Neutrals also make yellow feel more wearable in everyday looks.

Try pairing:

  • Lemon yellow with crisp white
  • Sunflower yellow with charcoal gray
  • Mustard yellow with chocolate brown
  • Neon yellow with black


Soft pastel hues like baby pink, powder blue, lavender and mint green work especially well with bright yellows. The pastel colors have a delicate, feminine vibe that balances out the boldness of bright yellows.

Try pairing:

  • Sunflower yellow with mint green
  • Canary yellow with baby pink
  • Banana yellow with sky blue

Earth Tones

Natural earth tones like olive green, terracotta, khaki, tan and rust orange pair nicely with softer yellow hues. Earth tones help ground the brightness of yellow in a subtle, earthy way.

Try pairing:

  • Lemon yellow with olive green
  • Primrose yellow with rust orange
  • Mustard yellow with terracotta

Bright Primaries

Primary colors like red, blue and emerald green pair well with all yellows to create bold, high-contrast looks. The primary colors energize and intensify yellow’s bright, sunshine effect.

Try pairing:

  • Sunflower yellow with royal blue
  • Banana yellow with cherry red
  • Neon yellow with emerald green


Metallic shades like gold, silver, bronze and copper make yellows shimmer and shine. Metallic pairs both contrast and complement yellow depending on the shades you choose.

Try pairing:

  • Mustard yellow with bronze
  • Goldenrod yellow with silver
  • Banana yellow with gold

Patterns & Prints

Patterns and prints in colors that complement yellow, like blues, pinks and greens, can make great pairings. The patterns add visual interest to solid yellow pieces.

Try pairing:

  • Solid lemon yellow with navy polka dots
  • Sunflower yellow top with floral pink skirt
  • Solid neon yellow with striped emerald green

How to Wear Yellow

Here are some top tips for wearing yellow stylishly:

  • Use yellow as an accent – Add a small yellow accessory like a handbag, scarf or heels to make a statement.
  • Layer yellow with neutrals – Wear yellow tops or blazers over neutral bottoms or dresses to balance the look.
  • Mix multiple complementary colors – Combine yellow with several coordinating colors like blue, pink and white for a colorful look.
  • Anchor bright yellows – If you wear a vibrant yellow, keep the rest of the outfit muted to avoid looking overpowering.
  • Match tones – Pair soft pastel yellows together and bright primary yellows together for harmonious looks.
  • Use patterns – Add interest by mixing solid yellow pieces with patterned items in coordinating colors.

Complete Color Outfit Ideas

Here are some full outfit ideas that showcase stylish color pairings with different shades of yellow:

Soft Yellow Outfits

  • Primrose yellow sweater with tan pants, olive green sneakers and brown handbag
  • Lemon yellow sundress with denim jacket, brown belt and neutral wedges
  • Daffodil yellow button-up with navy trousers, burnt orange loafers and silver jewelry

Bright Yellow Outfits

  • Canary yellow midi skirt with royal blue top, pink heels and matching pink earrings
  • Sunflower yellow maxi dress with jean jacket, bronze wedges and green shoulder bag
  • Banana yellow shorts with red t-shirt, white sneakers and silver sunglasses

Golden Yellow Outfits

  • Mustard yellow pencil skirt with black blouse, black pumps and copper jewelry
  • Amber yellow button-down with gray trousers, brown belt and matching brown loafers
  • Goldenrod yellow blazer with white tee, blue jeans, silver hoops and nude heels

Neon Yellow Outfits

  • Neon yellow crop top with indigo high-waisted jeans and pink wedges
  • Highlighter yellow mini dress with denim jacket, emerald green clutch and strappy black sandals
  • Neon yellow biker shorts with purple sweatshirt, white sneakers and silver jewelry


Yellow is a fun, cheerful color that looks great in any wardrobe when paired with the right coordinating colors. Neutrals, pastels, earth tones, bright primaries and metallics all complement different shades of yellow beautifully. Use yellow as a statement accent, layered with neutrals or mixed with patterns in complementary colors. With the guidelines above, you can confidently wear yellow to lift your mood and brighten any outfit!