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What colours attract prosperity?

What colours attract prosperity?

Colours can have a powerful effect on our emotions, moods and feelings. Certain colours are believed to attract positive energies and prosperity. In this article, we’ll explore what colours are considered lucky and how they can bring good fortune into your life.

The Psychology of Colour

The brain processes colour in a specialised part called the visual cortex. When light enters our eyes, it triggers colour-sensitive cone cells in the retina. This sends signals to the visual cortex about the colour we are seeing. Here, the brain associates certain colours with emotions, memories and meanings.

Research has shown that colour can impact our moods, feelings, productivity and behaviours. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow are stimulating and can boost excitement. Cool colours like blue, green and purple are calming and encourage concentration. Bright vivid hues tend to attract attention, while muted shades recede into the background.

The psychology of colour differs across cultures, as colours take on symbolic meanings. But some colour associations appear to be universal. For example, black is linked with grief and mourning in many cultures. White is associated with purity and innocence. Red signifies passion, energy and danger. Blue represents calm stability and trust.

When it comes to prosperity and good fortune, cultural traditions have long connected certain colours with luck, wealth and success. Let’s look at the colours believed to attract positive energy and prosperity around the world.


Gold is universally associated with wealth, prestige and prosperity. Its dazzling lustre symbolises luxury, success and triumph. In mythology, gold is linked with sun gods and solar deities, as its radiance is like sunshine itself.

Gold is the colour of coins, currency and riches. It represents material wealth, opulence and extravagance. The metallic shine of gold is impossible to ignore – it catches the eye and holds attention. Many believe that surrounding yourself with golden colours can bring you wealth and abundance.

In ancient China, gold signified wealth and good fortune. It was thought that wearing golden clothes brought prosperity. Egyptians associated the golden glow with the sun god Ra, who bestowed riches upon the land. In Hindu tradition, gold is connected to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Culture Gold Symbolism
Chinese Wealth, good fortune
Egyptian Sun god Ra, riches
Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity

Today, many people still believe surrounding themselves with golden colours can attract wealth. Painting a room gold, accessorising with gold jewellery or using golden décor are thought to invite prosperity into one’s life.


Green is commonly associated with nature, freshness, growth and renewal. It is considered a restful, peaceful colour. In many cultures, green symbolises rebirth and revival.

In ancient Egypt, green was linked to fertility and vegetation along the Nile. For the Chinese, green signifies new life and springtime. In Hinduism, green represents new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil.

When it comes to money, green has a strong association with prosperity and wealth. This may come from its connections to nature and growth. In the United States, green is linked with money and banking – dollar bills are printed in shades of green. Many high-end retailers use green in branding to convey wealth, luxury and exclusivity.

Feng shui practitioners recommend using green in your home or office to attract prosperity. Painting trim or walls green, adding green accessories and wearing green are said to invite wealth into your life. The vibrant energy of this verdant shade is believed to encourage growth and good fortune.

Culture Green Symbolism
Egyptian Fertility, vegetation
Chinese New life, springtime
Hindu New beginnings, triumph over evil


Purple is associated with luxury, royalty and opulence. In antiquity, Tyrian purple dye was painstakingly extracted from sea snails to produce a vibrant purple pigment worth more than gold. As the colour was so costly to produce, purple clothing became associated with kings, queens and the very wealthy.

Purple retains connotations of extravagance and status today. Light purple or lavender is thought to have a calming, spiritual quality. Dark or bright purple can evoke mystery, magic and imagination.

Purple is linked with prosperity and abundance in feng shui and other Asian traditions. It is thought to bring blessings, wisdom and good luck. Surrounding yourself with purple is said to encourage inspiration and windfalls of money. Try using purple candles, pillows, curtains or artworks to invite wealth.

Culture Purple Symbolism
Historical Royalty, wealth, status
Feng Shui Prosperity, abundance


Red is an intense, passionate colour associated with love, energy and action. Many Asian cultures also link red with luck and prosperity.

In ancient China, red symbolised good fortune and joy. Chinese New Year celebrations still feature red decorations and clothing to bring luck in the coming year. In Indian culture, red represents purity and the divine. Bridal outfits are traditionally red to invite prosperity into marriage.

As a bright, vibrant shade, red is believed to attract attention and stimulate energy according to colour psychology. Using red in your home or office is said to promote enthusiasm and stimulate productivity. Surrounding yourself with red can help get your “chi” or life force flowing, which is believed to boost motivation and luck.

Culture Red Symbolism
Chinese Good fortune, luck, joy
Indian Purity, divine, prosperity in marriage


Colours can profoundly influence our mood, emotions and behaviours. Cultural traditions around the world link certain colours with luck, prosperity and abundance.

Gold represents material wealth and worldly success across many cultures. Green connects to growth, renewal and prosperity. Purple conveys luxury and brings blessings. Red signals passion, energy and luck. Surrounding yourself with these vibrant colours is believed to attract positive energy and good fortune into various aspects of your life.

While there is no definitive scientific proof these colours alone bring prosperity, they can lift your mood and promote positive thinking. The psychological impact of colour should not be underestimated. Choose hues you find uplifting to create an environment primed to energize, inspire and motivate you towards your definition of success and fulfillment.