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What Colour shirt should I wear with jeans?

What Colour shirt should I wear with jeans?

Choosing the right shirt colour to pair with jeans can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! With some simple guidelines, you can put together stylish, well-coordinated outfits effortlessly. In this article, we’ll go over the factors to consider when picking a shirt colour for jeans and provide a helpful colour matching chart to make the process easy. We’ll also give examples of classic shirt and jean colour combinations that work for different occasions and styles. Follow our advice and you’ll have a go-to formula for looking sharp and put-together whenever you wear denim.

Quick Answers

– Light blue, white, black, grey shirts pair well with jeans for versatility
– Bolder colours like red, green, purple also work for more stylish looks
– Match shirt colour to jean wash – lights with lights, darks with darks
– Monochromatic looks in all blue or black are easy to pull off
– For business casual, stick to solid coloured dress shirts in white, blue, pink
– Patterned shirts add visual interest – plaid, gingham, stripes with jeans
– Avoid shirt and jean colours that are too similar or clashing in tone

Factors to Consider

When determining what shirt colour looks best with jeans, there are a few key factors to take into account:

Jeans Colour Wash

The shade and darkness of your jeans is the first consideration. Lightwash jeans offer more colour pairing options than dark indigo denim.

Skin Tone

Choose shirt colours that complement your complexion. Certain hues can make your skin glow or appear washed out.

Hair Colour

Use a shirt colour that creates contrast with your hair tone so you don’t look washed out.

Eye Colour

Some shades will make your eye colour pop while others might dampen it.

Personal Style

Dressy button-downs, casual t-shirts or printed shirts each call for different jean/shirt colour combinations.


Daytime, nighttime and dress codes determine what hues work best together.

Jeans Colour Best Matching Shirt Colours
Light blue jeans White, light blue, pink, yellow, grey, black
Medium blue jeans Royal blue, turquoise, red, purple, green, black, grey
Dark indigo jeans Black, grey, dark red, mustard, forest green, dark purple
Black jeans White, red, light blue, grey, emerald, peach
White jeans Navy, light blue, lavender, pink, sky blue, yellow

Classic Shirt & Jean Colour Combinations

Here are some timeless shirt and jeans colour pairings that will always look sharp:

White Shirt + Blue Jeans

A crisp white shirt with medium or dark blue jeans is a classic choice. It’s relaxed for weekend wear but still put-together. White creates a clean contrast against the denim.

Black Shirt + Blue Jeans

A black button-down or tee balances the blue jeans for an effortlessly stylish monochromatic appearance. The darker shirt gives the outfit a modern, slightly edgy vibe.

Grey Shirt + Blue Jeans

Multiple shades of grey complement any wash of denim beautifully. It’s a sophisticated combo that works for both smart casual and dressed down looks.

Blue Shirt + Blue Jeans

Double down on shades of blue for a tonal outfit with visual appeal. Mix light blue with medium wash or pair deep navy with black jeans.

Burgundy Shirt + Dark Jeans

The rich, darker hue of a maroon or wine-coloured shirt has a refined fall/winter vibe with dark indigo jeans.

Light Pink Shirt + White Jeans

For a bright springtime look, a pastel or baby pink shirt pops against white jeans. Light pinks enhance tanned spring complexions.

Purple Shirt + Black Jeans

Deep jewel tones like amethyst, eggplant or lilac create an eye-catching contrast and colour block effect with black denim.

Green Shirt + Blue Jeans

Earthy olive, sage and emerald green shirts flatter most complexions and pair nicely with classic blue jeans.

Red Shirt + Light Jeans

A vibrant cherry red, crimson or burgundy shirt makes light blue or grey jeans really stand out for a bold, fun look.

Shirt & Jean Colour Combinations to Avoid

When pairing shirts with jeans, there are a few colour combinations that tend to clash or wash you out:

– Shirt & jeans hues that are too similar and compete, like matching light blue on top and bottom

– Low contrast shades like pale shirt with light jeans that blend together

– Complementary colours right beside each other on the colour wheel – like red & green or yellow & purple

– Matching bright neons or loud prints together that overwhelm

– Shades like orange, yellow or green that don’t flatter your skin tone

– Pairing a bright graphic print shirt with busy patterned jeans

Stick to the classic complementary colour schemes in the chart above, and you’ll be fashionably coordinated every time.


Choosing a shirt colour to match jeans doesn’t need to be complicated. Reference the jean colour pairings chart and timeless combinations above, while keeping your hair colouring, skin tone and personal style in mind. Contrasting hues tend to work better than matching shades. With the right guidelines, you can always create a put together, harmonious look by coordinating shirt and jean colours effectively.