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What Colour looks good with black?

What Colour looks good with black?

Black is a versatile color that can be paired with almost anything. However, some colors look better with black than others. Choosing the right color combinations is important for creating stylish and cohesive looks. In this article, we’ll explore the best color matches for black clothing and accessories.


Neutrals like white, gray, tan and brown make classic pairings with black. These muted, low-contrast shades provide an understated and elegant base that allows the black to really pop. Black and white is the most iconic neutral pairing. It has a crisp, graphic look that’s perfect for minimalist styles. Add some soft gray to black for a more relaxed vibe. Rich chocolate browns offer a deep, earthy complement to solid black pieces. Overall, neutral colors work well with black because they act as a subtle backdrop that doesn’t compete for attention.

Jewel Tones

Rich, saturated jewel tones make striking partners for basic black. Deep sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple and ruby red all radiate confidence and drama next to black. Jewel tones have an elegant, luxurious look. Paired with black, they can create glamorous evening outfits or add a bold pop of color for daytime. Just be wary of pairing black with lighter tones like sky blue or peach, as the contrast may be too stark. But deep, intense jewel tones align beautifully with black’s dramatic attitude.

Metallic Shades

Metallic accents also make an eye-catching addition to black outfits. Shimmering gold, silver, bronze and pewter complement black’s sophistication with a touch of glitz and edge. Metallic shoes, jewelry, bags and other accessories can elevate a basic black outfit for an evening look. Or for daytime, metallic tones add subtle shine without overwhelming black. Stick to matte metallics in small accents rather than head-to-toe shiny fabrics when pairing with black. A little metallic goes a long way to lend black a luminous, polished finish.


Although extremely different in nature, pastels can actually complement black surprisingly well. Soft muted tones like blush pink, mint green, pale blue and buttery yellow provide a whimsical contrast against the severity of black. The pastels add femininity and approachability. Black gains a chic, edgy counterpoint. Pastels worn with black also feel more grounded and sophisticated. Just style pastels in solid colors and substantial fabrics rather than prints when combining with black. Delicate pastel patterns can look overly precious next to black’s bold solidness.

Bright Primaries

Clear, bright shades of red, blue and yellow make lively partners for black. Primary colors have a playful, youthful vibe. Their vitality stands out against black’s serious mood. Pair a vivid red coat with an all-black outfit for a lively pop of color. Or wear graphic black-and-white with a bright cobalt or marigold yellow for retro flair. Crisp primary tones lend black a cooler, modern energy. Avoid muted dusty versions of primary colors, which may look dull or faded next to pitch-black. Keep the tones bold and pronounced.

Which Colors to Avoid

Although black pairs well with most colors, there are a few shades that don’t make as harmonious combinations. Light tints of colors like mint, peach, sky blue and lilac can look washed out or overwhelmed next to stark black. Soft rose pinks and mauvey purples may appear dreary or drab when trying to contrast with black. And brown is probably the hardest color to match, with light camels and khakis looking too muddled and orangey browns clashing loudly. For the most foolproof look, stick to neutral, dark, bright or metallic companion colors.

Tips for Combining Colors with Black

Here are some top tips for stylishly wearing different colors with black:

– Use neutral colors like gray and tan to create simple, chic base layers. Add pops of jewel tones or pastels for subtle color accents.

– Make black and white graphic statements with bold blocks of each color. Then layer on a third color lightly for dimension.

– Pair metallic shoes, bags and jewelry with black outfits for elevated evening glamour. Gold, silver and bronze all work beautifully.

– Add feminine flair by matching black with soft blush pinks, mint greens and pale blues. Wear color in skirts, blouses or cardigans.

– For retro inspiration, wear black and white patterns with a bright red, blue or yellow top. Peppy primary shades complement classic black-and-white.

– For workwear, stick to neutral and muted tones like gray, navy and tan worn with black. Then add a bright scarf or bold necklace.

Examples of Black Color Combinations

Here are some chic ways to wear different colors with black pieces:

Color Black Outfit Combination
White Black pants with a crisp white button-down shirt
Gray Black dress with a charcoal gray blazer on top
Navy Black skinny jeans with a navy peacoat
Burgundy A black turtleneck sweater dress with burgundy knee boots
Hunter Green A black pleated leather skirt with emerald green heels
Blush Pink A black jumpsuit with a soft pink kimono wrap


Black is like a blank canvas that pairs beautifully with a wide spectrum of colors. Sticking to neutral, dark, bright and metallic tones will guarantee a stylish black outfit combination. Avoid light tints and soft muted shades, which can look washed out next to stark black. With so many color options, you can create endless looks to match any occasion or mood. From minimalist chic to dramatic glamour, black elegantly cooperates with almost every color for maximum style impact.