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What Colour is love LP?

Love comes in many colors, though the classic depiction is of red hearts on Valentine’s Day. Love can be passionate and fiery like red, calm and peaceful like blue, or fresh and hopeful like green. Just as there are countless shades across the rainbow, there are unlimited colors and flavors to love. The new LP “What Colour is Love” by the indie band The Heartstrings explores love’s prismatic nature through 12 genre-spanning tracks.

The Heartstrings’ Musical Journey

The Heartstrings formed in 2010 in Brooklyn, consisting of lead singer Lucy Blue, guitarist Jack Green, drummer Ruby Redd, and bassist Marine Cyan. Their early albums featured mostly upbeat indie pop love songs, which garnered them a cult following. However, as the band members grew artistically and personally, their sound began to expand and diversify.

By their third album “Kaleidoscope Hearts” in 2015, The Heartstrings were incorporating more experimental and eclectic sounds. This evolution continued with their fourth album “Prism” in 2018, which had heavier synth tones mixed with World Music influences. After spending two years touring smaller venues and festivals, the band was ready to return to the studio with a fresh perspective.

Writing a Rainbow of Songs

When it came time to write their fifth album, lead singer Lucy Blue proposed the idea of exploring love’s many colors and moods. Each band member contributed romantic memories and stories from different phases of relationships, heartaches and personal growth.

Some song ideas were upbeat and passionate like the Latin dance rhythms of “Red Hot Mambo.” Others were mellow and philosophical like the ambient electronica soundscapes of “Indigo Skies.” There were also fun pop tunes like “Tickled Pink” and moody rockers like “Black Hole Heart.”

The band ended up writing over 30 songs and had a tough time narrowing it down to just 12 tracks. But they feel this album captures the full spectrum of romantic emotions, from first crushes to lasting love.

The Colors of Love

Here is a track-by-track look at how “What Color is Love” expresses different shades of affection:

1. “Red Hot Mambo”

A sizzling dance song with a salsa beat, trumpet lines, and Spanglish lyrics celebrating fiery passion.

2. “Orange You Glad”

An upbeat indie-pop tune with jangly guitars about being grateful for a bright, fun relationship.

3. “Yellow Submarine”

A playful, floaty track using submarine sound effects to evoke the joy of being in your own world with someone.

4. “Green-Eyed Love”

A folky, laidback song about appreciating the little things with your partner and not taking them for granted.

5. “Blue Moonlight”

A haunting, melancholic ballad about missing someone and longing for their return under the blue moon.

6. “Indigo Skies”

An atmospheric, meditative electronica instrumental turning emotions into abstract tones and textures.

7. “Violet Vibes”

A trippy, psychedelic number with sitar and backwards effects suggesting love’s mind-expanding qualities.

8. “Tickled Pink”

An energetic pop-punk ode to new crushes giving you butterflies and making your heart flutter.

9. “Gray Areas”

A mournful piano ballad expressing the uncertainties, compromises, and problems in any complex relationship.

10. “Brown-Eyed Girl”

An acoustic folk-rock serenade appreciating the grounding, comforting presence of a long-term partner.

11. “White Wedding”

A sweet, romantic pop song with a playful nod to Billy Idol looking ahead to a joyous marriage.

12. “Black Hole Heart”

A heavy, angsty rocker about getting trapped in dark obsession and losing yourself in love.

Critical Response

“What Color is Love” has earned strong reviews praising the band’s musical growth and the album’s emotional breadth:

Publication Excerpt
Rolling Stone “This is The Heartstrings’ most mature and meaningful album yet. Each track adds more depth to love’s prism.”
Pitchfork “A colorfully crafted labour of love showcasing the band’s versatile songwriting and performances.”
Spin “This album will take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, vividly conjuring love’s joy and pain.”

Fans have also responded enthusiastically, many calling it The Heartstrings’ best and most cohesive album. They appreciate the diversity of musical styles tied together by the unifying theme of love in all its technicolor glory.

Expanding Love’s Palette

“What Color is Love” has clearly struck a chord with its celebration of love’s variable nature. But The Heartstrings believe they have only begun to scratch the surface of all the shades love can reflect. They hope this album inspires more bands and artists to explore love as the most vibrant subject. There are still so many undiscovered hues that remain to be expressed through music.

As humanity’s understanding of love continues evolving, its rainbow will keep expanding. Perhaps one day every color and hue will find its melodic manifestation. Until then, The Heartstrings’ kaleidoscopic musical journey provides an illuminating glimpse into the subjective experience of adoration. Love may have no one definable color, but “What Color is Love” captures its essence through a prism of song.