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What Colour goes with teal feature wall?

What Colour goes with teal feature wall?

Teal is a popular paint colour for feature walls thanks to its calming blue-green tones. When decorate a room with a teal wall, it’s important to choose complementary colours that enhance the teal rather than clashing with it. Here are some tips on pairing colours with a teal feature wall.

Quick Answer: Best Colours for a Teal Wall

The best colours to pair with a teal feature wall are:

  • White or cream – Creates a fresh, beachy look
  • Gray – Sophisticated and modern
  • Yellow – Bright and cheerful
  • Coral – Vibrant, tropical vibe
  • Navy – Classic nautical combo

How to Choose Colours for a Teal Wall

When selecting colours to complement a teal accent wall, consider shades from the same colour family as teal that are a tint or tone of the hue. Tints are lighter versions made by adding white, while tones are created by adding gray. For example, soft sage green is a tint that pairs beautifully with teal. Charcoal gray is a tone that complements teal without being too matchy-matchy.

You can also look at colours located directly across from teal on the colour wheel. These complementary colours have a high contrast that makes the teal pop. Orange, coral, and rusty reds work well.

Another idea is choosing colours adjacent to teal on the colour wheel, like blue, green, and yellow. This creates a cohesive flow.

When in doubt, beige, white, gray and brown are easy neutrals that provide a subtle backdrop to let the teal wall stand out.

Colours to Avoid with Teal

Some colours clash with teal walls and should be avoided. Stay away from:

  • Strong primary colours like red, bright yellow, or electric blue
  • Neon hues
  • Black
  • Shades too similar to the teal

These colours either compete too much with the teal or create a jarring, distracting combination.

10 Best Colour Combinations for a Teal Wall

Here are 10 great colour palettes to consider for an accent wall in teal:

Colour Palette Description
Teal, white, wood tones Crisp, beachy
Teal, light gray, black Modern and stylish
Teal, coral, white Fun, tropical vibe
Teal, lime green, white Retro fresh
Teal, navy, tan Classic nautical
Teal, light yellow, dark wood Warm and inviting
Teal, sage green, brown Earthy tranquility
Teal, light blue, off-white Cool and calming
Teal, brick red, beige Rustic charm
Teal, plum, cream Regal and elegant

Tips for Decorating with a Teal Accent Wall

Here are some tips for beautifully incorporating a teal feature wall into your home’s decor:

  • Use 60-40 ratio – Teal on one wall, neutral tones on remaining walls
  • Carry teal over – Add teal accent pillows, throws, art for a pulled together look
  • Use white trim – Highlights the teal wall nicely
  • Consider sheen – Matte or eggshell finish mutes the teal
  • Add warmth – Wood furniture, tan, browns balance the cool teal
  • Layer textures – Furry pillows, sleek coffee tables create depth
  • Echo shapes – Circular mirror, round pendant light for harmony

With the right complementary colours and decorative touches, a bold teal feature wall can look absolutely stunning.

Teal Colour Schemes by Room

Not sure which colour combinations to select for your teal accent wall? Here are suggested palettes for different rooms:

Living Room

– Teal, white, black and wood

– Teal, light yellow, brown


– Teal, crisp white, chrome/silver

– Teal, soft gray, navy blue


– Teal, red, beige

– Teal, sage green, wood


– Teal, cream, brown

– Teal, light blue, off-white

Home Office

– Teal, orange, chocolate brown

– Teal, plum, black


With so many options, pairing colors with a teal feature wall is fun and easy. Just stick to lighter tints, sophisticated tones, complementary hues, or neutrals. Consider the mood you want to create and choose colors accordingly.implemented soon. Most importantly, select shades you love to create a personalized sanctuary. With the right teal color combinations, your feature wall will be a stunning focal point.