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What Colour goes with orange bridesmaid dresses?

What Colour goes with orange bridesmaid dresses?

Choosing the right colour to complement orange bridesmaid dresses can be tricky. Orange is a bright, bold colour that can sometimes clash with other shades if not paired carefully. The key is finding colours that will enhance the vibrant orange tones rather than fight against them. With some strategic planning and coordination, you can create a cohesive, stylish look for your orange-clad bridesmaids.

Consider Complementary Colours

A complementary colour scheme is one of the most effective ways to make orange pop. Complementary colours are those located directly across from each other on the colour wheel, which creates a strong visual contrast. For orange, the complementary shade is blue. When placed side-by-side, these two colours intensify one another and create a dynamic, eye-catching palette. Both cool tones like sky blue and bright shades like royal blue work beautifully with orange. Navy blue is another great option that adds a touch of sophistication.

To incorporate blue hues with your bridesmaids’ orange dresses, consider having the bridesmaids carry blue bouquets or wear blue shoes or other accessories. If your colour scheme allows it, the groom and groomsmen can wear blue ties or vests to complement the look as well. Just be sure to strike the right balance – you don’t want the blue and orange to compete for attention.

Soft neutrals

If you want to take a more subtle approach, neutral colours like cream, beige and light grey create an understated, elegant look with orange bridesmaid dresses. Soft muted shades don’t overpower the bright citrus tones, but rather let the orange pop while grounding the overall palette. Consider having your bridesmaids carry bouquets with white or ivory flowers, wear nude or silver shoes, and style their hair in loose, beachy waves for a relaxed, calming vibe that counterbalances the vibrant orange.

Earth tones

Earthy natural hues like light brown, tan, and sage green work surprisingly well with orange. These grounded, organic colours complement the zesty brightness of orange in a more subtle way. For a fall wedding, have your bridesmaids carry autumnal-toned flowers like sunflowers or wheat and style their hair with orange leaves or flowers. Dark wood accents on the venue decor will also help tie the palette together. Just be wary of pairing orange with lighter shades like peach or yellow, as the tones can sometimes bleed together.

Metallic sheen

For a glamorous look, pair orange bridesmaid dresses with metallic shoes, jewelry and accessories. The sheen of silver, gold and copper tones play up the richness of orange. Look for metallics with a brushed finish rather than anything too shiny, which can feel overly ostentatious. Have your bridesmaids carry bouquets wrapped in copper wire or metallic ribbon for an ultra luxe, stylish finish.

Pink and coral hues

Vibrant pinks and corals make natural partners for orange when creating a bright, punchy colour scheme. Hot pink, fuchsia, salmon and peach work especially well, as they share the same warm undertones. For your bridesmaids’ bouquets, use a mix of orange and pink flowers like roses, ranunculus, dahlias or peonies. Pink floral prints on the bridesmaid dresses can also help tie the colours together. Just be mindful of going too overboard with this palette, as the abundance of hot hues can start to feel jarring.

Purple tones

On the cooler end of the spectrum, soft lilac, lavender and mauve pair gracefully with orange. These breezy purple hues have a romantic, whimsical feel that lightens up the bold orange shade. Consider having your bridesmaids carry loose boho-style bouquets in shades of purple, lavender and orange. For a more dramatic contrast, richer purple tones like eggplant and wine work well too. Just aim for a 70/30 split, with orange taking precedence as the main colour.

Red accents

Used sparingly, red can make orange pop. But take care not to go overboard with this bold, dynamic duo. A little red goes a long way – think red shoes, belts or other small details. Red flowers like roses, peonies or ranunculus mixed in with orange blooms can work nicely too. Just don’t have your bridesmaids carry all red bouquets, as it may compete too much with their orange dresses.

Green for contrast

On the opposite side of the color wheel from orange, green makes for a striking contrast. The natural vigor of green helps tone down orange’s brightness. Opt for muted, dusty greens like sage rather than emeralds and limes, which can feel jarring next to orange’s fiery hues. Have your bridesmaids carry loose, organic-style bouquets of orange flowers mixed with sage greens and eucalyptus sprigs. Dark hunter green accessories also pair well with orange.

Black for drama

For an edgy, high-contrast look, pair orange bridesmaid dresses with black accessories. Black shoes, jewelry, shawls or other details will make the orange appear extra vibrant. Use black decor elements like linens, glassware and signage to pull the palette together. Just take care that the overall look doesn’t become too dark and gothic. Keep things fresh and modern with sleek black and white garnishes.

Blue and Orange Colour Combinations

Here are some specific blue shades that pair beautifully with orange:

Blue Colour Pairings
Navy Navy suits, ties, vests or pocket squares for the groomsmen
Royal Blue Bridesmaid bouquets wrapped in royal blue ribbon
Sky Blue Sky blue flowers mixed in bridesmaid bouquets
Periwinkle Periwinkle printed bridesmaid dresses
Teal Teal shoes or jewelry for the bridesmaids

Neutral and Earth Tone Combinations

Here are some specific neutral and earth tone pairings for orange:

Colour Pairings
Ivory Ivory flowers in bouquets
Nude Nude shoes for bridesmaids
Champagne Champagne colored reception decor
Tan Tan suits for groomsmen
Mocha Mocha bridesmaid accessories
Olive Green Olive green ties or vests for groomsmen

Metallic Accent Combinations

Here are some metallic shades that pair well with orange:

Metallic Pairings
Rose Gold Rose gold shoes or jewelry
Bronze Bronze floral arrangements
Copper Copper vases, table runners
Pewter Pewter bridesmaid accessories
Silver Silver ties, vests, or pocket squares


With some strategic coordination, orange bridesmaid dresses can look absolutely stunning. Focus on finding complementary colours that enhance rather than compete with the vibrant orange tones. Cooler shades like blues and purples work well to counterbalance orange’s warmth and boldness. Softer neutrals and earth tones provide a more understated complement. For extra glam and contrast, metallic accents in silver, gold and copper add a touch of sophistication and luxury. Just maintain the right balance so the orange dresses remain the visual focus. Thoughtful colour pairing can help your orange-clad bridesmaids look stylish, cohesive and full of vibrant energy.