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What Colour goes with dark brown living room?

What Colour goes with dark brown living room?

Choosing the right colour scheme for a dark brown living room can seem daunting, but with some planning it can be an exciting process. The dark brown walls provide a warm, cosy feel that can be complemented with colours that are vibrant yet sophisticated. In this article, we’ll explore the best colour combinations to go with dark brown walls and help you create a stylish living room.

Quick Answer

The best colours that go with dark brown living room walls are:

– Neutrals like beige, taupe, cream
– Earth tones like green, burnt orange, mustard yellow
– Metallics like gold, silver, copper
– Soft blues and teals

These colours create harmonious, sophisticated schemes that enhance the dark walls. Avoid bright primary colours as they clash. Focus on soft, warm secondary hues. Metallics and neutral tones make the space feel airy and spacious.

Complementary Colours

Complementary colour schemes are made up of colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, which create striking visual contrast. For dark brown walls, stick to analogous colours instead of direct complements. Some ideas:

Dark Brown Colour Complementary Colours
Deep Chocolate Brown Mustard Yellow, Burnt Orange
Mocha Brown Seafoam Green, Soft Blue
Espresso Brown Terracotta, Salmon Pink

These analogous colours have enough contrast to make the brown walls pop while still feeling cohesive. The earthy tones of mustard, burnt orange and terracotta add vibrance. Cool tones like seafoam green, soft blue and salmon provide balance.

Monochromatic Colours

A monochromatic scheme uses different tones, saturations and shades of one base colour. For dark brown walls, incorporate lighter and darker browns along with neutral tones.

Dark Brown Walls Monochromatic Colours
Mocha Cream, Beige, Espresso
Dark Chocolate Tan, Taupe, Black
Chestnut Ivory, Camel, Coffee

Lighter browns like beige, ivory and tan keep the scheme warm and subdued. Darker shades like espresso, coffee and black inject drama. Neutrals like cream, taupe and camel add subtle interest. This is an easy, fuss-free approach to complementing dark brown walls.

Earth Tone Colours

Natural, earthy hues blend seamlessly with dark brown to create an organic look. Greens, burnt oranges, terracottas and mustard yellows work particularly well.

Dark Brown Wall Earth Tone Colours
Walnut Brown Olive Green, Terracotta
Mocha Sage Green, Burnt Orange
Espresso Avocado Green, Rust

These nature-inspired colours add vibrance and texture. Olive greens, sage greens and avocado greens provide a tree-like ambience. Burnt orange, terracotta and rust look like clay pots and natural materials. The earthy tones prevent the room from feeling too dark.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents and furniture instantly liven up a dark brown space. Gold, silver, copper and bronze create glamorous contrasts.

Dark Brown Wall Colour Metallic Accents
Mocha Rose Gold, Nickel
Espresso Antique Gold, Pewter
Chocolate Polished Silver, Bronze

Warm gold tones pair attractively with chocolate and mocha browns. Silvery metallics like nickel, pewter and polished silver pop against espresso walls. Scatter cushions, wall art and lamps in these metallics prevent the room from feeling too heavy.

Soft Blue & Teal Accents

Though highly contrasting, soft blues and teals create a relaxing atmosphere next to dark brown walls. The cool tones provide soothing balance.

Dark Brown Blue & Teal Tones
Walnut Baby Blue, Seafoam Green
Chestnut Powder Blue, Aqua
Espresso Robin’s Egg Blue, Teal

Pale, powdery blues like baby blue, powder blue and robin’s egg blue offset the dark walls. Green-tinged teals and aquas give the room a modern, relaxing ambience. Avoid navy or royal blues, which may look too harsh.


Neutrals like cream, beige and taupe make a dark brown living room feel light and airy. They create a soothing, blended background.

Dark Brown Neutral Accents
Mocha Cream, Khaki Beige
Walnut Eggshell, Taupe
Chocolate Vanilla, Dove Grey

Softer neutrals like eggshell, cream and vanilla keep the scheme light. Beiges, khakis and taupe add subtle contrast. Pair with off-white, dove grey or stone for flexibility. Use neutrals in furniture, rugs, curtains and accessories.


The right colour palette can turn a dark brown living room from gloomy cave to stylish sanctuary. Stick to complementary earth tones, metallic accents, soft blues and neutral hues. Avoid bright primary colours and harsh contrasts. Focus on creating a welcoming, cosy atmosphere with sophisticated style. With the colours suggested, your dark brown living room will feel warm, elegant and enveloping.