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What colour goes well with brown in a bedroom?

What colour goes well with brown in a bedroom?

Brown is a versatile neutral colour that can work well in many different bedroom colour schemes. When decorating a brown bedroom, it’s important to choose colours that will complement the brown tones without clashing. Some key factors to consider when selecting colours to go with brown in the bedroom include:

Complementary Colours

Complementary colours are those located directly across from each other on the colour wheel. For brown, excellent complementary colour choices include:


Rich blue hues from sky blue to navy blue make an elegant pairing with brown. Different shades can create anything from a beachy, relaxed vibe to a more sophisticated look. Blue brings out the warmth in brown.


Vibrant orange shades add energy and brightness when combined with brown. Try burnt orange, terra cotta, or peach tones for a vibrant, welcoming bedroom. Orange also makes brown feel more grounded.


Earthy greens work beautifully with brown. Sage, olive, and mossy shades have a natural, harmonious look. Green makes brown feel more neutral.

Analogous Colours

Analogous colours are those located right next to each other on the colour wheel. Great analogous options for brown include:


Deeper reds like burgundy, brick, and maroon seamlessly blend with brown. This sophisticated, elegant pairing is perfect for formal or traditional bedrooms. Red brings out the depth in brown.


Mustard, ochre, or amber yellows make brown feel richer and more inviting. This energizing combo is ideal for rustic or farmhouse style bedrooms. Yellow brings out brown’s warmth.


Mulberry, eggplant, or lavender purples complement brown’s earthiness. This regal palette lends a sense of luxury and drama to a bedroom’s decor. Purple adds a touch of mystery to brown.


Different neutral shades can accent brown for a calm, understated look. Great neutral pairings include:


Cream has a soft, soothing effect next to rich brown hues. The two neutrals work well in cozy, comfortable bedrooms. Cream makes brown feel more grounded.


Cool greys naturally contrast with warm browns for a sophisticated look. Charcoal, slate, or silver grey help brown feel more refined. Grey brings out brown’s depth.


Clean, bright white makes an elegant counterpoint to brown’s earthy nature. White trim or linens pop against darker brown backgrounds. White makes brown feel warmer.

Accent Colours

Small pops of accent colours can add personality when combined with brown:


Soft blush pinks or vibrant hot pinks give feminine flair to brown bedroom decor. Pink feels playful and upbeat against brown.


Vivid turquoise introduces a tropical, beachy mood to brown colour schemes. This contrasting combo is bold and lively.


Shiny gold accessories glimmer against brown backgrounds. Metallic gold feels luxe and glamorous paired with earthy brown.

Choosing Your Palette

When selecting bedroom colours to pair with brown, consider the shade of brown as well as the mood you want to create. Here are some popular brown and colour schemes:

Brown Shade Complementary Colours
Light tan or beige Soft blue, sage green, cream
Medium walnut brown Sky blue, mustard yellow, white
Dark chocolate brown Brick red, charcoal grey, hot pink
Style Best Colour Combinations
Rustic Ochre yellow, olive green, cream
Traditional Burgundy, navy blue, white
Modern Slate grey, blush pink, gold
Coastal Light blue, sandy tan, turquoise

Keep colours cohesive by limiting your palette to 2-4 complementary shades. Use warm, saturated hues in small doses to make brown feel rich and welcoming. Cool, muted tones create relaxing, restful environments.

Paint vs. Decor

When using colour with brown, consider whether it will be the main paint colour or used more for decor accents. For major spaces like walls, ceilings and trims, stick to neutral, easy-to-live-with background colours. Reserve bright, dramatic shades for decor items like bedding, rugs, and artwork that can easily be changed up over time.

Colour Placement

Strategic colour placement can make a big impact. Try these tips:

– Use darker brown on feature walls or ceilings
– Paint trim and moldings in a crisp, white hue
– Choose vibrant colours for linens, cushions and throws
– Repeat your accent shade in artwork, mirrors, flowers
– Anchor the room with an area rug in a complementing colour

Creating a Cohesive Look

Here are some ideas to pull your brown and accent colours into a cohesive bedroom look:

– Use patterns featuring both colours like plaid, floral or geometric prints
– Choose bedding or curtains that blend both hues
– Incorporate wood furniture and decor for an organic brown connection
– Add greenery like potted plants or wreaths to tie in earthy greens
– Echo browns through materials like leather, velvet, wood and stone


Brown is an extremely versatile base colour that plays well with many different accent shades. Choosing colours that complement the particular shade of brown and create the desired mood for the space are key. Whether you prefer vibrant oranges, regal purples, nautical blues or calming creams, there are many options for creating a cohesive, stylish bedroom with brown. Limiting your palette, strategic placement and repetition of both colours are simple ways to design a polished, pulled-together brown and accent colour scheme. With so many possibilities, you can easily craft a beautiful bedroom that reflects your personal taste and style.