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What colour curtains goes with sage green walls?

What colour curtains goes with sage green walls?

When decorating a room with sage green walls, choosing the right curtain colour is crucial to tying the whole look together. The shade of sage green you select as your wall colour will impact which curtain colours complement it best. Here are some tips on selecting curtain colours to go with different shades of sage green walls:

Light Sage Green Walls

A light or pale sage green wall has a soft, airy feel to it. To keep things light and bright, look for curtain colours like:

  • White or ivory – Crisp white or ivory curtains will accentuate the lightness of pale sage walls.
  • Light yellow – Soft, buttery yellows work beautifully with light sage green.
  • Light blue or seafoam green – These cool tones contrast nicely with the green walls.
  • Taupe or light tan – Earthy neutrals help ground the light sage walls.

Avoid going too dark or bold with the curtains when you have a light sage wall colour. Stick to light, neutral tones for a soothing, coordinated look.

Medium Sage Green Walls

A medium or mid-tone sage green wall is versatile and can work with a wider range of curtain colours. Consider these curtain options for a medium sage green wall:

  • White, cream or khaki – Natural neutrals always work well.
  • Gray, charcoal or pewter – Rich gray tones contrast nicely with the green.
  • Red, maroon or terra cotta – Sage green’s complementary colour for a bold, dramatic look.
  • Navy or royal blue – Cool blues balance out the warmth of the sage green.

With a mid-tone sage wall, feel free to experiment with different textures and patterns too. Florals, geometrics, or stripes can liven things up.

Deep or Dark Sage Green Walls

For a moody, luxurious vibe, go for a deep dark sage green on the walls. With such a bold wall colour, stick to lighter curtain colours like:

  • Off-white, cream or eggshell – Keep things fresh with clean whites.
  • Light gray or silver – Silvery grays maintain an airy feel.
  • Buttery yellow – Warm yellow stops the dark green from feeling too heavy.

Avoid pairing a dark sage green wall with equally dark curtains or things will start to feel too heavy and overwhelming. The curtains should provide contrast from the bold wall colour.

Consider the Amount of Natural Light

The amount of natural light in a room should also guide your curtain choice:

  • In low light rooms, stick to light-coloured curtains to keep things bright.
  • With lots of natural light, you can get away with richer, darker curtain colours.

Sample Curtain Colour Combinations

Sage Green Wall Colour Curtain Colour Combination 1 Curtain Colour Combination 2
Light sage green White and ivory stripe Seafoam green with cream geometric pattern
Medium sage green Navy and maroon floral Gray horizontal stripe
Dark sage green Yellow and white vertical stripe Light silver with off-white geometric pattern


When pairing curtains with sage green walls, stick to light, neutral tones for pale greens and experiment more with richer complements for darker greens. Consider the room’s natural light and remember to keep things airy and light with darker sage walls. With the right curtain colour choice, you can let that gorgeous sage green really shine.

Some winning combinations include:

  • Pale sage green walls with creamy white or light yellow curtains
  • Medium sage green with charcoal gray or navy blue curtains
  • Deep sage green walls with light silvery gray or buttery yellow curtains

Have fun playing with different curtain colours and patterns to find that perfect match for your sage green wall colour. The right curtains can take your whole room from drab to fab!