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What colour are khloe’s eyes?

Khloe Kardashian has become one of the most recognizable celebrities in pop culture today. As a member of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family, Khloe has spent over a decade in the public eye. Her personal life, including her relationships and family, has been extensively documented on the family’s hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. One of Khloe’s most distinctive features is her piercing eyes. But what exactly is the colour of Khloe’s eyes? Let’s take a closer look.

Khloe’s Natural Eye Colour

Khloe was born with light brown eyes. This medium-coloured brown hue is considered common, though still very pretty. However, being in the public sphere, Khloe has experimented with different coloured contact lenses over the years. She has tried various shades of brown, green, grey, and blue lenses. But when not wearing coloured contacts, Khloe’s natural eye colour is a light chestnut brown.

How Lighting Affects Perception of Khloe’s Eye Colour

The perceived colour of Khloe’s eyes can often look different depending on the lighting conditions. Indoor lighting, camera flashes, and editing can all impact how her eye colour is represented. Cool, blue-toned lighting can make Khloe’s light brown eyes appear more greyish-blue. Warm, yellow lighting brings out the brown tones in her eyes. So photos and videos may show variations of Khloe’s light brown eyes depending on these conditions.

Khloe’s Eye Colour Over the Years

While Khloe’s natural eye colour has stayed the same over the years, she has experimented with different coloured contact lenses for various looks. Here is a timeline of some of Khloe’s major eye colour transformations:

Year Khloe’s Eye Colour
2007 Natural light brown
2009 Icy grey contacts
2011 Bright blue contacts
2013 Warm brown contacts
2015 Natural light brown
2017 Hazel green contacts
2020 Natural light brown

As you can see, while Khloe often wears coloured contacts for specific looks, she tends to return to her natural light brown eyes as her day-to-day colour.

Khloe’s Most Iconic Eye Colour Transformations

Some of Khloe’s most memorable eye colour transformations include:

  • Icy Grey Contacts: In 2009, Khloe first experimented with pale grey colour contacts that made her brown eyes appear icy and cool. This transformed her look into an edgier, futuristic vibe.
  • Electric Blue Contacts: At a 2011 movie premiere, Khloe walked the red carpet with vibrant, neon blue contact lenses. This shockingly bright blue eye colour added a fun, playful pop to her appearance.
  • Warm Brown Contacts: For a richer brown eye colour, Khloe wore contacts that were several shades darker than her natural light brown eyes. These chocolate-brown lenses warmed up her overall complexion.
  • Hazel Green Contacts: In 2017, Khloe donned hazel lenses with hints of olive green and brown. This eye colour added dimension and made her eyes stand out.

Though just temporary transformations, these specialty contact lenses allowed Khloe to easily change up her look and style from glamorous events to everyday outings.

Khloe’s Currenteveryday Eye Colour

In recent years, it appears Khloe has embraced her natural light brown eye colour more consistently. She seems to prefer her subtler, lighter brown hue for day-to-day activities and family outings. Though she still experiments with contacts for specific looks, her natural eye colour has become her go-to. The soft, warm brown simply flatters her overall beauty and complexion.

In most recent photos, Khloe’s eyes appear to be an understated yet beautiful light chestnut brown. This shows she has likely stopped wearing coloured contacts as often for her everyday routine. Her eyes may look slightly different depending on lighting, but in general, Khloe now flaunts her organic light brown eye colour.

How Khloe’s Eye Colour Impacts Her Overall Look

Khloe’s light brown eye colour contributes to her signature beauty look. The soft, neutral hue pairs well with both bold makeup choices and more natural styles. Her brown eyes also coordinate seamlessly with her dark brown hair. Some ways Khloe’s light eyes influence her appearance include:

  • Adds warmth and depth to her complexion
  • Contributes to a natural, approachable beauty look
  • Allows her to experiment with colourful eye makeup
  • Complements her wavy dark brown hair
  • Provides contrast on red carpets and runways

Khloe knows how to enhance her light brown eyes with smoky eyeshadows, defined brows, and voluminous lashes. Her eye colour is the perfect versatile base to build a variety of glamorous beauty looks.


Khloe Kardashian’s natural eye colour is a beautiful light chestnut brown hue. Though she often wears colour contacts, her organic medium-tone brown eyes remain her go-to. Khloe’s eye colour flatters her complexion and allows her to experiment with fun makeup looks. Fans can count on the fact that even with different coloured contact lenses, Khloe’s stunning light brown eyes are just beneath the surface.