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What colors to Toyota Highlander come in?

The Toyota Highlander is one of the most popular midsize SUVs on the market. Offering a blend of comfort, utility, and efficiency, the Highlander appeals to a wide range of buyers. One of the decisions shoppers face when purchasing a new Highlander is choosing the exterior color. Toyota offers a variety of color options each model year, giving buyers many choices to personalize their new SUV. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the different exterior color choices available for the Toyota Highlander. We’ll examine the standard color palette as well as any special edition colors. Whether you’re looking for a traditional white, black, or silver, or a bolder color like red or blue, read on to see all the Highlander color options.

Standard Color Options for the Toyota Highlander

The core color palette for the Toyota Highlander offers popular, versatile choices to appeal to diverse buyers. While color availability can vary slightly by model year, these colors are offered regularly.


White remains one of the most sought-after automotive colors, and Toyota offers several shades of white for the Highlander:

– Blizzard Pearl
– Super White
– Pearl White

An elegant white Highlander will always look clean and contemporary. The pearlescent shades offer a hint of warmth and depth while still reflecting light brightly. White is a great choice for buyers who want a lightweight, airy look for their SUV.


The opposite of white, black is another perennial favorite car color. Toyota coats the Highlander in deep, glossy black:

– Midnight Black Metallic
– Black

Blacked-out SUVs project a muscular, rugged vibe. The Highlander looks sleek and modern in black. This color is ideal if you want your new Toyota to have a bolder presence.


Falling between white and black on the greyscale, silver is a third neutral that proves widely popular for the Highlander:

– Celestial Silver Metallic
– Silver Sky Metallic
– Mercury Metallic

With a polished, refined finish, silver Highlanders have an upscale sensibility. The metallic flake in the paint provides visual interest, while still maintaining a low-key neutral palette.


For buyers looking for something slightly warmer than silver, Toyota also offers the Highlander in a spectrum of gray tones:

– Ooh LA LA Rogue Mica
– Gray Metallic
– Magnetic Gray Metallic
– Techno Gray Mica

Ranging from cool, icy grays to warmer, earthy charcoal hues, gray is a sophisticated choice. It manages to be both subtle and intriguing at the same time.

Bold Color Choices

In addition to the more traditional neutral palette, Toyota also paints the Highlander in some vibrant, adventurous colors for buyers who want to make more of a statement. These bolder tones bring personality and flair to the SUV.


Nothing conveys passion and dynamism like the color red, which is offered on the Highlander in the following vibrant shades:

– Barcelona Red Metallic
– Ruby Flare Pearl
– Venetian Red Pearl
– Cardinal Red Metallic

A red Highlander turns heads wherever it goes. While some red cars can look flashy, the Highlander maintains a touch of class even in one of these audacious red hues. It’s an excellent color for extroverted types.


Blue is another exciting color choice. Toyota coats the Highlander in both light, airy blues and deeper, richer shades:

– Shoreline Blue Pearl
– Celestial Blue Metallic
– Blue Crush Metallic
– Blueprint

On the lighter end of the spectrum, blue Highlanders feel soothing and serene. Darker blues have universal appeal across gender lines, reading as polished and professional.


For the eco-conscious buyer, Toyota offers two pleasing greens:

– Nautical Blue Metallic
– Green Metallic

Both hues have an organic, earthy quality. The green Highlander complements an active, outdoor-loving lifestyle.

Color Category Color Options
Whites Blizzard Pearl, Super White, Pearl White
Blacks Midnight Black Metallic, Black
Silvers Celestial Silver Metallic, Silver Sky Metallic, Mercury Metallic
Grays Ooh LA LA Rogue Mica, Gray Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Techno Gray Mica
Reds Barcelona Red Metallic, Ruby Flare Pearl, Venetian Red Pearl, Cardinal Red Metallic
Blues Shoreline Blue Pearl, Celestial Blue Metallic, Blue Crush Metallic, Blueprint
Greens Nautical Blue Metallic, Green Metallic

Special Edition Highlander Colors

In addition to the regular color palette, Toyota sometimes offers unique colors on special editions and limited-run Highlander models. These exclusive hues add distinct flair.

Blizzard Pearl Special Edition

The 2021 Blizzard Pearl Special Edition Highlander was coated in an exclusive frosty Blizzard Pearl hue. This icy white shade creates a distinctive monochromatic look, setting it apart from a standard Highlander.

Nightshade Edition Colors

With blacked-out wheels and trim, Nightshade Edition Highlanders are available in the following moody colors:

– Midnight Black Metallic
– Magnetic Gray Metallic
– Celestial Silver Metallic

The darkened exterior details contrast dramatically with these colors to give the Nightshade Highlander serious curb appeal.

Beige SofTex Interior

While technically an interior color, the Beige SofTex upholstery in the Highlander Limited pairs beautifully with certain exterior shades. It works best with lighter colors like Blizzard Pearl, Celestial Silver Metallic, and Shoreline Blue Pearl.

Choosing Your Ideal Toyota Highlander Color

With so many great Toyota Highlander colors to choose from, selecting the right hue for you comes down to personal preference. Here are some tips to guide your choice:

– Whites, blacks, silvers and grays blend in easily and are versatile. Bolder reds, blues and greens make more of a statement.

– Brighter colors show dirt faster while darker shades hide it better. Keep maintenance in mind.

– Think about which hues best fit your personality and lifestyle. Active families may embrace aplayful blue or green while empty nesters might prefer a refined silver.

– If you plan to resell eventually, neutral colors typically have the broadest appeal. But don’t be afraid to take a risk on a bold color you love.

– View color samples in both daylight and shade. Look at interior fabrics and exterior details to make sure everything coordinates aesthetically.

– Trust your instincts – you’ll have to see your Highlander’s color every day for years to come!

The wide selection of Highlander colors allows you to choose the perfect hue to match your style and needs. From subdued neutrals to daring, vibrant shades, Toyota provides appealing options for every taste. Taking the time to research, compare and test different colors will ensure you pick the ideal exterior for your new Toyota SUV.


With standard core colors, special edition hues, and new offerings each model year, Toyota gives Highlander buyers an extensive palette to choose from. Traditional favorites like white, black, silver and gray make up the staples everyone knows and loves. Toyota then injects excitement through vibrant choices like reds, blues, and greens. Limited editions in exclusive colors give buyers a chance to own a truly unique SUV. Whether you want your Highlander to stand out or blend in, conservative or daring, there’s a color to suit your style. With so many options, you can take your time exploring all the possibilities to find the perfect fit. So embrace the chance to personalize your Highlander when ordering. Selecting the ideal color is one of the most fun parts of buying a new car. Let your personality shine through by picking the Toyota Highlander hue that speaks to you.