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What colors pair well with lime green?

What colors pair well with lime green?

Lime green is a vivid, energetic shade that can really make an outfit or interior space pop. However, pairing colors with lime green takes some finesse. If you choose hues that are too similar, the lime green won’t stand out. But colors that clash can make your lime green look garish. The key is to find shades that complement and accentuate lime green’s vibrant nature.

Go for Contrast

Since lime green has incredible saturation, colors with high contrast work best. Black, navy blue, charcoal gray, and chocolate brown all make striking backdrops for lime green. These darker neutrals let the lime green shine as an accent color. For example, a lime green skirt with a black top and shoes looks chic and sophisticated. Lime green pillows on a charcoal sofa create an elegant, contemporary vibe. Contrast keeps the look from becoming overwhelming.

Try Cooler Tones

Lime green has warm yellow undertones. Pairing it with cooler shades creates a color balance. Blue is an ideal match, including light blue, royal blue, navy blue, and turquoise. Purples like lavender, lilac, orchid, and plum also complement lime green well. Teal and seafoam green combine two similar hues in different tones for an energetic, summery look. Ice blue, periwinkle, sky blue, and baby blue in lighting, upholstery, or artwork all let lime green pop beside them.

Consider Neutral Metallics

For a touch of subtle shine, metals like silver, steel, chrome, nickel, and pewter act as neutral backdrops for lime green. Metallic accessories, hardware, furniture legs, and light fixtures help lime green stand out while adding reflective interest. Just avoid pairing lime green with yellow metals like gold or brass since they are too similar in tone. Cool silvery metallics work best.

Vivid Accents

While lime green looks best with darker or cooler shades, you can also pair it with other bright colors in small doses. Fuchsia, ruby red, cerulean blue, and emerald green create exciting color combinations. Just use them sparingly in details like piping, artwork, throw pillows, or vases. That way they provide vivid accents without overpowering the lime green.

Avoid Brown, Orange, and Yellow

Colors that are too close to lime green can make it look dull and faded. Avoid pairing it with browns, oranges, yellows, golds, creams, tans, and peaches. These warmer neutrals will blend into the lime green rather than contrasting with it. Stick to cooler neutrals and accent colors for combinations that make the lime green pop.

Example Color Palettes

Here are some examples of versatile color palettes that pair beautifully with lime green:

Color Palette Description
Lime green, navy blue, white Nautical and crisp
Lime green, charcoal gray, black Bold high-contrast look
Lime green, lavender, periwinkle Soft, pretty pastels
Lime green, turquoise, brown Earthy tropical feel
Lime green, teal, silver Cool tones with metallic shine

Home Decor Pairings

There are many ways to incorporate lime green into home decor while pairing it with accent colors that highlight its vibrancy. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint one accent wall in a room lime green and use navy blue and white bedding
  • Choose a lime green sofa or chair and pair it with silver metallic tables/lamps
  • Add lime green bar stools in a kitchen with white cabinets and black granite counters
  • Use lime green vases and turquoise blue cushions on a brown leather sofa
  • Paint the back wall of a bookcase lime green and organize books by spine colors
  • Select a lime green rug for a living room with lavender walls and periwinkle curtains

There are endless ways to brighten up your home with lime green while pairing it with both lively accent colors and grounded neutrals. The color combinations will showcase the lime green in stylish, sophisticated ways.

Fashion Pairings

Lime green also stands out beautifully against different colors in fashion and accessories. Some chic ways to wear the shade include:

  • A lime green dress with black tights and heels
  • A lime green skirt with a navy blue blazer and white blouse
  • Lime green jeans with a charcoal gray sweater
  • Lime green shoes paired with a black outfit
  • A lime green handbag that complements a purple dress
  • Lime green sunglasses and turquoise blue beachwear

From elegantly contrasting tofunky and colorful, lime green can be incorporated into all kinds of fabulous outfits. Use it as a bold focal point against darker neutrals or combine it with lighter pastels and brights for summertime flair.


Lime green is a playful, eye-catching color that allows for lots of creativity when pairing it with complementing shades. Contrasting colors like black, navy, gray, and brown make lime green pop while cooler tones like blues, purples, and teals create vibrant harmonies. Stay away from pairing it with warmer shades like yellows, oranges, golds, and browns, which will make the lime green get lost. Use lime green as a lively accent against more neutral backdrops and liven up your home decor, wardrobe, and accessories with its energy and verve.