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What colors match dark blue?

What colors match dark blue?

Dark blue is a versatile color that can be paired with a variety of shades to create stylish and sophisticated looks. When selecting colors to match with dark blue, it’s important to consider the undertones and shades of the specific dark blue hue you are working with. By thoughtfully coordinating colors, you can use dark blue clothing and decor to highlight your personal style.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like white, black, gray, tan, and brown make classic pairings with dark blue. These muted, subtle hues allow the richness of the dark blue to really shine. White is an especially popular match, providing contrast and brightening up the blue shade. For example, a navy blue blazer with white pants or a white button-down shirt makes a sharp nautical look. Charcoal gray also complements dark blue nicely in sophisticated combinations for the office or evening wear.

Tans and browns with blue evoke natural, earthy vibes. Khaki pants, a tan sweater, or brown leather shoes can mix effortlessly with dark blue tops or accessories. Neutral colors are easy to match with just about anything, so they are a foolproof choice for pairing with dark blues.

Pastel Colors

Soft, light pastels create a more feminine, delicate look with dark blue. Popular pastel choices include light pink, mint green, pale yellow, lavender, and baby blue. These pairings work especially well in spring and summer when light and bright colors are prevalent. A pastel cardigan over a navy dress or pastel T-shirt with dark wash jeans make fresh casual outfits. Pastels add a youthful touch to formal navy blue suits and dresses too.

When combining pastels with dark blues, pay attention to hue and saturation so the colors don’t become overwhelming. A very pale shade of pink will pair more pleasingly with navy than a bright fuchsia, for example. Muted, dusty pastels tend to complement dark blues best.

Metallic Colors

Metallic shades like silver, gold, copper and bronze add glamour and sophistication to dark blue pieces. Metallics are especially popular for formal wear and dressy occasions. A sparkling metallic bag, heels, belt, or jewelry can really make a navy blue or midnight blue dress pop for an evening out. Metallic shoes are another way to incorporate shine with dark denim or blue business attire.

When combining metallic and blue hues, stick to cooler metallics like silver, steel gray, or slate blue rather than warm gold tones for the most cohesion. However, in some cases, the striking contrast of navy and gold can work well too.


Red makes a bold, lively pairing with dark blue. Because these colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel, they naturally complement each other in vibrant fashion. Popular red shades to match with dark blues include crimson, burgundy, maroon, and brick red. Red shoes, handbags, lipstick, or other accessories can add eye-catching contrast to navy blue or midnight outfits.

Red and blue echo the colors of the American flag, giving nods to patriotic and nautical themes. Use this combo for Fourth of July parties, political events, and sporting matches to show team spirit.


Green is another energetic color that goes well with dark blues. Forest green, emerald, olive green, and sea green all make harmonious combinations. Green and blue shades evoke tranquil natural scenery and have a restorative effect. Wearing dark denim with a green top or green accessories can feel down-to-earth and relaxing.

Pairing rich green with navy blue also alludes to preppy styles. Consider a navy blazer with a forest green dress shirt, sweater, or tie. To keep the look contemporary, avoid heavier fabrics like tweed or corduroy.


Regal purple hues like amethyst, eggplant, and plum create sophisticated duos with dark blue. Purple has a refined elegance that works nicely for formal office wear as well as evening events and black-tie affairs. Deep purple ties, scarves, blouses, and other garments give a polished pop of color to balance navy suits and dresses.

For more casual combinations, try plum or lilac tops with indigo denim. Soft purple paired with dark blue jeans has youthful flair. Keep purple accents minimal for daytime to avoid an overly dramatic look.


Vibrant orange is a daring complimentary color for dark blue. Because orange and blue are opposites, the pairing packs visual impact. However, you’ll want to tread carefully so the combo doesn’t become jarring. Stick to burnt orange, rust, peach, and muted terra cotta tones rather than neon brights.

Use orange as an accent to blue pieces. An orange handbag, scarf, or heels with navy is chic. Orange neckties and pocket squares also energize business professional dark blue suits. This palette works best for extroverted dressers who want bold style.

Dark Blue and Other Blues

Don’t be afraid to pair dark blue with lighter or brighter blue shades for monochromatic appeal. The depth and richness of navy, midnight blue, or indigo balances nicely against soft powder blue, aqua, robin’s egg blue, or cerulean. Monochrome blue outfits have a sophisticated, pulled-together look.

Gradating from light to dark blue also creates visual interest and dimension. Try a navy blazer with a Powder blue shirt and indigo jeans, for instance. Incorporate different blue textures like satin, denim, or velvet too for added allure.

Neutral Color Pairings

Neutral Color Shade Suggestions
White Bright white, ivory, cream
Gray Charcoal, slate, silver
Black Jet black, off black
Brown Tan, beige, khaki, chocolate

Bright Color Pairings

Color Shade Suggestions
Red Burgundy, maroon, crimson
Orange Burnt orange, terra cotta, rust
Yellow Mustard, gold, amber
Green Emerald, olive, forest green
Blue Light blue, robin’s egg, powder blue
Purple Lilac, lavender, plum

Tips for Wearing Dark Blue

When building outfits with dark blue pieces, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose colors that share similar undertones. Cool blues pair best with other cool hues like gray, green, and purple while warmer navy shades can match with tan, red, and yellow.
  • Aim for enough contrast between colors so they don’t blend together. Dark blue and black can sometimes appear monotonous unless you add texture.
  • Use lighter colors to balance very deep shades of navy or midnight blue that could be overpowering.
  • Add metallic sheen to elevate dark blue looks for formal and evening affairs.
  • Match dark blue tops with neutral pants or skirts for easy weekday work outfits.
  • Wear dark denim blue jeans with bright colored tops and accessories for weekends.
  • Select 1-3 colors for your outfit to keep the look cohesive and polished.


Dark blue is one of the most versatile colors that pairs beautifully with a wide variety of shades. Neutrals like white, black, brown, and gray create timeless combinations. Soft pastels, energizing brights like red and orange, and sophisticated metallics and purples also complement navy, midnight, and indigo blues. Pay attention to undertones and levels of contrast when selecting your color pairings. With so many options, you can create chic blue ensembles for any occasion from casual weekends to black-tie events.