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What colors make grey look good?

What colors make grey look good?

Grey is a versatile neutral color that can work well in many settings. However, the shades and tones surrounding grey can impact how it looks dramatically. Choosing complementary colors is key to making sure grey looks its best. Here are some of the top color combinations that make grey really pop.

Use Contrasting Bright Colors

Pairing grey with bright, contrasting colors is a great way to make it stand out. The boldness of a bright color against the muted grey creates visual interest. Some top color pairs to try with grey include:

  • Grey and yellow
  • Grey and orange
  • Grey and red
  • Grey and pink
  • Grey and purple

These vivid shades make the grey look crisp and modern. They create an exciting color scheme that still has versatility. For example, grey and yellow is an unexpected combo that looks fresh in contemporary spaces.

Complement with Earth Tones

Earth tones like browns, tans and olive greens also pair beautifully with grey. These rich, natural shades provide a subtle complement. Earth tones work especially well for creating a relaxed vibe. Recommended color combinations include:

  • Grey and light brown
  • Grey and camel
  • Grey and olive green
  • Grey and rust
  • Grey and tan

Grey and light brown is a versatile neutral duo with timeless appeal. Olive green and grey also blend together seamlessly to create a calming atmosphere. The earthy accent helps ground the grey in a natural way.

Make Grey Pop with Black and White

Black and white automatically make grey stand out since they are all on the same neutral spectrum. The contrast creates definition and dimension. Some stylish ways to incorporate them include:

  • Layering grey with black and white prints or patterns
  • Using black and white photography or art with grey backgrounds
  • Alternating black, white and grey in a geometric design
  • Adding black and white accents like throw pillows to grey furniture

This classic combo works in pretty much any setting from modern to traditional. The visual clarity it provides lets the beautiful grey shade take center stage.

Soft Pastels Complement Grey

Soft pastel shades are another excellent choice for making grey look its best. They are muted like grey, but still provide enough color contrast. Pretty pastel colors to use include:

  • Light blue
  • Soft purple
  • Dusty pink
  • Pale yellow
  • Mint green

These feminine tones lend grey a subtle yet uplifting feel. Grey and light blue is an especially popular combination for bedroom decor since it cultivates a relaxing atmosphere.

Metallic Accents Create Interest

Adding metallic accents is a glamourous way to showcase grey. The sheen of metals like gold, silver and copper make grey look chic and luxurious. Strategies for integrating metallics include:

  • Mirrors or silver picture frames
  • Gold, silver or copper throw pillows
  • Metallic hardware like gold doorknobs or silver lamps
  • A glass vase or ceramic bowls in silver or gold tones

Metallics add eye-catching style to grey schemes. Just make sure not to overdo it since you don’t want the space to appear too flashy. A few key metallic pieces can impart just enough glamour.

Create Contrast with Cool Tones

On the cooler end of the color spectrum, shades like light blue, lavender and soft greens also complement grey handsomely. These chilly undertones provide visual interest through contrast. Pairings to try include:

  • Grey and light blue
  • Grey and seafoam green
  • Grey and pale purple
  • Grey and icy pink

Grey and light blue is an especially versatile combination that works everywhere from living rooms to bedrooms. The cool palette has a clean and open feel.

Warm Tones Heat Up Grey

Warm hues like terra cotta, peach and buttery yellow create an entirely different look with grey. The fiery tones liven up grey’s muted effect. Recommended color schemes include:

  • Grey and peach
  • Grey and mustard yellow
  • Grey and burnt orange
  • Grey and brick red

Grey and peach is a welcoming combo ideal for casual spaces like family rooms. The colors blend together beautifully while still providing enough contrast.

Blue Grey Pairs Well with Teal and Aqua

For grey with bluish undertones, known as blue grey, the colors teal and aqua make harmonious partnerships. Their shared cool essence creates a cohesive coastal vibe. Some ideas include:

  • A blue grey sofa with teal and aqua accent pillows
  • An abstract painting with shades of blue grey, teal and aqua
  • Blue grey kitchen cabinets with an aqua tiled backsplash

The analogous colors complement each other flawlessly. Aqua in particular makes blue grey feel vibrant and contemporary.

Beige Is Made for Greige

Greige refers to grey with beige undertones. Playing up its connection to beige brings out greige’s natural warmth. Ideal pairings include:

  • Greige walls with beige carpeting
  • Greige sofa with beige and cream throw pillows
  • Greige cabinets with a beige granite countertop

Different shades of beige and greige together cultivate a welcoming, cozy environment. The monochromatic look has seamless flow while still providing subtle contrast.

Charcoal Grey Pops Against Blue

Charcoal grey is a very dark grey that borders on black. With its dramatic effect, bright shades create an eye-catching juxtaposition. Navy blue in particular makes charcoal grey stand out. Some chic combinations include:

  • A charcoal grey suit with a navy blue tie
  • Charcoal grey upholstery with navy blue accent pillows
  • Charcoal grey walls with a navy blue area rug

The classic color duo is both sophisticated and fashionable. The bold navy blue excites the serious charcoal grey in any room.


Grey is an incredibly versatile neutral shade that pairs well with a wide range of colors. Contrasting hues in both light and dark tones help grey look its best. Go with bright jewel tones, earthy neutrals, or soft pastels to complement grey stylishly. Metallics and black and white accents also lend grey visual interest. With so many options, you can easily create a grey color scheme that reflects your personal taste and enhances any space.

Color Pairings with Grey
Yellow Grey and yellow, Grey and mustard yellow
Orange Grey and orange, Grey and burnt orange
Red Grey and red, Grey and brick red
Pink Grey and pink, Grey and icy pink
Purple Grey and purple, Grey and pale purple
Blue Grey and light blue, Grey and navy blue
Green Grey and olive green, Grey and seafoam green
Brown Grey and light brown, Grey and camel
Tan Grey and tan
Metallic Silver, gold, copper accents