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What colors make green eyes pop?

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and green eyes are particularly captivating. If you have green eyes, you likely want to make them stand out and look their best. The right colors near your face can really make the green in your eyes pop. Keep reading to find out the best color combinations and tips for making your green eyes shine.

How to Make Green Eyes Stand Out

There are a few key strategies for making green eyes look more vibrant:

  • Wear colors that contrast with green on your eyes, cheeks or clothes. Complementary colors like red and purple work well.
  • Avoid wearing other shades of green near your face as they will blend in too much with your eye color.
  • Try eye makeup in bronze, gold or brown tones to complement the green.
  • Add definition with black or brown eyeliner close to the lash line.

Now let’s look at some specific color recommendations to really make your green eyes pop.

Best Clothing Colors for Green Eyes

Here are the top clothing colors that will make green eyes stand out:

Color Why it works
Purple Purple is directly opposite green on the color wheel, creating strong contrast
Red Red is also opposite green and makes eyes pop
Pink Contains some red tones to contrast the green
Blue Blue is next to green on the color wheel so it makes green eyes brighter
Orange Orange is a secondary color combining red and yellow for contrast
Gray Makes a nice neutral that doesn’t compete with green shades

Aim for rich shades of these colors near your face. Wearing them close to your eyes on a shirt, scarf or blazer helps reflect the complementary colors onto your eyes. Darker, muted versions of the colors also work well.

Best Makeup Colors for Green Eyes

Eye makeup is another great way to make green eyes stand out. Here are flattering makeup shades to try:

Makeup Type Best Colors
Eye shadow Bronze, gold, brown, plum, purple
Eyeliner Black, dark brown, navy blue
Mascara Black, brown/black
Lip color Brick red, mauve, berry, pink
Blush Peach, pink, rose

Warm metallic colors like bronze, gold and brown make green eyes glow. Plum and purple eye shadows also strongly contrast the green. When lining your eyes, stick to classic black, dark brown or navy liner on top and bottom lash lines to define them.

For your lips and cheeks, choose more cool-toned pinks, berries and peaches to flatter your coloring. Avoid lip or cheek colors that are too yellow or orange as those will clash with the green.

More Tips for Your Best Green Eye Look

Here are some more tips for making your green eyes stand out with makeup:

  • Apply a light shimmery eyeshadow like champagne on the brow bone and inner corners to open up your eyes.
  • Use white or nude eyeliner on the waterline to make eyes appear bigger.
  • Curl your lashes and apply two coats of black mascara for definition.
  • Fill in brows with an eyebrow pencil in a natural hair color.
  • Contour with a neutral bronzer to add dimension around the eyes.
  • Finish with a setting spray to make eye makeup last.

With the right colors and techniques, you can make your gorgeous green eyes the focal point. The most flattering shades are ones with warm, golden undertones or jewel-toned colors like purples, reds and pinks. Avoid competing green shades near your eyes. With just a few enhancements, you can really get your green eyes to captivate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors should you not wear with green eyes?

Avoid wearing other shades of green near your face, like emerald green or lime green, as they will blend in too much with your eye color. Steer clear of browns and oranges as well, which can make green eyes appear more muted.

Do green and brown go together on eyes?

Green and brown is not the most flattering eye color combination. Brown eye makeup can bring out the subtle brown flecks in green eyes, but it tends to make the overall eye color look more muted. You’re better off using makeup in shades like purple, gold and gray to complement green eyes.

Should you wear blue with green eyes?

Blue is situational when it comes to making green eyes pop. Pale blue can look great paired with green eyes, bringing out the green more. But darker blues like navy or royal blue can sometimes make green eyes appear more grey. Use blue selectively and opt for red/pinks more often.

What colors bring out hazel green eyes?

For hazel green eyes with a mix of brown, gold, blue and green, the best colors are purple, bronze, peach and plum. These warmer shades contrast with both the green and brown in hazel eyes, making the green stand out. Red and pink are also great for complementing hazel green.


Green eyes are stunning, but it can take some effort to make them really stand out. Use complementary colors like jewel tones, warm metallics and neutral contrasts near your eyes to make the green pop. Avoid muted shades or competing greens. With the right colors, your green eyes will captivate and enhance your whole look.

Next time you get ready, try clothing, makeup and accessories in shades that really accentuate your gorgeous green eyes. With these tips, people won’t be able to stop staring into your emerald eyes!