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What colors look good in a brown room?

What colors look good in a brown room?

Choosing paint colors to go with brown decor can be tricky. Brown is a neutral color that can work with a wide range of hues, so the options may feel overwhelming. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when selecting colors for a brown room:

Warm neutrals

Stick to warm neutral tones like tans, creams, taupes and camel colors. These earthy shades complement brown’s natural hue. Cool grays and whites can look harsh next to brown.

Accent colors

Bright accent colors like red, yellow and orange make brown pop. Try them in small doses like throw pillows, art pieces and floral arrangements.

Nature inspired greens

From sage to moss green, earthy greens pair beautifully with brown. They bring out brown’s natural, organic vibe.

Deep blues

Rich shades like navy and cobalt blue offer striking contrast to brown. Just stick to darker blue hues to avoid a beachy look.

Metallic sheens

Shimmery metallic paints and accessories in bronze, gold and pewter complement brown’s luxury appeal.

Now let’s explore some specific brown paint colors and the best shades to pair with them:

Beige brown

A light brown with warm beige undertones is versatile and Pairs well with other neutrals like:

  • Off white
  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Warm gray

It also looks great with pastels like:

  • Soft yellow
  • Lavender
  • Baby blue
  • Mint green

Golden brown

For a brown with golden undertones, try:

  • Ivory
  • Buttery yellow
  • Rose
  • Terracotta

These warmer shades play up the golden glow of the brown.

Chocolate brown

A rich chocolate brown pairs well with colors like:

  • hunter green
  • burgundy
  • deep purple
  • navy blue

These darker colors match the intensity of a deep chocolate brown.

Rust brown

For an earthy rust brown try accent colors like:

  • Brick red
  • Terracotta
  • Mustard yellow
  • Forest green

These accent colors pick up on the red and orange undertones.

Khaki brown

A khaki brown with olive undertones pairs well with colors like:

  • Sage green
  • Lime green
  • Camel
  • Ivory

These colors complement the greenish-yellow tone of the khaki brown.

Dark brown

For a deep, dark brown try lighter tones like:

  • Vanilla
  • Light gray
  • Baby blue
  • Pink

The color contrast creates an elegant, sophisticated look.

How to Choose Brown Paint Colors

When selecting paint colors for a brown room, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Decide if you want a monochromatic look using different shades of brown or if you want brown to be the accent color with brighter secondary hues.
  • Determine if your brown has warm reddish undertones or cool green/olive tones. This will guide your color pairing.
  • Look at color palette inspiration photos online to see brown schemes you like.
  • Pick 2-4 coordinating colors to keep your scheme cohesive.
  • Use lighter and brighter colors sparingly to let brown dominate.
  • Sample paint chips on your walls before fully committing to a color.
  • Anchor your scheme with plenty of neutrals and natural textures.

Trust your instincts and choose colors that you find aesthetically pleasing with your brown. There are no strictly right or wrong options!

Colors to Avoid with Brown

Some clashing colors to steer clear of when decorating a brown room include:

  • Bright, flashy neons like hot pink or lime green
  • Too much stark, cold white
  • Black, which can look too harsh
  • Drab beiges that are too close to the brown
  • Murky browns that blend together

These shades often fight with brown rather than complementing it. If you want to use them, do so very sparingly.

Best Brown Paint Colors by Room

Here are some of the most popular brown paint colors for key rooms in your home:

Room Best Brown Paint Colors
Living room Beige, camel, latte, khaki
Bedroom Chocolate, coffee, caramel, tan
Kitchen Cream, light brown, espresso
Bathroom Mocha, chestnut, mushroom
Dining room Cappuccino, cinnamon, pecan
Office Taupe, walnut, hazelnut


Brown is a flexible neutral color that can be dressed up or pared down. From light beige browns to deep chocolate browns, you can find a shade to suit any room. Stick to earth tones, pastels, and dark rich colors to complement brown in a sophisticated way. Trust your personal taste and you can create a stylish brown room you’ll love coming home to.