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What colors go with teal and terracotta?

What colors go with teal and terracotta?

Teal and terracotta are both trendy colors that can create beautiful, eye-catching color palettes when paired together. But what other colors complement these shades? Here’s a look at the best color combinations with teal and terracotta.

What is teal?

Teal is a bluish-green aquatic color that gets its name from the common teal bird. It sits between green and blue on the color wheel and has cool undertones. Teal is often associated with nature, relaxation, renewal, and sophistication.

What is terracotta?

Terracotta is an earthy reddish-orange color named after the clay pottery made of the same hue. Terracotta has warm, rustic undertones and is linked to the earth, autumn seasons, and organic textures.

Colors that go with teal

Here are some top colors that complement teal beautifully:

  • Yellow – A bright, warm yellow balances well against cool teal. Try a lemon, sunflower or canary yellow.
  • Coral – Vibrant shades of reddish-orange coral pop against teal. Peach coral is especially pretty.
  • Lilac – Soft purple lilac creates a relaxing vibe with teal. Lavender works too.
  • Mint – Mixing teal with a minty green adds vibrancy. Mint also harmonizes as it’s close on the color wheel.
  • Gold – Metallic gold makes a sophisticated pairing and helps warm up teal.
  • Navy – Deep blue navy contrasts nicely with brighter teal.
  • Silver – Cool-toned silver coordinates in a chic way.
  • Rose gold – The stylish pink undertones of rose gold complement teal elegantly.
  • Blush pink – Dusty blush pink offsets teal for a dreamy combo.
  • Sage green – Earthy sage green creates natural harmony with teal.

Colors that go with terracotta

These colors pair attractively with warm terracotta:

  • Navy – Deep navy blue offsets terracotta in a bold, dramatic way.
  • Forest green – Rich forest green provides an earthy complement.
  • Mustard – Mustard yellow boosts the rustic warmth of terracotta.
  • Dusty blue – Soft powder blue contrasts nicely with terracotta.
  • Olive green – Muted olive green blends seamlessly with terracotta.
  • Charcoal – Smoky charcoal grey balances terracotta’s warmth.
  • Wine red – Deep burgundy wine red pairs with terracotta for an elegant fall look.
  • Ivory – Creamy ivory white softens terracotta beautifully.
  • Beige – Natural beige tones harmonize with terracotta’s earthiness.
  • Chocolate brown – Rich chocolate brown coordinates flawlessly with terracotta.

Colors that go well with both teal and terracotta

Here are some colors that complement both teal and terracotta:

  • Cream – Soft cream pairs attractively with both colors.
  • Taupe – Subtle taupe works well with teal and terracotta.
  • Black – Classic black matches nicely as a neutral with either shade.
  • Grey – Cool greys contrast teal as warm greys tone down terracotta.
  • White – Clean white provides balance and space when combined with both hues.
  • Gold – Shimmering gold adds vibrancy and sophistication to each color.

Creating color palettes with teal, terracotta and neutrals

Pairing teal and terracotta with neutral colors like cream, white, grey and black creates stylish and soothing color schemes. Here are some examples:

  • Teal, cream, white and terracotta – Fresh and bright
  • Teal, light grey, navy and terracotta – Cool and earthy
  • Teal, taupe, black and terracotta – Bold and modern
  • Teal, ivory, gold and terracotta – Elegant and warm

Color palettes with teal, terracotta and accents

Adding in accent colors to teal and terracotta palettes creates vibrant, eye-catching combinations. Some accent shades that work well include:

  • Yellow – Cheerful, sunny yellow
  • Coral – Playful peach or salmon coral
  • Mint – Energizing mint green
  • Lilac – Delicate pale purple or lilac
  • Red – Rich burgundy or brick red

Here are examples of teal and terracotta color schemes with accents:

  • Teal, terracotta, sunny yellow and white – Bright and fun
  • Teal, peach coral, terracotta and taupe – Fresh and lively
  • Teal, lilac, terracotta and charcoal – Soothing and elegant
  • Teal, brick red, terracotta and black – Dramatic and bold

Using different shades of teal and terracotta

Varying the shades of teal and terracotta within a palette adds visual interest. Try mixing different tones for dimension.

For teal, use:

  • Dark teal – Deeper, more saturated teal with blue undertones
  • Bright teal – Vibrant, jewel-toned teal
  • Seafoam green – Soft, muted, blue-green teal
  • Teal blue – Teal with stronger blue tones

For terracotta, use:

  • Burnt orange terracotta – Red-orange with brown tones
  • Soft terracotta – Dusty, muted terracotta
  • Dark terracotta – Deeper, brick-colored terracotta
  • Spicy terracotta – Red-orange with a golden glow

Mixing the shades creates depth and interest. For example:

  • Dark teal, seafoam green, vibrant terracotta and soft terracotta
  • Bright teal, teal blue, burnt orange terracotta and ivory
  • Dark teal, soft terracotta, spicy terracotta and charcoal

Using different finishes and textures

Varying the finishes and textures alongside teal and terracotta also enhances the palette. Try:

  • Matte, suede, satin, metallic and glossy surfaces
  • Smooth, soft, nubby, woven and distressed textures
  • Combining ceramic, wood, velvet, leather, steel, etc.

For example, use:

  • Glossy teal with nubby terracotta and soft woven ivory
  • Satin teal with metallic gold and smooth terracotta wood
  • Matte teal walls with glossy terracotta tiles and distressed white cabinetry

Using teal and terracotta in home decor

When using teal and terracotta in home decor, try:

  • Painting a room’s walls teal and using terracotta in the rug, pillows and artwork
  • Adding teal and terracotta ceramic vases or planters with leafy green plants
  • Selecting a teal sofa and terracotta chair with cream and grey accessories
  • Using a terracotta and teal patterned shower curtain and teal towels in a bathroom
  • Choosing teal kitchen cabinets and terracotta granite counters with stainless steel appliances

Teal and terracotta living room ideas

  • Teal walls with a sectional sofa in ivory and terracotta print pillows
  • A teal rug, cream sofa and terracotta armchairs
  • Matte teal coffee table and glossy terracotta vase with eucalyptus branches

Teal and terracotta bedroom ideas

  • Teal headboard with terracotta bedding and euro shams
  • Woven terracotta pendant lights over a teal painted dresser
  • Teal and cream bedding with terracotta shams and curtains

Teal and terracotta bathroom ideas

  • Subway wall tiles in glossy teal and terracotta
  • Terracotta vessel sink on a teal vanity
  • Teal towels and terracotta bath mat

Teal and terracotta kitchen ideas

  • Teal lower cabinets and island with cream upper cabinets and terracotta tile backsplash
  • Terracotta penny tile flooring with teal kitchen accessories
  • Glossy teal bar stools around a terracotta kitchen island

Using teal and terracotta in fashion

In clothing and fashion, try combining teal and terracotta by:

  • Wearing a teal top with terracotta pants or skirt
  • Pairing a terracotta dress with teal shoes and handbag
  • Sporting a teal jacket with terracotta jeans and cream top
  • Matching a teal suit with terracotta heels and accessories
  • Complementing an orange skirt with a teal blouse

Casual teal and terracotta outfit ideas

  • Teal v-neck t-shirt with relaxed terracotta linen pants
  • Oversized terracotta sweater with teal leggings and white sneakers
  • Teal cropped hoodie with high-waisted terracotta jeans

Workwear teal and terracotta outfit ideas

  • Teal shift dress with terracotta blazer and nude heels
  • Terracotta trousers with a teal blouse and black blazer
  • Teal pencil skirt with an orange button up shirt

Formal teal and terracotta outfit ideas

  • A teal evening gown with terracotta heels and clutch
  • Terracotta jumpsuit with teal jacket and sparkling earrings
  • Metallic teal cocktail dress with matte terracotta heels


Teal and terracotta are stunning colors for creating eye-catching, complementary palettes. Neutrals like cream, grey and white beautifully bridge the two tones. Accents of yellow, coral, mint or lilac add vibrancy. Mix finishes and textures for depth. Use different shades of each color for visual interest. Incorporate teal and terracotta into fashion and home decor in inventive ways for a pulled-together, stylish look.