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What colors go with sherwin williams alpaca?

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Choosing the right color palette for your home can be a fun yet challenging process. The color you paint your walls sets the tone for the whole room. When you select a lead color for a space, you’ll want to find coordinating colors that work well with it. Sherwin-Williams Alpaca is a beautiful neutral gray with hints of green that can pair nicely with a range of hues. In this article, we’ll look at the best paint colors that complement Sherwin-Williams Alpaca.

Overview of Sherwin-Williams Alpaca

Alpaca AF-05 is a light-medium neutral gray paint color from Sherwin-Williams. True to its name, Alpaca has subtle hints of green paired with gray undertones. This versatile color works well in many rooms and pairs nicely with a variety of color schemes.

Here are some key details about Sherwin-Williams Alpaca:

  • Light-Medium Neutral Gray with Green Undertones
  • LRV: 60
  • Undertones: Green, Gray
  • Works Well in: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Offices

With an LRV (light reflectance value) of 60, Alpaca is light enough to keep rooms feeling open and airy, while still providing a good dose of color. The green cast gives this gray paint color warmth and personality.

Sherwin-Williams describes Alpaca as a “relaxed, approachable gray enhanced by quiet green undertones reminiscent of its namesake animal.” This paint color has a soothing quality while still feeling current and fresh.

Colors That Go with Sherwin-Williams Alpaca

There are many colors that complement Sherwin-Williams Alpaca beautifully. Let’s look at some of the best paint colors to pair with Alpaca room by room:

Living Room and Bedroom Colors

In living rooms and bedrooms, you’ll want to stick with calm, tranquil colors that promote relaxation. Here are some great options:

Color Name Color Chip LRV Undertones
Accessible Beige SW 7036 Accessible Beige color chip 58 Beige, Brown
Balanced Beige SW 7043 Balanced Beige color chip 52 Beige, Brown
Gray Cloud SW 6258 Gray Cloud color chip 69 Gray, Blue
Online SW 7071 Online color chip 63 Green, Blue
Sea Salt SW 6204 Sea Salt color chip 53 Green, Blue

These soft, muted paint colors work beautifully with Alpaca. The beige and gray shades provide a subtle contrast, while the green-blue hues build on the green undertones in Alpaca.

Dining Room Colors

In dining spaces, you have more flexibility to use deeper, dramatic colors. Here are some striking shades that pair well with Alpaca:

Color Name Color Chip LRV Undertones
Black Magic SW 6991 Black Magic color chip 6 Neutral
Bluegreen SW 6461 Bluegreen color chip 16 Green, Blue
Naval SW 6244 Naval color chip 18 Blue, Green
Reflecting Pond SW 6490 Reflecting Pond color chip 17 Blue, Green
Tricorn Black SW 6258 Tricorn Black color chip 6 Neutral

Deep blues, greens, and blacks provide stark contrast and bring drama when paired with the soft Alpaca walls. Tricorn Black is especially striking for an elegant, upscale look.

Bathroom Colors

For bathrooms, serene spa-like colors work beautifully with Alpaca. Consider these soothing, water-inspired hues:

Color Name Color Chip LRV Undertones
Green Smoke SW 6388 Green Smoke color chip 45 Green, Blue
Guess Blue SW 6952 Guess Blue color chip 55 Blue, Green
Oceanside SW 6496 Oceanside color chip 52 Blue, Green
Rainwashed SW 6189 Rainwashed color chip 51 Blue, Green
Tradewind SW 6257 Tradewind color chip 53 Blue, Green

Soft shades of blue-green, teal, and sea glass provide a relaxing ambiance. The colors complement Alpaca beautifully in a bathroom.

Office Colors

In a home office or study, you’ll want hues that promote productivity. Here are some great coordinating colors for an Alpaca office:

Color Name Color Chip LRV Undertones
Analytical Gray SW 7068 Analytical Gray color chip 53 Gray, Green
Online SW 7071 Online color chip 63 Green, Blue
Peppercorn SW 7674 Peppercorn color chip 18 Brown, Black
Renwick Olive SW 2818 Renwick Olive color chip 16 Green, Yellow
Ryegrass SW 6477 Ryegrass color chip 35 Green

Earthy neutrals like olive green, dark browns, and rich grays complement Alpaca beautifully in an office environment. The colors are subtle yet sophisticated.

Tips for Decorating with Sherwin-Williams Alpaca

Now that you’ve seen some of the best paint colors to pair with Alpaca, here are a few quick tips for decorating with this versatile gray:

  • Use white or neutral colored trim/moldings to let Alpaca shine.
  • Incorporate natural textures like wood furniture and sisal rugs to add warmth.
  • Add pops of color with pillows, throws blankets, and accessories.
  • Use multiple complementary paint colors in one space for a bold look.
  • Embrace Alpaca’s green undertones by incorporating vegetation and floral accents.
  • Layer shades of white and cream on the ceiling to brighten up the space.

Alpaca is lovely on its own but really comes alive when thoughtfully coordinated with other hues. Be creative and have fun designing a beautiful, inviting space.


Sherwin-Williams Alpaca AF-05 is a versatile gray paint color that pairs nicely with a wide range of complementary hues. In neutral rooms, look to soft beiges, greens, and blues to accent Alpaca beautifully. For bold contrast, rich blacks, navys, and olive greens make striking companions. Alpaca’s green-gray tone means it works well with both warm and cool palettes. Use the color pairing suggestions in this article to help design your perfect Alpaca color scheme. Thoughtful coordination and smart application of accent colors will let Alpaca’s soothing personality shine.