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What colors go with satin nickel?

Satin nickel is a versatile metal finish that can complement a variety of color schemes. With its soft, brushed appearance, satin nickel has a warmth that works well with both cool and warm tones. When selecting colors to pair with satin nickel hardware and fixtures, it’s important to consider the undertones of the metal itself as well as the overall style you want to achieve.

The Color Undertones of Satin Nickel

Satin nickel borders on both gray and tan hues. Unlike polished nickel which has very cool blue-gray undertones, satin nickel makes a subtle shift towards warm undertones in the tan/brown color spectrum. However, satin nickel still maintains some subtle grayness as well. This combination of slight gray and slight tan undertones gives satin nickel versatility to work with a range of color palettes.

Cool Tones That Complement Satin Nickel

Although satin nickel warms up standard polished nickel, it still has enough gray undertone to complement cooler shades. Here are some recommended cool toned paint colors that pair beautifully with satin nickel:

Color Hex Code
Light Gray #D3D3D3
Powder Blue #B0E0E6
Ice Blue #D6FFFA
Sea Foam Green #90EE90
Sky Blue #87CEEB
Lavender #B57EDC

Grays, blues, greens, and purples in soft muted tones compliment the subtle brushed nickel finish. Whether using a cool tone for an accent wall or throughout an entire room, these colors highlight the grayish undertones of satin nickel in a sophisticated tranquil way.

Warm Tones That Complement Satin Nickel

Since satin nickel also brings out slight tan/brown undertones, the finish can also pair beautifully with warmer hues. Here are some recommended warm paint colors that integrate wonderfully with satin nickel:

Color Hex Code
Beige #F5F5DC
Sand #C2B280
Almond #EFDECD
Khaki #C3B091
Oatmeal #E4D5C3
Biscuit #FBE7C6

Earth tones like tans, browns, peaches, and terra cotta draw out the warmer aspects of brushed nickel’s undertones. This creates a harmonious yet understated palette. Warm neutrals work especially well with satin nickel in more rustic or farmhouse styles.

Vibrant Colors That Complement Satin Nickel

In addition to muted cool and warm tones, satin nickel can also stand up to some bolder, brighter colors. The brushed finish helps ground more vibrant shades. Here are some suggested vivid paint colors that pair nicely with satin nickel hardware and fixtures:

Color Hex Code
Turquoise #40E0D0
Emerald #50C878
Crimson #DC143C
Eggplant #614051
Sunflower #FFDB00
Coral #FF7F50

The brushed metal texture helps anchor bolder shades like jewel tones, brights, and deeper shades. This prevents them from clashing with the nickel undertones. Just be sure to use these colors sparingly and balance them with enough neutral shades for contrast.

Colors to Avoid with Satin Nickel

Some paint colors don’t pair too well with satin nickel finishes. Here are some hues that are better to avoid:

  • Pure white – Can look harsh next to the gray/tan undertones
  • Black – Too high contrast and can make the space feel cold
  • Gold tones – Clash with the silver base of nickel
  • Bright red – Too much contrast intensity
  • Lime green – Doesn’t complement undertone

The key is to stick with colors that share similar undertones and are not extremely high contrast compared to the satin nickel finish. This creates a cohesive, harmonious look.

Putting It All Together

Satin nickel is lovely on its own, but the right color scheme can really make it shine. Here are a few examples of stylish color palettes with satin nickel hardware:

Cool and Calm

– Light gray walls

– White trim

– Powder blue and lavender accents

Warm and Rustic

– Beige walls

– Dark wood tones

– Terracotta and sage green accents

Bold and Vibrant

– White walls

– Black trim

– Pops of emerald and coral

When selecting your colors, remember to consider all finishes including walls, furniture, decor items, and accessories. Tie everything together using a neutral base and add pops of color through accents. This allows the satin nickel to act as the metallic thread tying the full palette together.


With its versatility to work with both cool and warm tones, satin nickel is a modern metallic that suits many color schemes. Stick with muted hues that share similar gray, tan, and brown undertones as the finish itself. Then feel free to add vibrancy through accent colors and decor items. With the right palette, you can let satin nickel hardware and fixtures shine while creating a unified, harmonious space.